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  1. I have been working on creating my own scripts for features on my projects but one that I cannot seem to figure out, is whether or not it is possible in RMVXACE to create a script that tells the program to identify multiple currency types instead of the single default currency? I am working on a game that will hopefully incorporate both an accelerated time method of play and I have six Nations in the game that will have their own currency that players characters may gather based on location. The hardest script that I cannot seem to find very easily is the one to alter currency. Any Help is greatly appreciated...
  2. I am curious as to if anyone has heard of or seen a script for controlling stat changes automatically for supernatural character afflictions such as Lycanthropy and Vampirism? I was toying around with the idea in one of my original projects using just the base functions of VXAce and no Custom Scripts, with okay effect to it. I was able to create a werewolf character using grapic changes and common event execution that lasted until a 60 second timer ran down to 0. Doing it this way was lengthy and time consuming and I never figured out a way to do the process to where the transformation would grant a stat increase when transformed and then a decrease back down to what they were before transforming. What I am asking for in great detail is a Script or one close to it, that will allow me to set an action such as a Werewolf character transforming and it will grant the increase on transformation and then will decrease back to whatever the character stats are in their Native form when the time period has elapsed. I may have been already sent a link to a similar script in another post but on the surface I am not certain. For a Vampire Character something where when the character is travelling during the day he takes Stat Decreases until he enters a "Shadowy" part of the Map, or a building. Thank you.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone might know of the script to which script I am talking about? I remember that The creator said he configured it to an Xbox360 Game Pad and I was wanting to download it again but my toddler cleared my browser book marks so I am having trouble locating it again.
  4. I wonder if its possible in VXAce?

    Okay Soul Calibur and Tekken are Classified as Fighting Games. So Now we can get some where, They are 3D Fighting Arena Games, Street Fighter and Early Mortal Kombat are its 2D precursors. One Script that was suggested to me above fits the general style it just needs tweaking to fit quite a few of the features that I want my game to have. This is the link passed on to me by Andarhttp://galvs-scripts...duel-mini-game/. Now as I have stated a couple of times in the above posts I am merely asking for suggestions on scripts to use as a guideline such as the above mentioned one as an educational tool to help myself learn the scripting language a little faster. Just for a little information for you, there are a ton of classic RPGs that did not use graphics like we have the luxury of using in the RM Series. One of the first projects that my lab partner and I had to do in our Advanced Programming & System Mechanics Coursework was research these old style of games and then try and replicate the process which creates them. They were done entirely in Code music composition and all and took up to several years for their development teams to produce. I am not saying that I want to try and take RM Maker down that extreme of a course but I am willing to if that is what it takes me to learn. Luckily for us the RM Series gives us everything we need to churn out "better" quality games in less time with only a basic working knowledge of the program. With all of the Above having been said a basic recap of what I am trying to accomplish in total no matter how often I have to try and reexplain myself; Ask the RM VXACE veterans who know the system and have been exploring the countless script possibilities, for their honest suggestions on scripts that may fit the functionality that I posted in the numbered list on my last post. I am not trying to get hung up on the definition of the fighting game Genre.I intend to use the suggested scripts as a learning tool to aid in my learning of the scripting language so that I can become proficient enough to write my own scripts as I need them, as not to be reliant on the work of others for any and all projects that I Endeavor to make.Once I have gained a comfortable handling of the language I will be more able to develop a single unified script with the necessary functions as I outlined above. Furthermore I will also be able to share that script with the community so that any future VXAce users who wish to develop a game with the same battle system setup as my game can do so more easily than "pasting" together 50 different scripts from 25 developers.With the Aid of other Forum members I will hopefully be able to learn the language and the system faster than if I tried to learn it alone.Last but not least. I am determined to learn the exact physical limits of VXAce, because once I know what they realistically are I can write scripts that maximize utility performance, and discover for my self if I can develop a script that allows the engine to read script files written in other programming languages.​ As always I am thankful for any and all assistance that the other forum members are willing and able to provide.
  5. I wonder if its possible in VXAce?

