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  1. Today
  2. With the help of a forum regular, I made an apparent name change, but perhaps it's subtle enough to not offend if you notice it. Now hopefully people won't confuse me the famous Mog.

    1. taarna23


      Why would this offend? You are either a cute, furry creature, or music. Going by the profile image, I would say the former. ;)

  3. Today finally watched on cartoon network the "It's over 9000!" episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time...



  4. As someone who writes, I sometimes wonder if I'm really good at making new worlds... or if I'm just somehow channeling worlds that already exist.  Both explanations are scary.

    1. Crabs


      Mind bloooow!


  5. So I finish adding a widescreen option for my resolutions in my graphics tab and a master volume for sound tab in my options only took like 20 coffees and all day.


    So wish a had something for this headache I don't do headaches

  6. AAAAAAAAARGH'm becoming crazy with my BIOS and new cheap mouse and new provisiory installation and *WX* and I am not even sure how it will all hold up... got all system reformatted... lost a lot.  And, yes, between kitties health/life and computer, Kitties wins!


    Really sad now missed you all got crazy! (And I am really nervous too on my new browser...)


    Nothing to keep me away from technophobia...

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    2. Marquise*


      Chrome???  You sure??  I haven't read their user terms agreements yet!

    3. taarna23


      Well, look at it this way - could it really be worse than what you've already agreed to with Microsoft? Besides, law is showing time and again that these insanely long terms and conditions cannot be reasonably expected to be read and understood by average users and are largely unenforceable. Also, if you've used Google, you've probably already implicitly agreed to most of the terms Chrome would have anyway.


      Although a quick search shows Chrome's to be surprisingly succinct:

    4. Marquise*


      Well... What I read in many Google services I kinda agreed upon the time I joined in -dunno when they change if they starts to type that they will find your address and sends paparazzi on their users!-.  The rest... I kinda ad block things!  XD  (Helps keeping a few garbage out off the processing power and security alert of my aging computer.)

  7. Writing large chunks of dialogue. Fun... :stare:

    1. Reapergurl


      Hang in there, darling.


      It'll come out great in the end.

    2. BoredSoul


      I take it you're not a huge fan of writing?

  8. Plan: I'll play a game for a bit today! Actual result: Programmed all day.


    Related: Tileset builder now has full Ace tiles support, so I just need to get the Ace section loading in the XP tilesets and it should be good to go, at least until I get initial bug reports.

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    2. Reapergurl


      That's Microsoft for ya; they really suck at tech. support. :headshake:


      So, you made the tileset editor yourself.


      I guess I'll keep looking; I'm trying to edit tiles myself but am a bit wary of borders that are hard to see because in GIMP the grid isn't pixel by pixel...

    3. taarna23


      Oh - that's not what I mean. It doesn't create tiles. it loads in the tiles from RPG Maker and also from some custom folders, and lets users mix-and-match the tiles they want in a finished tileset.

    4. Reapergurl


      Ah, I see. So it can take tile sets and combine them.


      Or exclude certain parts of sets.


      That would still be somewhat helpful, I imagine. :guffaw:

  9. Guys! Check this out!  I'm composing for a game called Liquid Metal... They launched a brand new KS and here it is! Spread the word! :D

  10. Yesterday
  11. I just ran into my first Sock Puppet Account today.  After watching the train wreck that followed, I simply have to marvel that people like that even exist.  I wonder if such people would better serve their own lives by being actors or actresses instead, since they're talented enough to pretend to be other people.

  12. Feeling really weak right now. Gripping things with my right arm feels difficult :( . Doctors visit tomarrow...

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    2. taarna23


      Sounds like it's a pinched nerve, but if your doc is anything like the one I saw, they'll check to make sure you didn't have a stroke, first, which is admittedly unnerving. I was recommended stretches for my neck. Multiple directions and 30 seconds in each direction.

    3. Sharm


      Be careful with stretching though, if you've got a herniated disc you could aggravate it.  Go slow and if it hurts, stop.

    4. taarna23


      Yup. One should feel a pull, but not pain, from the stretch!

  13. Here's that dev blog I mentioned I might make in my last post, if any of you feel like checking it out.

    I have one post on there, and it's not the best looking thing in the world, but I don't think it matters too much, since I'm only really just starting to take game development seriously (not that I didn't before, but I'm going to focus on it more consistently from now on). So yeah. Guess this means I have my motivation back.

    1. BoredSoul



      Throw a party!

      Actually,don't,that's procrastination in a way.

      Good luck.

