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  1. My reaction after logging in after nearly a month of a well spent vacation.


  2. The Butcher

    Great job! He looks terrific, and evil!   Okay, so now we have a kind of a Pudge / The Butcher mix, what's next? Roshan / Diablo mix - Wraith King / Leoric mix - Bane / Belial  mix - Sand King - Azmodan?
  3.   Are you kidding me!? Those look absolutely AWESOME!    Well, this may sound a little bold, but.. PLEASE IMPROVE OUR ARSENAL WITH MORE OF YOUR AMAZING LEGENDARY WEAPONS! (Stupid "bold" joke, I know.. ¬¬)   Anyway.. Thanks for sharing! 
  4. .:Panda's Resources:.

    Finally found a good Threatening Expression! Thank you so much!   Great job with those generator pieces, I can't wait to see more of your work!
  5. Oh, great!   I've just made some new characters and I must say, you did a great job with those colors. They don't look too dark neither too bright, they're in perfect tone with the rest of the generator parts.  Also, the red, blue and purple ones are amazing!   Btw, I only understood why you had all those gray version files in there when I tested them. The colors look better on them than on the default ones. My guess is that the default files are too "shiny", so they end up making the colors look brighter than they should, am I right?
  6. Six Wing Animations (Edit)

    These are absolutely great! Good job!   I second what Oguz said, tho.. It would be awesome to have some generator parts to go along with the wings.
  7. The image above has some really good hair colors. I've been looking for some good red and blue hair colors for quite some time.   However, your download link seems to be dead..   I'll be sure to check 'em out once the link is working again.
  8. Noise Removal from MV Audio Base Resources

    This. Is. Amazing!   Seriously, thanks a lot. I only realized those noises a few days ago, but only when I had my Headphones on. They're not 100% noticeable (without Headphones), but if one wishes for High Quality, they can be quite annoying.   Great job! 
  9. This is it.. The time has finally come..   IT'S TEA POT FIGHTING TIME! 
  10. Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    Those are great, thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see more of your edits.   Also, that chicken character made me laugh for quite a while.   Hahaha
  11. The Complete Gentlemen's Barber Shop

    Those are amazing! Great job, Sythian! 
  12. Chiara's MV Resources

    Those wall tiles are amazing! Great job! 
  13. Chalkdust Resources

    You managed to transform an Orc into some kind of Goblin.. Now, sir, that is some awesome dark editing magic right here.    Oh, and the plant looks great!   Also, for some reason, that blue sprite made me think of Viewtiful Joe.. lol xD
  14. Maru's MV Bits

    Thanks a lot for all the amazing stuff you've been providing us, PandaMaru! <3 Your artwork just keeps getting better and better!  Hahaha 
  15. This is amazing! Thanks a lot!   I'll take a better look at it once I'm home, but it looks great so far!