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  1. Fuchsilein's SV Weapon Animation Sheets

    I see you're using Whitecat's icons as a base and basically tracing them, but in a higher resolution. This is NOT okay to do without permission, and definitely without crediting Whitecat.   You need to credit the appropriate people.
  2. Turning on and off switch event help!

    Thank you for a solution Krizmn, but don't double post, just edit your previous post.    
  3. are we allowed to use parts of the sample game that came with the rural farm purchase in our own game? commercially?

  4. Permanent weather on a map?

    I wouldn't use an autorun, I'd use a parallel process since that loads faster, and you won't see a small delay as you'd do with autorun.   After setting the weather effects, use Erase Event below it. This makes it so the process doesn't loop endlessly, and that when you return to the map, the weather is set automatically again. Don't forget to set the weather back to normal in the transfer event that transports you out of that map.
  5. Can't save with pararel event at map

    Hey guys, instead of necro-posting in this thread saying you have the same issue, please create your own thread, thank you.   Closing this.    
  6. fishing system

    You know, I had it all typed out, but showing you would be better. Basically, you're going to add +1 to a variable for every 1 frame that passes, instead of messing with timers. I use two variables and one switch.  
  7. Help Can't Post

    You are exactly the kind we want to keep out though. You wanted to drop by and post your e-mail and not participate in the community. This is not a place for every artist to drop by and find commissions - it's an RPG Maker community first and foremost. If you're not here for that, then there's no point in posting in the Classifieds.
  8. Ancient Dungeons

    Still slowly working on this! I first have to finish another pack before I finish the expansion.
  9. Story based game

    Visual novels, or kinetics are a thing you know. RPG Maker is actually a fairly good engine for it. Just do whatever you want! I'm using MV to make a kinetic as well.
  10. A question about admin tiers

    All staff members have access to the Member+ forum, though it will be closed soon
  11. A question about admin tiers

    RPG Maker Web staff are employed by Degica, it doesn't necessarily mean they run the forum. For example I'm a global mod (as is Shaz), but Deckiller on the other hand doesn't run any of the sections on the forum. It's a bit confusing considering we can only get one tag, and the + sign doesn't help differentiate who runs the forum or not either (just permissions). Basically, RPG Maker Web Staff is an additional tag.
  12. Park (Playable Teaser)

    Moving this to development.
  13. Using Variables?

    I always designate two variables as 'random' variables. These variables I use in the entire game for different purposes, but they all have one thing in common; it is temporary. It doesn't hold permanent data, it's data that gets erased or re-used in the same event. This variable is only important in the event that runs it, so it never gets cross referenced. So if you use those variables for the same reason as I do, then sure, go right ahead and continue this practice. But if you want to use it for permanent data, then you should use a different variable. As to your questions, yes having too many events on one map can make your game lag (I'd say upwards of 60+). I think there is a limit on switches/variables, but you're never going to reach that limit since it's like 9999 I think.