  14. Trying hard to think of another story before I can tackle the projects I'm really passionate about.

    1. Niten Ichi Ryu

      Niten Ichi Ryu

      Make a parallel story. Like a prequel, or something focused on an important NPC.

      Like if instead of making straight away Neverwinter Nights, you would make a short story about the youth of Nasher Alagondar.


      Keep it simple, not much exposition, start things in media res.

    2. The Stranger

      The Stranger

      I agree with @Niten Ichi Ryu. If you don't feel confident in taking on a larger project first, you can create a short project which makes use of the setting you have created. It's a great opportunity to reveal some backstory about characters, places, etc.

    3. BloodletterQ


      And helps me build on the world I'm interested in.

  15. I always feel a bit sad when I can't point out some potential issues with a solution due to the topic being locked.

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    2. Zeriab


      @Sharm @richter_h both are possible, but require a lot more effort. I'm usually too lazy for spending the couple of hours extra it'll take. >_>

    3. Marquise*


      Awww that's very bad!

    4. Marquise*


      addendum... Maybe get a special bag of todos with that one thrown in it for the good days where you got too much time on your hands

  16. Starting a super basic game. I originally started building it with raw PHP, but that got.... hard....

    This is much easier.

  17. I've got another new free piece done. This one is a sad track featuring piano and cello.




    Have a good one!

  18. Need to find something to do before I start spending money today >.>

  19. Finish of making my first ever plugin! (Ok, truly...I made an other one, but that didn't work, I had to ask don't think it count) it's name is Damage Controls

  20. Backed a kickstarter project for the first time today. Now I need to wait and see if they'll make it. It's only 10% backed so far, should it be higher on the first day?

    1. Sharm


      Sometimes these things have slow starts.  It doesn't mean anything until it's closer to the end.

    2. taarna23


      Depends on how long it's set to run. If it's going for something like 30 days, I'd say 10% on day one is pretty awesome.

  21. Sorry to hear about your illness.  I once was horribly dizzy for the longest time and both I and the doctor thought it was a sinus infection that wouldn't go away, turned out to be allergies and anemia.  So make sure that you're eating balanced meals and drinking plenty!

    1. taarna23


      Ack! Dizziness is terrible - I get it from allergies, too.

      @Avery Feel better soon!

      @Sharm I've found when my temperature regulation is out of whack - like not being able to warm up properly after coming in from a chilly outside - is a good early indication of anemia. Pretty easy to balance it back out at that point. Us ladies are more prone to it for.. err... obvious reasons.

  22. I think my laziness is actually not laziness at all. I notice I take a break every time I'm not completely sure how to proceed. Then, when everything clicks in my head, I get a boost and start working.

    1. Sharm


      A lot of things get mislabeled as laziness, sadly.  It's as if resting is somehow this terrible thing that people should be ashamed of doing.

    2. Reapergurl


      This is why I like working for myself.


      Sadly, my real life job isn't as nice, but at least I work alone...


      And I work the hours I want, so that does help...

  23. Okay! Time to fix an out of memory error, which is the tileset builder's way of saying it tried to get a piece of an image from outside the bounds of an image - I'm not totally sure why this occurred, but I think it is trying to use MV dimensions with an Ace tileset, which is clearly not going to work.

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    2. taarna23


      Nah - I just had wrong numbers in my data. If you consider what I do with images in the tileset builder, it's like cutting squares out of a piece of paper, kind of. If your square goes over the edge of the paper, you don't just get an incomplete square, rather the system gets very confused about what it's attempting to do and crashes.

    3. BoredSoul


      I love mysteries-es!

    4. Marquise*


      Ooooh!  logical then!

  24. Gawd, I am SO glad I dismantled the tier shelf on my desk! I feel so much less claustrophobic now!

  25. Ok, 30 minutes, I do a little...thing, about Fairy the result:Send.PNG



    1. Vito The Boss

      Vito The Boss

      I do it very fast, so I didn't care about the details:

      Natsu, is covered by Happy.

      I didn't put a battleback.

      Gajiel is covered by the menu.


  26. It's surprising that given we have a browser-based RPG Maker with direct ability to connect to a server, there are no MMORPGs around here. There were more MMO developers back in the RPG Maker XP day, and back then we only had a dodgy script that didn't actually work very well! Now we have it all produced for us on an open plate but nobody is biting.

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    2. Whitney


      It's not MV but this guy seems to be doing a lot of work into releasing an open source base project for MMORPGs with VX Ace

    3. Whitney


      But I agree with Sabao, plus MMOs need to be unique and properly advertised or else they will just end up abandoned and dead; it also needs a good foundation of lore to go with imo

    4. mlogan


      Okey dokey then. I was not around the RM scene back then.

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