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    • Archeia

      RPG Maker MV 1.3.4 Update!   11/23/2016

      Hi everyone! The Latest RPG Maker Update is here!    
    • Lunarea

      The Calm and the Fury Art Contest   12/16/2016

      We are excited to announce a collaboration with the acclaimed Hiroki Kikuta, composer of many of our favorite RPGs. You can be involved, too, by taking part in our art contest! For more details:  
    • Archeia

      Merry Maker Christmas!   12/24/2016

      Merry Maker Christmas! Free Resources with love from the Restaff & RPG Maker Web Team! http://bit.ly/2isbiyJ  

Events & Academies

This sub-forum is for all the cool community events and/or learning programs we have right now!


  1. Learning Together Game Jam

    Learning Together Game Jam is a 2-week event that starts today and will run until November 3rd . 

  2. Resurrection Jam

    The event is focused on re-imagining a project or idea originally abandoned with a group of friends or new people!