    Okay Well to I guess summarize what I am trying to get out of this, I have described the effect I am going for with my current project, I am just learning Ruby Scripting and using the RGSS3 help files to kind of go along and aid me in learning what makes up the inner workings for RMVXACE. I am not looking to have my game's code piggybacking on the work of others all the way through, I am merely asking as a way of saving some time on the research end for suggestions on scripts that others have done that I can use to learn the system a lil faster, you know like a direct subject oriented programmers guide. I know how to write code in the languages such as C, C++ and Basic. If RMVXACE used any of those languages I could write the scripts for what I need to do in a couple of days. In fact although I doubt it has happened as of yet, if anyone has attempted to write scripts that tell VXACE to search and read outside files written in C or C++, a Translator if you will, then I would love those most of all because being able to implement them would save me time from struggling to learn a new programming language. I am not on these boards for handouts or someone to encode my game for me. As I stated above I am completely new to the language and am struggling to learn. I am sorry that my descriptions are too vague for most to understand as to the end effect of what I am trying to accomplish, however I will try to break it down into a numbered list of the most important functionality that I want to develop and implement to the last. Fighting Game Format Battle System, (By Fighting Game I mean as explained above, Like Street Fighter Game Series [Capcom Games] or Mortal Kombat [Midway/Netherrealm Studios], Google has Screen Shots) Ability to implement Button Combinations to trigger associated Special abilities and corresponding effects and animations. Experience Boosts, gained based on remaining Percentage of Life still applied to the character. (For Example; Red Fighter wins Battle with 10% of his life remaining so he gains 1/10 of the Xp Value of the Target.) Item Drops that work similarly to the Xp option on Number 3. The difference being that the more life remaining the more rare the item dropped will be. Ability to make the image of the type of weapon equipped appear equipped on the fighter. The same also with Armor and shields. (I Understand that most of this one is graphical. If my deadline permits, the ability to have the matches be ended with a sudden death finisher when the Enemies life gets down to less than 5% if attack hits successfully. I am willing and patient to learn if the other members of this board can extend the same courtesy. I am sorry if this is not enough detail but I am not quite ready to post a storyline synopsis just yet.
  6. I wonder if its possible in VXAce?

    Okay Super Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat, Two Characters face to face beatin the hell outta each other in one to three rounds until one is unconscious on the ground. It is kind of hard to explain other than I am trying to create a Truefusion of two video game Genres. Traditional 2d Rpg and a Fighting Game, When I say True fusion, I am not talking about A fighting game with Rpg Aspects to it or an Rpg with just a duel system to it with limited fighting elements. I want an all out intensive hybrid of both systems of play. As you quest through the world trying to take down the antagonist you battle in a one on one fight with your enemies. Most Die-Hards of the RPG Community may not get much exposure to the fighting game Genre as they are spending hours upon hours on an rpg and most of the opposite are doing the same with their fighting games as they feel Role Playing Games are too Lengthy. My goal is to meld the two Genre's to bring both groups together in a way that does justice to both. Chances are I will fail but I am going to try all the same. The only thing that I can really say to those who read this thread that do not know what I mean by a fighting game is Google Either Super Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat Game Play videos to see kind of what I am talking about. As always thanks for any help you can provide.
  7. I am done with this post... thank you for your support
  8. I wonder if its possible in VXAce?

