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  1. TileD Plugin

    yes I announced it pages ago -w-)b
  2. Which script does this?

    Look for this section Download : Versi 1.3c (Stable) it's on that page.
  3. Which script does this?
  4. MIDIs for VX Ace's/MV's OST.

    This is correct-ish. You can put it in soundcloud but put proper credits and that it can't be used elsewhere unless you own rm and only in rm.
  5. Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Just copy a Game.rpgproject to that folder and your problem is solved. I also updated the DL just in case.
  6. Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Huh? go to WWW folder.
  7. Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Watch the video and change reso based on yanfly core engine.
  8. I've moved this thread to JS Plugin Requests . Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.
  9. Preload Manager

    Laurent, please avoid double posting, as it is against the forum rules. You can review our forum rules here. Thank you. I also merged all your posts. Just edit the previous message to include information.
  10. Armor For Male & Female Plugin

    I've moved this thread to JS Plugin Requests . Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.
  11. I have to reply to this one specifically since I feel like there's some negative image for KDKW that is slightly not deserved. To be fair, Pixi wasn't able to support some of the intense things that RPG Maker did that both devs didn't expect to happen. So even when KDKW wants to fix it, it's highly related to Pixi. Pixi4 was already in development by the time MV is out and we were lucky enough to get in contact with @Hackerham after searching for someone for 1.5~3 months (this includes the current dev team). So it's not like they didn't want to fix it. We needed to find the right people and can actually deliver. The original developer needs help to tackle all unforeseen issues or unfixed issues during beta. One person can only do so much after all.
  12. Remove border from standard text box

    It's in System/Window if that's the one you mean?
  13. Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    I made it I guess haha. (I do not claim ownership over some plugins I used to make my life easier) I just did some eventing so it would be easier to find coordinates.
  14. I'm not gonna lie, as a worker I already figured out what they meant by Kadokawa DLC (since I read the initial description and it specifically said Kadokawa). But if I was a normal customer who doesn't really follow which one of the two publishers is which, even I would get confused. Sadly, it wasn't until much later that I saw the Season Pass page and adjusted the information to contain as much as possible. From what I last saw of it it's only just the two of us discussing about it and clarifying what KDKW wanted to do with the faceset art style. And eventually the feedback from majority is to add MV version of the faces which was done. Am I missing something?