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  2. How to properly zoom an item far away from player character

    You can try this plugin:
  3. Good to know it doesn't really matter, and thanks for the quick replies! @dragoonwys I think I can actually reduced the size of my project this way, because I will need less tilesets if a move some images that I use on several maps to a character sheet. And @Kes I knew about the need for a ! to lock the position to the bottom, but thanks for the tip anyway!
  4. What will happen is that the image you use in an event will automatically be placed a few pixels up from where it would be as a tile. To prevent that happening, you need to put a ! as the first character of the file name of the sprite sheet containing your mushrooms. Then you will get the image appearing exactly as you have placed it on the sprite sheet. As an example, see the naming convention for doors. A door must appear level with the ground so it has the ! at the beginning of the file name.
  5. There isn't any huge diffrence, the only difference is that you'll have the file size of one more character sheet added to your completed game if you decided to make a spritesheet for the mushrooms. Presuming they are tiny, it probably wouldn't be a problem. You can even use the $ symbol in front of the file to cut it into an even smaller segment, just make sure you're using direction fix for them.
  6. This is not so much a problem, as more a optimalization question: Is there a difference when choosing an image for an event between selecting it from the tileset or from a charactersheet? Example: I have quite a few maps where my player can collect mushrooms. If I use the mushroom image from a tileset, that means I have to put the image in the tileset for each map (thus leaving less room for map-specific images). But if I make a charactersheet with that mushroom image, I can use that across the maps. So that seems more efficient. But maybe there's a difference in the way MV handles the images sources, that I don't know about? (I've been reading up here on things that create lag, like too many parallel processes, and that got me wondering about this...) Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain this!
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  8. Sorry, I wrote the message with my phone. Here is the code: The script see if there is a state to apply when change equip/optimize/clear.
  9. Variable Batch Comparing

    Your code doesn't work because $game_variables[221..225] returns an array of the values from variables 221 to 225. If you compare the value of variable 226 with that, you ask if a number is the same as an array - which will never be the case. Instead you have to check if the value of variable 226 is included somewhere in the other variables. The script for that looks like this: $game_variables[221..225].include?($game_variables[226])
  10. How afflict state on a specific character

    Ok, so...Hi! My question is:How can I create a state, that afflict only a specific character in battle? For example, if I have character named Levy, Natsu, Gajiel, and an ability named Iron, How can I, make so when Levy use Iron on Natsu, he don't obtein the state, but Gajiel yes? P.S. Resistence to that state NO. P.P.S Can be do it, with a common event, conditional branche Too?
  11. Get party and then open door

    If you only need to check if there are 11 actors in the party and not have to check who these actors are, you can also use a Conditional Branch with the Script: $game_party.members.length == 11
  12. help with a weapon with 2 elements

    any chance you know a custom tag to make the skill only hit if the enemy has low hp? like 20% or less
  13. A quick and simple little plug-in that I made for my own project, maybe some people can get some mileage out of it and can give some menus a little extra pop. This changes the tint of the map in the backgrounds of menus. Should be compatible with most menu plugins! Allows you to change the Red Blue Green tints of the screen as well as rotate the hue! (Possible Grayscale/Saturation coming if I can figure out how to get that to work with bitmaps, suggestions welcome) Get The Plugin Here (Either copy the text or simply save the link as a .js!) Here are some examples! With a red tint: With a blue tint: How I'm using it for my own personal project (Mixed with a few other plugins) Hope you guys get some use out of it!
  14. And all that time I read on your siggy Schlangan et la fine équipe I thought it was a group of French beta testers! XD
  15. Crash when I save my project.

