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RGSS3 Map section copy - From Game Making Drive February 2014

Posted by Zeriab in Zeriab's Thoughts, 16 March 2014 · 808 views

Hello there wizard, and welcome to my first blog entry.

During the last Game Making Drive (February 2014) I worked on a script which with an event command copies a section of another map onto the currently played map.
Being too lazy to tidy it up and release a proper script my entry about it is so others can use and build upon it should they want to.



The Child and The Poet Part One - Development, Theme and Idea

Posted by DarknessFalls in Everymans thoughts, 18 November 2015 · 207 views
rpgmakermv, mv, rpgmaker, game and 2 more...

The Child and The Poet is an epic tale of love, hatred, victimizing, betrayal, war and finding ones self at the end of it all. It follows four main characters: The Child, The Poet, The Old Man, The Parents (Mom, Dad) It takes place in a fantastic universe that deals with human emotion and sexuality. Why...


The Story of Khan #2 - Meet the cast

Posted by MagicMagor in Magor's Gaming Corner, 16 November 2015 · 130 views

So much for keeping a schedule. I know i promised the next update on sunday evening but you know how real life has a way of getting into the way. Frankly i didn't do very much on the game in the two weeks since the last update.
What i did however was thinking about the game and my plan, and have decided on some changes to my original plan. But first...


Research using Sydney's World with students

Posted by saintivan in RPG Maker in Education, 11 November 2015 · 158 views

To have any chance of rpg maker games being accepted in the educational world, research showing positive effects on learning must be published. Such research already exists for certain video games, including rpg's, but not any rpg maker games that I am aware of. If anyone knows of a published article on an rpg maker game, PLEASE let me know!! 
I have...


Backgrounds and Enemies - Initial Testing

Posted by taarna23 in Findruine Legacy Dev Blog, 10 November 2015 · 126 views

Recently, I've found myself working on getting decent-looking battle backgrounds. I am drawing from both graphics I have on hand, as well as the default MV graphics. There is, however, a catch - the styles are quite different. The graphics I have are more of a rough painted style, while the default MV graphics are quite detailed. What is one to do?...


New Grass Design : Part Two

Posted by Windies in Windies' Blog, 03 November 2015 · 182 views

Ok after looking at the suggestions from my other Blog Part one i knew i had to fix the corners , was just working on getting a release look to people i listened to one persons comment on it looked Dull ,
http://i64.tinypic.com/2eeg2aa.jpg  went Hmmmm....... they might be right , Now with a bit of tweaking i present the knew color...


Day 2: Party Characters

Posted by Nargrakhan in My First MV RPG, 01 November 2015 · 223 views

Okay... so it's not really Day 2 and still just Day 1. However I wanted to separate this post from my list of self imposed rules. Rawr. 
Just because an RPG is going to be short, doesn't mean it's entirely devoid of plot. The intro to Lufia had stuff that got straight to the point in a, "these are the heroes who saved the world," kind of thing. Since...


Chronicles of Eldwyn: Lots of Foes!

Posted by GolfHacker in Chronicles of Eldwyn Dev Blog, 29 October 2015 · 167 views

Although it has been 6 weeks since my last post, we haven't been idle. We've been making a lot of progress on the game. 
My focus has been on finishing the initial database of enemies, skills/spells, items, weapons, and armor. I prefer to have all of this in place before I start building maps, so that I can just choose the things I want and drop them...


Font Problems, How To Solve them, & Other Things To Be Aware of With Fonts

Posted by Jay_NOLA in Jay_NOLA's Blog, 28 October 2015 · 129 views

One thing that comes up on a forum for another program I use is Font problems with Windows and installed fonts not showing up in programs. This post will try and explain some of the font problems in Windows that exist and how to solve them. This was written for Windows 7, but the info does apply to Vista and other versions of Windows. If yo...


VX ACE Engine to the new MV Engine conversion.

