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  1. RPG Maker MV

    The Fantastic Buildings: Medieval have gotten a recent update that scales them up to a 48x48 resolution compatible with RPG Maker MV. Hope that answers it for you!
  2. Ancient Dungeons

    You mean to increase the resolution to 48x48? No, no plans. It can be used 32x32 in MV though, using Shaz's plugin.
  3. I was out house hunting, sorry for missing the 100th page on the screenshot thread :(

    1. Kloe


      It's okay, congrats on the 8th thread though! :D

    2. Celianna


      It took longer than normal, what with the forum software allowing more posts on each page. Almost a year actually :)

    3. Kloe


      Yup, but here it is! We've had 803 pages of screenshots, it's incredible!


  4. The Resource WIP thread 2

    @queenchrom I think he meant that the contrast is too low, making the plants blend in too much with the dirt, appearing 'fuzzy'. Try adding just one shade darker of green inside the plants to make them pop out from the dirt. They look very cute otherwise
  5. Question about creating sprites

    Yes, you can, but it wouldn't be the most productive way of getting your own designs into your game (plus, unless you clean it up in another image editing program, it's not going to look very good). Since your game is digital, it'd be best if you started off your art digital as well. I suggest looking at some free art programs like GIMP and maybe get familiar with it, not so that you can produce digital art straight away (although this would be optimal), but just so that you can clean up your scans and make them usable in XP. MS Paint would be very bad for this, I recommend avoiding it at all costs.
  6. Are you using the sample project to begin with, or did you try and copy the events over to your own project? If you're using your own project, it's best not to as you need the full sample game for everything to work correctly.
  7. Ancient Dungeons

    You need to use event graphics to overlay anything on top of a TIleB/C/D/E tie. So if you want the rooftop to overlay the cliff, you create an event on that spot, select the event graphic for the rooftop, and in-game everything looks fine.
  8. The Resource WIP thread 2

    Nope, that's not it.
  9. The Resource WIP thread 2

    Something is off about the guy I'm drawing (colours not all the way finished yet), but I just can't pinpoint exactly what it is. I've been flipping the drawing a million times, but I just can't see it. I need a fresh pair of eyes. He should be relatively the same as the girl standing next to him.
  10. Oh that's unfortunate. Luckily I still carry a download link for it around. Here's the download link to the VX project with RTP (in case you don't have VX).
  11. Hmm, well Ralph in my project wasn't necessarily the villain, but the roles were reversed in the beginning. The slime is the good guy, and Ralph is the bad guy for trying to kill the slime.
  12. I'm having way too much fun creating pieces for my dress-up minigame. http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u453/celiannauploads/dressup_mockup2_zpss5yrtqjn.png

    1. Kloe


      Those look really good! I love the dress, I'd totally buy that IRL!

      And I would love to play a Dress Up mini-game! Keep at it Celianna, you're doing great!

    2. The Infamous Bon Bon

      The Infamous Bon Bon

      These look great!

  13. Ancient Dungeons

    Working on it! The next release will be a Jungle & Desert theme. Can't give you any ETA on it, but I'm definitely working on it.
  14. Go to common event Screentint, remove the top conditional branch that checks if switch Inside is on. Go to the next common event Screentint Update, and remove both conditional branches for the switches Inside and Outside. It should now tint the screen according to the correct time, and stay that way even during map transfers. I think you were using the Inside switch for something else, causing the issue. If it's still not working, you can make the common event Screentint be called in the first common event Time System, right below the common event Time Update being called (instead of doing what you have right now, where you made a conditional branch for every hour).
  15. Error while trying to save in-game

    Moved to plugin support.