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  1. EISLibrarium 1.00

    Glad to hear that! Yes, I have the file in the data folder. Also, I tested the file you provided above but I still got the same error message. I believe it is some kind of compatibility error with another script, but the problem is, those scripts in the dev tools I talked about earlier really weren't the problem, and since those were the closest thing I had to a clue, right now I have no idea of what could be causing this bug. And since I have far too many scripts running together, examining each one of them may take some time. So, I'll try to find the conflicting script again, but if you have any ideas, just tell me. Edit: Whatever problem I had earlier, it was fixed by the new version of the script!
  2. Well, they are common message events, with their trigger set to "none". Their content is simply a text message. I mean, there is nothing wrong with them. I had a version of them with a sound file for each character's line, but I tried removing the sound file and leaving just the text message and yet nothing has changed.
  3. EISLibrarium 1.00

    Hey, Kino. Sorry for such a late reply. I've had quite a busy month, so I totally forgot about this, sorry. Anyway, I've attached a file with both versions of the Book.json and the KRBook.js files that I'm using, hope it helps. KR Plugin.rar
  4. Hey, DreamX, I've been having a "bug" where sometimes, after the last enemy is killed, another action takes place during the Victory Screen. Only after I perform another action the quotes show up. Could this be the cause to it? I tried messing with the code a little bit but couldn't fix it. Any ideas?
  5. Galv's Roll Credits

    Sorry for such a late reply. I had a busy week. lol Anyway, I have over 200+ scripts in my project, so finding a culprit was kinda hard, but after several minutes, I did it. The bug is caused by this script: MOG - Menu Background Now, it essentially changes the background from many menu windows. I don't know why it would conflict with your script. Also, I kinda need it, but if I had to prioritize one of them, I'd say your script may be more important, so I could try to find a workaround for that script, but.. Could you perhaps look into it? Or, if you have any idea of what might be causing the bug, I can take a look.
  6. EISLibrarium 1.00

    Sure. Just some info: The scripts that also show in the SyntaxError have nothing to do with this bug. I tested this myself by removing each one of them, and yet, nothing changed.
  7. Quasi Audio

    I've been looking for something like this for ages! Amazing script, it worked flawlessly, thank you very much! Just a question tho... I was testing out the sounds and I realized that choosing a type different from a BGM in the settings of a qaudio, doesn't actually change the fact that it uses it as a BGM. In other less confusing words: I have a fireplace event, which uses the default Fire2 BGS sound. However, even if it is a BGS, if I lower the BGM volume in the options menu, the qaudio (which is a BGS) also has its volume lowered. So, as far as I understand it, the plugin creates new BGM files as qaudio, disregarding wich "type" of audio (the folder where it came from) it is, am I right? Is this intentional or a bug? I mean, it's not that much of a problem, but it surely would be awkward if the player noticed it. lol Anyway, great work with the plugin!
  8. EISLibrarium 1.00

    Hey, I tried using your plugin but I keep getting an "Unexpected Identifier" error every time I try to open a book in-game. I've looked into it and apparently it's not a compatibility issue, since I tried it on a new project just to be sure. Maybe it could be something related to the latest version of MV itself, dunno... Any ideas?
  9. Galv's Roll Credits

    Nope, your Demo does not show this bug. That got me thinking, is this plugin updated to PIXI 4.0? Maybe that could be the problem. Not sure. Anyway, here's a sample: Any ideas?
  10. Galv's Roll Credits

    Great plugin! I've been looking for a good credits script for a while now.. I really didn't want to make one so.. Thank a lot! I have two questions, tho.. Could it be possible to add a BGM to the Credits Scene? And what is that grey-like background that follows the letters as they are scrolled? I mean, once the script starts (I used a totally black background, btw) I can clearly see a grey layer following the credits. Is it normal or perhaps a bug? If it's normal, is there any way to avoid using this?
  11. RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    Great update! Indeed, having regular updates is something we all wished for, and it's really great to see this keeps happening. Thank you all! However, the encryption problems are really sad to see, specially since it's one of the features I've been waiting for way too long. By using the encryption option, once I try to run the game outside of the Engine, it just loads forever, without any errors or anything. First I was getting that "Header" issue, but messing with rpgcore fixed it as mentioned above. Now I get this eternal loading screen. Without encrypting the project, my game seems to bug because of a script, it activates a function that does NOT happen at all, which is supposed to happen once I change from the game's window. All of this will hopefully be fixed soon enough, so I'm not concerned, just wanted to point out what happened to me. As for the generator, I stopped using the engine's generator since the first update, but I tried it after updating and I'm glad to say that the few custom files I had at the Generator were not lost, broken or anything by the new update, so no problem here. I didn't notice any of the new update's animation features, though. They didn't seem faster to me, but didn't seem slower or broken at all, so no worries there. Oh, and the Object Selector's new options are simply wonderful! So, overall, aside from the encryption bugs, this was a great update, keep it up!
  12. RTP Tileset Extension

    That sounds amazing! I was looking at those temples today as well, so if you do make matching tilesets for those, I'll be sure to check 'em out! Oh, and it's good to see you expanded the thread!
  13. Really, really great job! These are amazing! Will there be more? Like a Sun Temple, or darker themed temples, for all of our dark cult needs? Hahaha Anyway, great job!
  14. Great job, Dark! Really well done!
  15. RTP Tileset Extension

    As a big fan of World Map Tilesets, I must say these are amazing! Can't wait to see more of your work. Keep it up!