Posted by Digital Religion in The Digital Religion Developers Blog, 20 October 2015 · 398 views

Due to the release of RPG Maker MV at the end of next week in America I will be starting a conversion of Book of Phire to the new engine. I feel that with my much more extensive knowledge of JavaScript this engine will be much easier to implement the features and graphics that I would like to use for the game. Although I think this will take me back a sev...



Posted by T.Bit in Castle of Benevolence, 19 October 2015 · 127 views

Ms Littlefish:
Listen on Soundcloud.com
Listen on Soundcloud.com  Artificer:
Listen on Soundcloud.com


Developing Days Untold: Finding a name

Posted by Accendor in Developing Days Untold, 15 October 2015 · 186 views

Developing Days Untold: Finding a name "Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. There are seven words that will make a person love you. There are ten words that will break a strong man's will. But a word is nothing but a painting of a fire. A name is the fire itse...


Stepping into the Fantasy

Posted by mlogan in A Non-Gamer Gaming, 09 October 2015 · 394 views
gamer, final fantasy, final and 1 more...

For quite a long time, I’ve felt much like an outsider in this gaming world. My not-so-secret is that I’m not a gamer. I’m a person who likes game and always has, but I missed the mark on being a real gamer. Growing up, we just didn’t have money for a lot games and game systems. I remember the Christmas my sister and I got an Original Nintendo system, you...


Legions: Homeland update

Posted by deilin in DeiLin's Haven, 22 September 2015 · 416 views
Legions: Homeland

Legions: Homeland update Back with an update.

I scrapped one of my newer projects (Fall of Graces), and have given more time back to this project.

Yes! It's still alive.

As you can see in the picture, I have added Khas Ultra Lighting to the project, which also meant I had to restart my test games. If you tried Khas' normal lighting and found your program lagging, the Ultra...


Classical Age World

Posted by chungsie in chungsie's Blog, 12 September 2015 · 466 views
RPG, Civ, Earth, Simulation and 1 more...

Classical Age World So I'm just continuing the news, and announcement of the beginning stages for the creation of a new game, that encompasses the entire Earth, called Classical Age World (Working Title). 
Once a team is assembled, we will enter the Alpha stage. 
50 BCE, Earth 
Earth is chaotic, with under developed cultures, and dominating Fac...


Why are backups more important for RM than most other programs?

Posted by Andar in Andar's Tutorials and Tips, 07 September 2015 · 690 views

"Failed to load data" - "unexpected file format" - a few of you have already got those messages when trying to open their project, and repairing that project then often results in partial data loss.
The only way to prevent this is to use backups. You might read my starting point tutorial for this as I've linked automatic backup scripts there. But why...


Odd thoughts on aspects of development - #1

Posted by ksjp17 in ksjp17's Blog, 20 August 2015 · 604 views

I thought it might be of interest to some people to talk a bit about the impact of different scripts on the process of game development. I'm not sure how many I'll do, but there's an obvious candidate to begin with....


Starting Point And Current Goals

Posted by Nakmeath in Untitled Horror Themed Game, 23 July 2015 · 428 views

I've decided that I'm going to try to get this project of mine in full swing... Mostly focusing on the story first. I've never written a horror theme and I'm more or less writing it in a script format with some notes of mine into it. I'm also color coding it. This project will be released for free for everyone to enjoy if and when it is finished.  F...


Olga Gameplay Part 1

Posted by Fomar0153 in Fomar0153's Blog, 14 June 2015 · 250 views

Health is wealth may as well be Olga's motto as it's what her skills and development system have been built around. Her main skill is called "HP Loan" which loans an enemy some HP (regardless of if he needs it) on the condition that the HP accumulates interest and that Olga can have it back anytime she wants. While it's not really optimal to heal your ene...


New commercial project blog start! Week1

Posted by Indrah in Indrah's Potato Farm, 07 June 2015 · 410 views
Dev, Weekly, Commercial

Commercial project Blog: Indrah's Week 1
Hello, I game make.
I did maps! I did writes!

I should mention this whole dev blog thing is really new to me XD I've never really written down anything like informal progress reports before, so meh, we'll see. We'll probably move these weekly blog entries somewhere else where all four of us can make them in one...

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