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A powerful earthquake within a range of mountains near the border of two nations has unearthed an ancient mystery. A tower emerges from the destruction, seemingly untouched as the earth around it crumbled. The Academy, a powerful organization of the Northlands, wishes to know its secrets. A team has been selected to investigate this tower and unlock the secrets that lie within.

  • Two main characters to choose from! Either choose the spearman Gerald, or his sister Brenda, the paladin.
  • Explore the Ancient Tower's 30+ maze-like floors while fighting monsters and collecting treasure along the way.
  • Charge into battle or sneak past enemies that are visible on the map. Random enemies, not random encounters!
  • Engage in classic 2D turn based combat using powerful techniques and other abilities like alchemy.
  • Navigate past deadly traps such as ground spikes and falling floors.
  • Discover the secrets of the Tower with collectible items and secret areas to explore.
  • Help the expedition's camp flourish! Invest in modest shops so they grow from stalls, to tents to full buildings!

Playable Characters:

  • Gerald
    • An agile warrior that uses the spear as a weapon. He is a recently graduated student of the Academy that got assigned to this mission due to his exceptional performance. He uses ice skills as well as shouts to improve ally stats.


    • A sturdy swordswoman skilled with the sword and shield style of combat. She is a year older than her brother Gerald. During the year since her graduation she has gone on many missions and completed them beyond the Academy's expectations. She wields her faith as both a shield to heal and defend her allies as well as a weapon to smite evil. She uses water skills to heal enemies and strike her foes.


    • A blacksmith from the nation of Midland. He wields a warhammer and specializes in fire attacks and roars to lower enemy stats. He is from the Midland expedition and is assigned to help with the Northland expedition.


    • A student of the Academy who specializes in History and Alchemy. He wields a whip as his weapon of choice while also using Alchemy to destroy his foes. He is assigned to this expedition due to his exceptional performance in exams and knowledge of history, both famous and obscure. He uses Alchemy to attack with a variety of elements.




Art/Design/Story – Reynard Frost

Music – RPG Maker 1/2 RTP


Battle System - ももまる (Peachround)

Various Scripts - Jet, NeonBlack, Fomar

Core Scripts and more - Yanfly

What's New in Version v1.2


  • v1.0 - First Version of the Demo.
  • v1.1 - Fixed Inn bug.
  • v1.2 - Cut down the file size; Changed Crit Rate and Damage; Fixed a typo in the intro.