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  1. The Resource WIP thread 2

    Nope, that's not it.
  2. The Resource WIP thread 2

    Something is off about the guy I'm drawing (colours not all the way finished yet), but I just can't pinpoint exactly what it is. I've been flipping the drawing a million times, but I just can't see it. I need a fresh pair of eyes. He should be relatively the same as the girl standing next to him.
  3. Oh that's unfortunate. Luckily I still carry a download link for it around. Here's the download link to the VX project with RTP (in case you don't have VX).
  4. Hmm, well Ralph in my project wasn't necessarily the villain, but the roles were reversed in the beginning. The slime is the good guy, and Ralph is the bad guy for trying to kill the slime.
  5. I'm having way too much fun creating pieces for my dress-up minigame. http://i1068.photobucket.com/albums/u453/celiannauploads/dressup_mockup2_zpss5yrtqjn.png

    1. Kloe


      Those look really good! I love the dress, I'd totally buy that IRL!

      And I would love to play a Dress Up mini-game! Keep at it Celianna, you're doing great!

    2. The Infamous Bon Bon

      The Infamous Bon Bon

      These look great!

  6. Ancient Dungeons

    Working on it! The next release will be a Jungle & Desert theme. Can't give you any ETA on it, but I'm definitely working on it.
  7. Go to common event Screentint, remove the top conditional branch that checks if switch Inside is on. Go to the next common event Screentint Update, and remove both conditional branches for the switches Inside and Outside. It should now tint the screen according to the correct time, and stay that way even during map transfers. I think you were using the Inside switch for something else, causing the issue. If it's still not working, you can make the common event Screentint be called in the first common event Time System, right below the common event Time Update being called (instead of doing what you have right now, where you made a conditional branch for every hour).
  8. Error while trying to save in-game

    Moved to plugin support.
  9. How do I become a mod?

    We automatically disqualify people who ask to be a moderator Regardless, how we choose our moderators, that's our business. Closing this thread.
  10. So I heard Shaz is not a moderator anymore. Are you taking his place?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Celianna


      Shaz is taking leave, but seems to be around every once in a while still. I will keep my same moderator role, and Ms. Littlefish became a moderator for the classifieds forum to pick up the slack.

    3. Shaz


      lol - Celianna was a moderator LONG before me ;)  

    4. One Lucky Kid Gaming

      One Lucky Kid Gaming

      Yes miss shaz i made this observation you and celiana were always here also i started in 2005 using rpg maker xp so miss celiana miss shaz will be back 😁

  11. What exactly do you want to do though? The bind pictures plugin will lock the picture to the map, so it doesn't move with your screen as it does by default. If you want to make a picture move, you obviously wouldn't use the plugin for this picture. If you want a picture to follow an event, you need to place that event's Map X & Y position into two variables, then use those variables to show the picture, and have this done in a parallel process event so that it always updates and follows the event. If you only want it to show up where an event is that isn't moving, you don't need the parallel process event.
  12. Come on now BCj, don't argue here that we're somehow losing out on people making profit on our forum. If you lost some amount of business due to this rule, then that's the way it's going to be. We are not a platform to run your business, and it's one of the main reasons we implemented the rule - because strangers saw a way to advertise their portfolio and get business using our forum. We are the official forums of RPG Maker, we are not an indie game making forum where people can request or accept commissions like it's a free market. That's not what this forum is for, and the Classifieds part is only a small benefit to our members wishing to seek (paid) materials for their game and letting other members fulfill this need. It was never intended to be a platform for any person to run their own business.
  13. Searching through Resources, Breath of Fire

    Well, the tileset at least is mine (can be found on my website, in my signature), but it's 32x32, made for VX and Ace. You'd need to change the resolution using a plugin to be able to use it on MV.
  14. Some errors

    Moved to MV support.
  15. blood spattered walls

    I'm moving this to resource requests, since that's the most appropriate forum. You get blood splatters by getting a 'blood splatter' tile into your project file. There's quite a few to be found in our resource showcase forum.