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  1.     Taken during Annual Training. 7 Apr 2013. Had to crop the vehicle out of the picture. 
  2. What are you working on?

    At least store everything on dropbox as a backup
  3. Game & Map Screenshots

    Ah, I had completely forgotten about the darker grass tiles. Thank you! Ok, so apply darker grass at lower elevations. Can you think of anything else I can do to improve this map?
  4. Game & Map Screenshots

    Not exactly being utilized for a project; this is my first attempt at a town map in Ace. More of a learning experience than anything else. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! This is "Woodtown," a generic starter-village. There is an NPC that moves from the town entrance to the weapon shop to purchase arms and armor. Talking to the NPC exposes his disdain for low-level equipment. Once he enters the Weapon/Armor shop, two switches are turned on to enable a cutscene in the weapon shop and begin an opening quest.