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  1. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    The problem with remove unused files is that you need to add it in plugindesc (it's in helpfile) and quite frankly it's a pain. I would always suggest to use the MV Stripper too.
  2. Is my computer compatible with RPG Maker MV?

    Oh wait sorry, I forgot about MacOSX;;; I read it was Mac but kept thinking of the Windows Tiral.
  3. Is my computer compatible with RPG Maker MV?

    We have a trial if you would like to see if it runs! Based on this I think it should!
  4. Season Pass DLC4: Kids Released

    @Miacuro Okay thank you. I'll look into it
  5. Free Kid Generator Parts

    Oh yeah wings haha
  6. Brief stay

    Probably never again unless it's about translations (in which we will make a board about it).
  7. Brief stay

    The boards for that is now closed and we aren't looking into them. You can probably try in General Discussion.
  8. Pick up & Throw Events

    Hi Chaucer, the screenshot link is not working
  9. Map Name Location

    I've moved this thread to RGSSx Script Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you. I also want to clarify since this was in RGSS2 Script boards. Is this being made in RPG Maker VX and not RPG Maker VXAce (RGSS3)?
  10. Free Kid Generator Parts

    The only way you'll be able to make it work with generator is make the hoodie a hat somehow (for the upper part) the second part as an outfit/cloak and then the 3rd will be...I honestly don't know lol I mean I even asked Japan with this and experimented a bit. So I think it's a waste of time to make it work with the current generator. But with @Schlangan extended generator it should be possible.
  11. Free Kid Generator Parts

    @Andar was close. But to be specific. You cannot have a generator part that is above the head and below the body. Which is all hoodies already disregarded. Notice how the hats look 'flat'. You can never see them in a curved fashion where you can see the inner part of the hat. RMMV Gen was clever on that. And there's also other complications: The Red hoodie part is a single piece. It means it needs three layers. Above, Neck, and Below the body. There is no generator part that functions like that. Not all of the hoodies will work on all parts. The main enemy would be hair and clothes. So you need to edit them anyway if you want them to work.
  12. Season Pass DLC4: Kids Released

    Ooh can you take a screenshot plz
  13. Season Pass DLC4: Kids Released

    There seems to be a bug in Mac version yes ;w; I already passed it to JP team! Hopefully they can fix it soon.
  14. After a conversation in twitter, I got curious and made a spreadsheeet comparison of the RTP Content of MV and VXA.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Marquise*
    3. Sharm


      That's pretty interesting.  I had a feeling that MV had way more resources than Ace but it's nice to see it in black and white like that.

    4. Artificer


      That is a lot of work!

  15. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    upload in YouTube as unlisted :D!