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  1. Finding a market?

    You should first figure out your target audience before you decide to make a game. A question you should ask yourself: who am I making this game for? Who will play this? Once you know your player, you can adjust your game to it. What you have right now is a bit backwards. It can still work, of course. There are people who will play games for the story, and people who will play games for the micro management side of it. They're two different target audiences, so it depends on how much of these are important in your game. Is story central? Or does it take a backseat? Find the most important aspects of your game, and promote these first and foremost.
  2. Poll on the next pack!

    I am definitely going to make some MV tiles in the future But the next pack I'm making is a snow expansion pack for Ancient Dungeons!
  3. Instant Text

    Does this mess with the default code? Say if you want a line to display instantly, but not the rest of the text, and have your plugin set to 'off', does the text still display instantly?
  4. Poll on the next pack!

    Considering I have issues with keeping packs small, my pirate themed pack would also involve a place where pirates can attack - such as a fortress.
  5. Time for me to move, I'll be back around the 15th (when I'll get internet)!

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    2. Ms Littlefish

      Ms Littlefish

      Take care! I'm hoping it all goes smoothly for you. 

    3. Lunarea


      Have a quick and smooth move, Celi! And enjoy your new place. :)

    4. Sharm


      We'll miss you!

  6. You should get on Skype before I move :D

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    2. Scythuz Alter

      Scythuz Alter

      It's all about using discord these days :P 

    3. Celianna


      Ah yeah, I do have a discord. https://discord.gg/REkqT

    4. Sharm


      Aw man.  The power went out and messed up my internet connection.  I'll get back on ASAP.

  7. Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    32x32 is still the preferred format haha. Of course, MV users don't see it that way, but they're all happy to hear when I point out there's plugins for 32x32 support. It all depends on what you'd like to do if you're okay with upscaling it, go for it. If you'd rather work on something new, do that instead. I think people will be happy with either of those options.
  8. Ancient Dungeons: Jungle

    Happy news, the pack will be officially released tomorrow!
  9. The new tiles look so great, Celianna :D Thanks for continuing to put out quality content for us!

  10. Possible MV sized Pixel Myth: Germania

    If you don't own Pixel Myth, of course you'd have to pay full price for it
  11. I'm really happy with how this turned out!


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    2. kovak


      i'd 7/10 for dates cuz i like short hair

    3. Chester


      Flawless...meow :3

    4. BoredSoul
  12. My RPG Maker stopped Playtesting

    I'm just grasping at straws here, but do you by any chance, have AVG installed? If you do, this might actually be blocking it.
  13. @bgillisp pretty much, yes. People find RPG Maker not because "oh this looks interesting" but because "I have an idea for a game, and I found this software that can help me realize it! I'm going to do this!!" so they work on their first project, because it's what they want to do. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, for 99% of the people, it's just a hobby, and it's actually pretty fun working on your project the first few weeks, even if you're never going to finish it. I know we always say to start small, but honestly, just teach yourself the basics, and work on whatever motivates you. Just remember you're likely never going to finish it, and you're likely going to remake it from scratch a couple of times. (I've been working on my first project since 2009)
  14. No matter how many times we say to people to start out small, no one's gonna follow that advice haha. They'll find out the hard way! By the way, I'm still working on my first project, it went through 3 revisions from scratch.
  15. Well, some things got messed up, and now I'll have to wait 2 weeks at my new home until I have internet again. This sucks.

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    2. Taarachnia


      I went the last couple months at school without internet. It was not fun.


      I suppose it's a good opportunity to settle and get some art done just for the sake of it? Or play some games that you have on hand.

    3. Ossra


      Get one of those Kindles that uh ... don't need to be charged or connected to the Internet. The ... uhm ... books! Yeah, books.

    4. Celianna


      Two weeks is a long time, and I need it for work :/


      I'm looking into temporary 3G USB dongles, because I'm also going to be looking at video's for DIY home construction.