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  1. RTP Tileset Extension

    That sounds amazing! I was looking at those temples today as well, so if you do make matching tilesets for those, I'll be sure to check 'em out! Oh, and it's good to see you expanded the thread!
  2. Really, really great job! These are amazing! Will there be more? Like a Sun Temple, or darker themed temples, for all of our dark cult needs? Hahaha Anyway, great job!
  3. Great job, Dark! Really well done!
  4. RTP Tileset Extension

    As a big fan of World Map Tilesets, I must say these are amazing! Can't wait to see more of your work. Keep it up!
  5. Talk To Follower

    Great script, just tested it and it's really easy to set everything up. Also, there's quite a lot of things I can do with it. Thanks a lot! Keep it up!
  6. I just tested it and it worked perfectly, thanks! Edit: Thanks for the tip, I'll add that to the requirements too.
  7. I have a question. I wanted a message to only display if a determined character has 50% or less HP. I know it should be something like this: <VICTORY ACTION CONDITION> $gameParty.battleMembers().contains($; $<50%) </VICTORY ACTION CONDITION> That line, "$<50%)", how can I write it correctly? Btw, I know it's totally wrong, it was just to exemplify what I want to do...
  8. Sure thing. Here you go: These are just a few. There are thousands of great weapons in gaming history, and the big series have most of them. Final Fantasy, WoW, The Elder Scrolls, Tales of... All you need to do to find them is search on their wikia page. Haha Oh, and those Warglaives look amazing! Any chance for a "slash" animation instead of a "pierce" one? xD Also, check this FF Wikia page for more awesome weapons!
  9. TrueClash's Armory

    Those weapons look amazing, great job! Hope to see more great stufffrom you in the future.
  10. Swords for now

    Sir, I literally have no words that would show the exact extent of your awesomeness. I thank you, oh great pixelsmith, for your kind and amazing contribution. Can't wait to see more of your work!
  11. Great job with those weapons! Any chances you'd make more of those? I mean, there are lots of other amazing weapons on the Final Fantasy series. As for WoW, I'll not even list them, since there are hundreds of amazing weapons. Haha
  12. My reaction after logging in after nearly a month of a well spent vacation.


    1. Kloe


      Welcome back!!! :cutesmile:

  13. The Butcher

    Great job! He looks terrific, and evil! Okay, so now we have a kind of a Pudge / The Butcher mix, what's next? Roshan / Diablo mix - Wraith King / Leoric mix - Bane / Belial mix - Sand King - Azmodan?
  14. Are you kidding me!? Those look absolutely AWESOME! Well, this may sound a little bold, but.. PLEASE IMPROVE OUR ARSENAL WITH MORE OF YOUR AMAZING LEGENDARY WEAPONS!(Stupid "bold" joke, I know.. ¬¬) Anyway.. Thanks for sharing!
  15. .:Panda's Resources:.

    Finally found a good Threatening Expression! Thank you so much! Great job with those generator pieces, I can't wait to see more of your work!