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    • Archeia

      Resurrection Jam + ReStaff July 2016: Spring and Summer!   08/05/2016

      ReStaff July 2016 is out! If you missed it, click this link right here~ On other news, we started a game making event called Resurrection Jam! It is a sister event to RPGMaker.Net's McBacon Jam 3. This event is ran by @zeigfried_mcbacon and @Archeia. You can find the Gamejolt page over here. The forum boards where you post your entries is over here! If you have any questions, please ping @zeigfried_mcbacon!
    • Archeia

      RPG Maker MV 1.3.1 Update!   08/11/2016

      Hey everyone, the latest version of RPG Maker MV is here! Make sure to check this topic!

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