    More Specifically I would like to set the project up to allow for Players to run into event run opponents and instead of it triggering the standard Turn Based RPG Battle, it brings up a SSf2 or Mortal Kombat 2d Martial arts style battle system. More specifically I want to be able to make it so that let's say the player has a trident equipped the animation during the fight would show the battle holding a trident, or if the player goes in and changes his equip type to say an axe then the represented weapon would change. As part of the modifications that I would also like to include is that once the fight sequence is over the character's Exp and treasure drops are affected by the amount of life bar that remains. The Last complication that I would try and include (although I'm sure most of it is graphical with a few script calls attached.) is like with the weapon above the appearance of the armor that the character is wearing in the fight scene to change when what is equipped changes. Overall this mod needs to take into account any stat bumps or Special effects that the armor and weapon items are designed to implement. I/E if the weapon has a 20% chance of poison then the fighting mode needs to be made to reflect that. It is a lot to try and put together but the story elements of the game I am trying to build require it. I am still early enough in that I would like to know any and all scripts that have been previously created that may accomplish this task. I plan on releasing this game eventually commercially and so any scripts that allow for that will be preferred. I do wish to implement Fighting Game style control system for this portion of the game with button combinations for the execution of special and magic attacks during the battle with an ending point when the enemy is at health lower than 10% to execute a finishing move specific to the character that is in battle. I completely understand if all or none of the above is possible to make happen but I would still like to try. Other than the battle system the rest of my game will be including other traditional Rpg elements.
  9. So I have been toying around with the idea of writing a "New" Script that allows me to display "TP" under different Names that correspond with different types of attack and corresponding items. Where I am running into trouble is I want to set it up so for example: Davis- is an engineer and all his items use "TP=Tech Points". I want to set it up so that besides when he uses a TP based special attack from one of his weapons, any of his armor items that have a special ability attached, i.e. his chest piece on random soak of damage automatically regenerates 10% of his total health. I do not want to have to make the special abilities of the armor directly available for the players to utilize. The other part to this is I want to create it to where players can modify the items and enhance the specials through like an item creation system, which would allow them to simulate with time the energy type of other character classes so that for example the player could have davis learn a combo attack that typically a "Mage" would only be able to use. I want to set the whole system up so it is level dependent that varies based on character class.
  10. Well the Preset Stat script would work if it weren't for the fact that it is not for use in commercial games. I think what I will do with all of the scripts that I find is try and figure out how to create similar ones from the ground up. Thank you for the suggestions.
  11. I have been developing my own independent games using more traditional formats than Rpg maker and I can attest to the complications of using midi files. Until I found an ad for VX Ace I built all my code in Visual Studio and All of my graphics in 3dsmax and Maya and when it came to sound every time I used Midi Files for the music I would get great symphonic sound from the High end Computer systems and Glitchy crap sound like a NES that got rained on from the low end systems. It wasn't until I discovered First Mp3 and then later Ogg that made my audio solutions simpler and better sounding. Just in case you did not know Midi is actually an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and now a days if you are not using a computer system that is designed to write through a midi connector directly to Mp3 or Ogg then using the sound files are actually pointless as fewer and fewer media players out there are being written to play the base midi encoding. My Instrument setup encodes directly to Ogg and it was relatively inexpensive for being a professional system. If you want that retro 4 to 8 bit sound then there are software options that can make whatever you record in Mp3 or Ogg sound like you want it and not all of them have a cost. I created a track with vocals that when converted to sound retro allowed me to replace the vocal track with vocoder. The point really is that Midi really isn't the premium choice for game music but if you like the sound of choppy Nes antics then feel free to record your music in that style but do it in a format that everyone who plays your games can enjoy, like OGG.
  12. This Question I have is about any premade scripts that may allow me to set into my games something similar to the sprite creator tool in VXACE. A Future Project That I have Storyboarded out is with luck going to be setup to be a 2D MMORPG. I have been working with different scripts and trying to simulate the network security protocols that make MMO's work and The custom character creation is the largest obstacle that I have thought up with that endeavor. I am quite certain that the MMO Idea will take me months if not years to perfect but in the mean time I thought I would ask the RM Masters about a way to create that feature. All I would really need is the same default image choices that come with the Stock Character Creator for Ace. The other Thing that I have a question on is how difficult it would be to encode the system to allow players to adjust character stats on level up manually using a point based system where upon level up the Player is awarded a set number of points.
  13. I wonder if its possible in VXAce?

    That Is almost exactly what I need. Although I have not had a chance to take a look at the script its self as I am posting from a computer at my job, Do you know also if that script is set up to award XP for the victor. Since I signed on I have been working on learning the scripting system and the language with many failures, but the story I have planned out has a host of special modifications that I would need to make to utilize story elements properly. Thank you for this lead.
  14. I want to create a Project that has all the standard 2d rpg feel to it but when an enemy encounter comes up for a fight, can ACE be used to switch to a fighting game format for the battles themselves? It is going to take a lot of scripting I can imagine but what I want to know is has anyone tried to do it before and are there any premade scripts that I can use as a starting point.