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  1. Is anyone interested in watching a game dev stream? Like tile creation or something maybe :)

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    2. Marquise*


      Awww I missed it!  But that Beam seems a bit different  Some day somebody will lead me into Livestream, twitch or Beam and tell me which is best!


      But it was a very good initiative; we like to see the pros.  I mean, we're on this forum to learn after all!

    3. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      I missed it too. But thanks for providing this so we can learn.

    4. Artificer


      @Archeia Will you stream each day?

  2. Newbie Question about existing face image

    That's exactly why I linked you the tutorial. The filenames matter.
  3. Newbie Question about existing face image

    You need to manually add the parts to variation for male/female. Here's an in-depth guide for the generator specifics. Otherwise, you might want to check youtube for a quick visual.
  4. > Spends hours coding something visual. wondering why it's not appearing when in another project with same implementation does.


    > Spends hours figuring it out and comparing two projects totally confused.


    > Turns out there was a bug when you use certain commands and do certain actions.


    > Flip table.

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    2. Ultima01


      > Spend hours trying to get a boss fight balanced just right

      > Playtester breaks it wide open in less than 5 seconds

      > Spend next day rebalancing things to remove that loophole

      > Playtester instantly finds another loophole to exploit

      > Rethink life

    3. Marquise*


      *cybermentally gives tea to everyone on the status tread and offers free hugs*

    4. Kloe


      This has actually happened to me before, I feel your pain...

  5. RPG Creator Released!

    MV is for PC dev. RPG Creator is making games in your phone.
  6. Touch, Tap, Swipe, RPG! Finally you can create RPGs on the go with RPG Creator for iOS! This unique app will have you building maps, creating npcs and monsters, fighting epic battles, and sharing your creations with the world in no time at all! RPG Creator is a free download for iOS with a "Premium" version also available. For a limited time, we are offering anyone who purchases the "Premium" version $5 in RPG Maker Web Store Credit! Get the details on that here. We're also running a giveaway with iTunes Gift Cards, Degica Games, and RPG Maker Web store credit up for grabs. Enter the Giveaway HERE! Q: Can you import and share resources? Absolutely! There is a Resource Manager and Creator's Web; a portal for sharing games and resources! Please note, currently the terms of use for DLC purchased on RPG Maker Web/Steam do not allow it to be used with RPG Creator. Q: I found issues or have suggestions for improvements, can I post that here? Absolutely! However, please post in the sub forum instead so we can easily check it out!
  7. Quick Start Guide

    RPG Creator Quick Start Guide So you've downloaded the program, opened it up, and are seeing the Engine for the first time. RPG Creator is not hard to use, but at first glance, there is so much to do that it can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we've prepared this quick start guide, to get you on your way to making your game, your way. This won't be a tutorial. It won't explain how to do everything, but it will give you the basics of where to get started and how things work together. You can download the PDF version here. The Title Screen New/Open Project Download a Sample Project The Map Editor Adding an Event The Event Editor – Page 1 The Event Editor – Page 2 The Event Editor – Page 3 Database - Page 1 Database - Page 2 Everything Else
  8. Hi there and welcome to the forums. Have you tried this one out? I also use this one personally:
  9. Poll: Console Use

    I have a 3DS, Vita and a Wii U... and a PC :'D
  10. A quick reminder not to post non-rm games in our status feed or advertise them either.

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    2. Archeia


      @Vox Novus that one depends. But we have been getting people posting their unity/unreal/whatever 3d engine greenlight games here or IOS/Android games and that is a no-no.


      @kovak AAA doesn't count.

    3. Hollow 1977
    4. Artificer


      It is nice to see people talking more often on this forum, if others engines are coming here that means MV got really popular or maybe is for the uranium game.

  11. RPG Maker lore?

    Hi! The steam vxace cards were my interpretation of the RPG Maker characters and the lore surrounding it. @Ralph is our community mascot and sometimes joins the users in posting.
  12. Teach Me About Tileset

    @OceansDream used to have a site that teaches everyone from scratch. It's better than nothing and it's pretty decent Here's one of the examples: He adds text too.