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  1. Pretty much every forum here on the boards have had a post made in it today (or even the last hour). We're actually quite an active forum.

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    2. bgillisp


      Agreed. I spent my first month or so just reading every post that went up (or as many as was reasonable to read), even if I didn't think it was relevant to my game. Interesting thing is, in the end most of them did prove relevant.

    3. Faye Valentine

      Faye Valentine

      There's a really marked contrast between RMW Forums and hispanic RM forums. The activity in said forums is so low you can't even imagine. 5~10 replies per day? Replies, not even posts. You maybe get a couple of posts per week. That's the main reason I'm here on these boards even if the language is kind of a trouble sometimes (only when I try to communicate something, I can understand everyone just perfectly)

    4. Bex


      Its a Nice and Helpfull side around and for the rpgmakers. Good to have you around.

  2. Todays Update (korean)

    I'm going to move this to tech support - sorry for the inconvenience guys! Didn't even know there was an update.
  3. My computer refused to boot up due to the new Windows 10 update not playing nice with AVG :(


    Luckily I know Google kungfu, and managed to get it working again after 2 hours.

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    2. Sugar ZooZoo

      Sugar ZooZoo

      glad you got it working again. win10 kept crashing my pc:(

    3. The Stranger

      The Stranger

      LOL Windows 10 and it's brute force updates. xD

    4. Celianna


      Yeah, I hate it so much. Wish I could turn them off - stop messing with my pc!

  4. MV Completely Destroyed My Game

    Yup, that's what happens when MV is running and your computer shuts down - it's been a well known rage inducing issue for years. Your game got corrupted. The good thing is, I'm pretty sure a lot of it is salvageable. Create a new MV project, and start copying your files from your old project into this one. Booting it up each time to see if you've found the culprit. The issue is probably in your Data folder, just start copying those into a new project. When you've found the corrupted file (and make sure it's not more than one), you'll just keep it deleted, and have to do that part over again. But luckily not all! Now you've learned your lesson on how you should back-up your files.
  5. Can only Choose Tileset B or C in event creation?

    This is a really strange bug where it's not grabbing from the RTP, haven't seen it before. Let us know if uninstalling and installing again works out. Also start a brand new project as well, and make sure your project is actually the one whose folder has the actual files in them. You could have opened the wrong project/folder, where there's nothing in it.
  6. Alright, this time I got it, thanks Shaz and Andar! You too Nio
  7. Transfer Player Command Error

    When your character is stuck, but can still turn, they're being blocked by a tile that doesn't allow them to move onto that tile. So check your passage settings for the tile, to see if the player can walk on those (including directions!), and if you don't have an invisible event set to same as characters on that spot.
  8. Water tiles

    It's because in the entire water TIleA1 tileset, there's only one type of water that can be overlayed on top of another water autotile. That's the very first one - all of the other ones do not have this option. I guess you could try and solve this yourself by using an image editing software like Photoshop or Paint.NET, and replace the water autotiles in the top left corner for the water tiles you do want to have deep water for.
  9. I think you lost me there Shaz Or at least, it doesn't seem to work. I create Actor 2, so that the player can use this to name them, which will then be used as actor's 1 nickname. I followed your instructions, did the script call, then name input change. Nothing. Did name input change, then the script call, still no result.
  10. The player can change the Actor's name, but I don't see any options where the player can input the Actor's nickname. Is it possible? I think it'd be useful, since I can let the player name their character with a first and last name (using the nickname function).
  11. RMMV Switch Question

    I don't know what happened here, but both of you need to know double posting is against our rules, please edit your previous post if you've got something to add. Either way, this is solved, closing it.
  12. I forgot just how much fun it is to actually work on your game and see the results.

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    2. Exhydra


      Actually, here the above code in plugin form : Simple Cache

    3. Celianna


      Ooh, thank you very much :D that seemed to have fixed the flickering issue!


      Then again, there's gonna be like hundreds of different pictures haha ... at least it's at the start of the game. People can wait a little bit.

    4. Exhydra


      Oops ... updated the plugin as I forgot to account for encrypted files.  ;o    Simple Cache 1.02

  13. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Testing out my evented portrait system which allows me to be able to create any kind of expression I want (like a hundred of them). I see a small flicker in the graphics when his face changes, I need to fix that, still wondering how.
  14. No message breaks?

    Yeah you're just going to have to copy and paste it like the rest of us. Unless of course, you're wanting to do this for a load of text, then I can understand a plugin, but as of now, this isn't really saving you much time.
  15. Best recording program?

    Shadowplay from Nvidia, it's free, and it comes standard with the GeForce Experience. You can record your desktop/games and such in perfect quality. It recently got an update where they dumbed it down and it's not called Shadowplay anymore, but it's still available. Also, I've moved this to program & utility discussion.