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  1. RPG Maker MV Script Call List

      Here's an example:   $gameScreen.showPicture(3, "TempleG_M46", 0, 0, 0, 100, 100, 255, 0)  
  2. MV Wednesday Updates Part 10

      You need to extract the contents of the rar files. Use Winrar or 7zip.
  3. Therese Saves the World!

      But I won't be able to fix it if I don't have a mac to debug the issues
  4. Game & Map Screenshots 7

    I finished prettying up one of the maps for Therese Saves the World~  The sprites are temporary. 
  5. Picture Position

    It's the faster than calculating via math
  6. Picture Position

    Do you have photoshop? It's easier to do it there. I'm pretty sure gimp/paint has one too but I'll use photoshop as an example.     to set it with top left coordinate, just set it like this:
  7. It is highly unlikely we'll be able to implement change max because of design choices from JP. But the show battle animation on actors is a possibility. We'll check it out
  8. The memory leak is related to nodejs (it's a bug with google) when I last asked about it during beta. There were a few issues about it in Git and technically it's 'fixed' in the newest node.js version. The only problem is it's still not stable.
  9. MV Wednesday Updates Part 10

    Because I'm lazy (truth be told there's no sideview or face for them, making variations for that is mendouksai.
  10. Hi everyone! Yes, our fixes are going well. We still can't say when the next update is coming.   So, what do we do while waiting for the updates? Every Wednesday, we'll be updating everyone with free resources and possibly fixes until they're integrated to the engine!  You can find the rest of the parts by looking at our announcement board!   Releases   Animation by hadecynn! We all want some additional animations! And hadecynn has been awesome and gave us a really cool animation!   RPG Maker XP Mage08! She's up! With generator parts but no damage pose...yet...   Fighter02 Sideview! Personigo contributed a full SV Sheet for Fighter02~   We also have generator parts for the following RPG Maker VX Actors: Actor2-3, Evil 1-1, People 2-2. Thank you Thernz for the hardwork as always. ^o^)~   Let's start off with a bang~ Marimo's Guitar Angel is here! Slightly based on RPG Maker XP, except with a cooler guitar.   Download Over Here~ Dropbox   A Closing Note! Everything we provided is free for commercial use on KADOKAWA released engines only! Enjoy your week everyone~
  11. Time to release Wednesday Update .w.

  12. RTP Character names

    A lot of them are unnamed except the initial actors. My site is only me just giving them names for my game XD
  13. Character creator nose bug

    Make previews of the missing images in the generator folder. Or search the forums for a fix for now. Anyway I added this to backlog.
  14. Character creator nose bug

    I think I heard some variations missing some previews. But I wasn't sure which ones.