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  1. Taken during Annual Training. 7 Apr 2013. Had to crop the vehicle out of the picture.
  2. Unemployed until further notice. Guess I can use my newfound downtime to get back to work on my project

    1. Zalerinian


      Ugh, that sucks man :x I hope you can get back to your job soon...

    2. Dark_Metamorphosis


      I feel you man, I'm out of a job in 2 months as well..

  3. Was in a car accident earlier tonight...rear-ended by a Dunbar Armored driver...car totaled...

    1. Kaiser


      Holy shit man.

    2. Vance Raehart

      Vance Raehart

      and how did that feel?

    3. kingmakerspider


      Like being rear-ended by an armored vehicle... I'd imagine. My best wishes.

  4. Just got home from day 3 of working at the Catonsville National Guard Armory. 12 to go before I get my free time back. I will say this: "Insanity" makes for one heck of a unit PT program.

  5. Does anyone remember the "Junction" system from FF8? What if something like that could be implemented in RM? Would you do it?

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    2. Chaos Avian

      Chaos Avian

      There is? Huh.

    3. Neon Black

      Neon Black

      I don't remember who made it, but I remember a junction script somewhere or another. Either here or scrolling one of the other sites.

    4. Dr.Yami
  6. What are you working on?

    At least store everything on dropbox as a backup
  7. The two-jobs thing is over, thank god. Just gotta finish out the semester and I'll have some breathing room to get a project off the ground. Thinking of recreating the D&D 4ed Adventure "The Slaying Stone" in VXAce for practice.

  8. That moment you realize you work 2 jobs just to be broke T_T

    1. Thalzon


      Time to budget and reassess where all that money is going.

    2. Knightmare


      What Thal said. Gotta be smart with the dough nowadays.

  9. Got an idea for a secondary project...just not doable with RPGMaker T_T;;

  10. oh how I hate Eng-1020, Composition and Literature T_T

    1. Super Galaxy Convoy

      Super Galaxy Convoy

      I know what you mean, there is way too much writing involved. I have a research paper due tomorrow, well the rough draft of it, and the instruction says to put the file into a dropbox (I'm taking it as an online class) and I can't seem to find where the dropbox is. Just sent an email to the instructor, and hopefully she'll respond to it soon. Also, where I live Literature and Composition is called Eng-1102. (sigh)

    2. Rider of Dragons

      Rider of Dragons

      My Professor wants EVERY step of the writing process for every assignment. Outline, rough, rough with tutor comments (yes, we REALLY have to do that), final, and all literature journals on our readings to prepare for these essays. It's ridiculous. And I'm taking it online as well

    3. Super Galaxy Convoy

      Super Galaxy Convoy

      Yeah, my professor is like that too. She wants the Outline, Brainstorm, Rough Draft, Rough with corrections, Final. Not to mention that we have to turn it in through Turnitin.com to see if we actually plagiarizes. I hate that site, I understand its purpose, but it will say that you are commiting plagiarism even if you use stuff from a paper that you written a long time ago.

  11. Still having trouble coming up with the 'hook' for my game's story :O Curse you writer's block!

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    2. HamPants


      Using a random word generator, I have come up with this for you: The (Chosen) (promises) to (carry) the (basic) (being), but is (nagged) by the (transcendentalist). Huh... not sure how helpful that might be, sorry. :(

    3. Link


      Note to self: Next game's hero's title shall be the Transacendentalist.

    4. HamPants


      I hope your job has Transcendental insurance!

  12. Internet's out from last night's storm :( Thank god for tethering...

  13. And so my fun with mapping is at its end; back to work T_T

    1. Chaneque


      Story of my life.

  14. Game & Map Screenshots

    Ah, I had completely forgotten about the darker grass tiles. Thank you! Ok, so apply darker grass at lower elevations. Can you think of anything else I can do to improve this map?
  15. Finally started doing some mapping; put together a simple town map following the Ace tutorials. Learned quite a bit, actually. Hoping to get a decent quest up and running soon

    1. Shablo5


      Keep it up!

    2. Demiurge


      It might look hard in the beginning (it does for everyone) but keep trying and someday you'll make one hell of a game. :)