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  1. Fantastic Buildings: Modern sneak peek!

    One should not assume anything I don't animate the doors, because that would mean every house would be a characterset, or every house should have its own unique door. Basically too much work for only an animated door. You could do it yourself, if you know anything about charactersets and how to create a door that opens.
  2. Question on : fantastic-buildings-medieval

    They're more detailed, but they have the same art style, so they don't stand out and should compliment the default tileset (as well as my own) fairly well.
  3. Problem

    Closed due to OP's request.
  4. Ancient Dungeons: Jungle

    Steam is unfortunately always the longest wait, as we do a bunch of packs in a bundle at a time, and that's every few months or so. The release date on RMW might take 2-3 months as well, depending on when's the next release date. Fastest release would be through me. I am definitely hoping to finish this before October. The price point will be low since it is an expansion pack, however there's still quite a lot of content created for it. So here's another progress update picture for you guys!
  5. Yokai Watch looks like a really neat game! Love the style.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Uzuki


      It's a pretty fun game. Although it caters more to kids you can still get a kick out of it and it tackles some serious issues like death and your parents getting a divorce. Plus if your really into Japanese culture you'll learn a lot while playing it.

    3. Artificer


      this days, some exclusive Japanese games were released, like touhou.

    4. GoodSelf


      Im 25 and love Yo Kai Watch! I actually bought little plushies to hang on the wall in my living room, and I have a Yo Kai Watch 3DS case =]

      It's an excellent game!

  6. Voltage Inc. is one of my favourite otome game companies. They make mobile games. It was a direct rip.

    1. mlogan


      Thanks for clarifying. :)

    2. Labyrinthine
  7. Opinions on Day/Night Cycles in Games

    Resource management games benefit the most from D&N, things such as farming games where you have to wait until crops grow. Survival games where resources will replenish over time. Any game with a deadline (i.e. complete your task within a week). In RPG games, it's not so much needed unless it's important to the plot (at night the NPCs turn into werewolves for example), have NPCs behave or say something different during the night, or you have a deadline like I mentioned above. Personally, I like a D&N cycle.
  8. Rpg maker MV making my own tilesets problem

    Moved to Resource Support. You probably removed 'too' much from your tileset, making them slightly transparent. Open your tileset back up in GIMP, duplicate the layer a few times, then save it again. Hopefully every pixel should be 100% solid now.
    1. taarna23


      That looks like one of those colouring book pages, come to life. All those tiny details... wow!

    2. Dalph™


      Very nice. It's so white that looks ready to be painted, a guy like me will look like an anomaly there (I mostly wear black).

    3. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      wow xD dat temple haha

  9. I think using the camera should be scrapped altogether. Too much effort, and people get bored easily, not to mention soooo many bugs that could happen. If it's based on location, simply draw up a generated amount of trees near the player. The farther out the player goes, the rarer the resources. Of course, first designate a 'home' for the player, so that you can calculate the distance based on that. Since google maps can designate 'parks' and 'water', you can make trees spawn more in a forest, and let the player fish near a body of water.
  10. Yanfly message core help

    I've moved this thread to plugin support.. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.
  11. The subtitles for the Olympics opening ceremony had me laughing


    1. taarna23


      Lol, poor CC transcriber. That's got to be a tough job.

  12. What am I even doing?

    Just enjoy the time you've spent on it! It's never a waste if you enjoy yourself.
  13. RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    Thanks for all of the hard work guys! Great update
  14. Sprites in Adobe Illustrator

    No, draw straight in Photoshop, don't draw in Illustrator. That's basically creating more work for yourself that isn't needed. You can export to a PNG file with a transparent background, but don't work in Illustrator in the first place ...