    Greetings, Andar! I'm fully up to date (Maker and Project), so I don't think that would be it. I also have a relatively new HDD (2TB that's only a couple years old, if that), so I don't think that would be it, but I will be trying the checkdrive you mentioned. When you mentioned a program accessing a file that RPG Maker is trying to access I thought of Photoshop. I tend to add/alter my tilesets a LOT as I'm building my game and sometimes I just leave photoshop open with the tileset loaded in it for quick revisions. This COULD be the cause, though I've never paid enough attention when it happens to make that correlation. To be on the safe side how would I go about making an antivirus not even glance in the same direction as RPG Maker? Just make it an exception, or is there more to it? Thanks for reading. *Edit* I also just realized that I often have a playlist for RPG Maker playing in the background, so this may have also been the cause. *Turns off playlist*
  16. Future Steam Punk Collection

    Think Ill pick it up I heard a few tracks and it seemed pretty nice
  17. help with a weapon with 2 elements

    that code worked thanks
  18. [IGMC 2015] Escalia

    Yes, we're sitll working behind the scenes and implementing some new systems to prepare for making the game bigger. In due time I need some betatesters to test the new demo out (currently not yet ready). Storywise the demo stops at the same moment, but I've added a lot of new stuff that'd need testing
  19. January Goals & Progress Thread

    @Little Adventurer Sounds interesting - but you haven't (I think) actually specified what your goals are for this month to help you to make that city. That's the beauty of this thread - by working out and stating what our goals are we can work more productively, and have a more realistic overview of where we want to go and how we're going to get there. @Sharm Sounds like a sensible (and potentially enjoyable) plan. @bgillisp At last you have revealed the secret of your success. Blowing up aliens. Now, why didn't I think of that? @Marquise* Ah, you've returned! Nice to see you back, and good luck with that CPU. My update: More of the same. Had a couple of ideas for objects (statues, things like that) to dot around the future location where I've just done the cut scene. That varied things up a bit. Doing NPC dialogue. It needs to be multi-purpose, i.e. show the player that this place has a life of its own, quite separate from the lives of our heroes, but at the same time to comment on what they're doing, and to set up a side quest, if the player so chooses. So it gets a bit complicated, with assorted common events for some bits, and individual dialogues for others.
  20. Can't check my PM's

    @Andar I'll try that later, thanks.
  21. $dataMap.meta.down will give you the value from that note tag. If you don't have a <down:#> note tag in the map properties, I think it will return undefined. Not entirely sure on that, but it would be easy to test it.
  22. Can't check my PM's

    If you cannot use another browser on that computer, log in from another computer with another browser, and after checking older PMs activate the notification by email for new PMs - that will have the PM resend to your email adress for future cases.
  23. Can't check my PM's

    @Shaz @taarna23 I'm afraid I don't use any different browsers. This problem hasn't happened before.
  24. January Goals & Progress Thread

    *Cybermentally runs into the tread* HEEEEEEEY... WAITTTT FOR MEEEEEE! *cyberermentally pants* Well this month's goal... despite running on a kinda expiring computer (hey it is a 8 years old one, c'mon!), I will attempt to improve it and do the best I can on it. First attempt to be certain it is stable and to make it relax a bit, The Calm and The Fury (BTW... hope they don't disclose full names as I always use my handle on the internet !?) And second attempt, try Pyxel edit on that 2nd Dragon! Hopefully, since I can choose both minimal computer time, I can also try to keep it stable enough to steer on paper while attempts to bypass my BIOS are made to boot my computer! (My new mouse is... puny... Really really really small, light and optical and do not have the thumb button...) Hey guys and girls I missed you and I do HAVE to read up all you did. (Ack... STEAM will be full crack packed with messages! and I didn't reinstalled it yet... all right, first, photoshop. hope my CPU won't choke!)
  25. Remove, Recall, and Combine Inventory

    @DoubleRaineBow follow the links given above, but then search the site again for those names. All of Tsukihime's plugins are ports of her own Ace-Scripts, and the same scripts exist for ace on the same website. (That is one problem I have when I check her blog for something - I always have to doublecheck the links to see which one goes to the Ace version and which to the MV version)
  26. At some point I want to write a plugin that will do synchronous loading rather than asynchronous, as my game will also not rely on downloading resources at runtime. But it's a very low priority right now, and to be honest, I'm not sure if it'd make a difference - if you're running on your PC I don't see why there would be a delay loading resources at all, regardless of which method is used.
  27. Boss theme that matches!

    Resource Type: (Boss theme) Description: I just want a boss theme that matches my theme made by @Jescmo, menacing, royal, unstoppable. Needs to be about 2 to 3 minutes long, with loop. Also needs to match those styles, and match the theme. Reference:
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