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  1. Ravensssss

    1. RavenTDA


      Hey Ele! You should join us in RO2 some more. Me and Ruka joined a new guild and I'm sure they'd like to have ya if you want to play still. It was fun :O

    2. Elements


      Ah I actually have been trying, but ever since I migrated to windows 8, RO2 can't be installed, I got a bug with the installer and user permissions orz. Ruka and I tried for a while lol ;A;

  2. I'm a little different than most and find most inspiration by just looking at random pictures. If I'm stuck in writer's block, doing this will also help me come up with things. Most times the pictures will provoke a thought and later this gets transformed into something else entirely. My current game's plot was mostly inspired by a drawing on deviantart of a princess walking up a castle's spiral staircase and there isn't even a princess in my game but it sure helped me think about ideas. I also get really creative with any kind of "create a character". I've got like so many random stories for characters I made in Soul Calibur V it's kinda funny. Most people find music helps but when actively writing music bothers me unless I'm writing poetry. Although it helps me when I'm making some kind of graphic. So basically if one doesn't work, try something else. There isn't a fool-proof method.
  3. Enelysion: Vol I+II released.

    Looks nice Luchino. I think everything seems good as far as looks and proportion except the perspective is a bit off. Right now it looks like I'm looking directly at it instead of like the weird sort of top down perspective the rtp has. This is good for a side scroller but you need to be looking at it downward more. Can't say I can give you too good of tips on that though because I never really made a template myself. But it's mostly the reason why a lot of templates don't have an actual neck is because looking downwards the head takes up the view of it. I'd make the neck smaller by lowering the head a pixel. The shading is off on the head in the back view the "shine" should be placed lower and not directly on top as this makes it seem like you're looking directly at it more. You could make your darkers a bit darker. You can also glance at the way others have done their templates. A few good ones are the half-kaiser and vex. They're much bigger but they can probably give you a better idea of what I mean. Hope that helps. Also it's good to see you working on this. I really like your game but don't get too caught up in custom everything. My first time trying to make a game resulted in nothing ever getting done just because doing too much custom stuff overwhelmed me. So keep in mind not to overburden yourself. Keep it up Luchino. I can't wait to play more and find out what happens.
  4. Maru's Resource-Collection

    I LOVE the baby.
  5. Maru's Resource-Collection

    I am really loving that bride! All of these are really so lovely. Thanks for making them! @Irili I'm an American that moved to Germany and I can tell you German is rediculously easy to learn if you know English already. The hardest part about learning it is just the memorization of words and their gender, but usually you can understand more than you can say because the words are so similar. However it's much easier for Germans to learn English than the other way around since our language is so simple. Btw, everyone's location and native language is right under their avatars.
  6. Maru's Resource-Collection

    Hey these are all really awesome and unique looking. Thanks for sharing!
  7. @fofay Can't tell what kind of tint you have but overall downing of the saturation is a good idea. Make it a tad darker you could even try upping blue or purple a bit or even green. You don't have to have all the colors the same. There's spiderwebs in the default you can plug in as well as adding in more trees (or all the trees) without leaves has a tendency to look more "scary". You could also add in ghost events by using regions so that when you approach an area a person or animal comes into view and then disappears again but keeping the event semi transparent. Placing the purple swampy water instead of regular water if there's streams in your forest can help as well. @Shablo5 I'd try getting an idea of what shapes are going to look good by drawing them first. Then you could translate those basic shapes into the editor. From there once you know where the player is going to start lay in the basic ground such as snow, desert and so on. Then go into the details one by one after the fact. But it's much better to know every place before you start making a map as well as how much free roaming your character can do. There's a reason why there's always either a bunch of forest, mountains or the fact you are stuck on an island in the beginning of old games. It's to reduce where the player can go without resorting to "no you can't go there yet" or "oh golly gosh the bridge is out".
  8. [NC-17] Wine & Roses

    Man this game is pure awesome. I really am enjoying myself so far and played it non-stop. The battle system is done so well. Did you come up with the idea of everything yourself? It's really addicting and I love the different challenges. There was a portion where it seemed a bit easy the more you killed off but it doesn't seem like it can be helped as it you can do everything in random order. The music also works extremely well and adds so much to the atmosphere. Not quite sure why it's rated NC-17. I mean some of the images are "mildly disturbing"; I feel the rating is FAR too harsh. What I am wondering though is I'm kinda stuck. Does the game actually end or are you left wandering around? I pretty much took out everything in the castle area, ice area, fire area, lab area, and that weird creep dinner table sky area. Not quite sure if I took a wrong turn or what. Do new areas open up after you kill so many off? I'm probably missing something and just overlooking it. Maybe you can give me some direction? EDIT: Never mind I realized there's some stairs that I didn't notice that lead to the final fight. I liked it and thought the whole thing was pretty well balanced. I didn't feel frustrated but challenged which is really hard to achieve. Only real other thing to critique is that there was a lack of story and while that's not a bad thing and doesn't really hurt the game it could have used maybe a bit more of an intro. To be honest I almost didn't play it because it was so rushed. I severely dislike games that when you press start you just are standing in the middle of somewhere. Other than that there's no complaints. I wouldn't mind seeing what happens to the roses and maybe you could do another game where they are on another mission. If you're curious what fight was the hardest for me it was the one with the three girls that Francisco says are similar to the roses.
  9. Game & Map Screenshots

    Looks good Des. I really like it because it's a map with DIRECTION. ^^ I agree with Hotfirelengend though that it'd be good to make the wall in the middle a bit higher but overall I've always liked that style. Kinda reminds me of Super Mario RPG.
  10. World Building Discussion: Medieval Times

    Very nice little display of facts you got going here. It's good to look over for some ideas for games inspired by medieval times and pretty crucial to those following that time frame exactly. Sometimes I forget the terms of certain individuals like the Scullions. I think I've heard of them being called scullery maids as well. I knew they were in the castle and I think in my game I tagged them as "kitchen helper" but it sounds so much better to get the proper term for them.
  11. Game & Map Screenshots

    @McP Ah yeah if you have photoshop or gimp you can lower the saturation. Otherwise I'm sure you could make a request topic about it. Those are mack tiles right? It's not too hard to do something like that. @Chaos-Avian As far as I know when water has stuff growing in it at the bottom the water is usually murky and you can't see through it or if you can not that well. Maybe it's because the water is blue that's throwing me off. I feel like it should maybe be green or greyish or something. @Vindictive Personality They do have underwater tiles but it's for the sea. This looks more like a lake or pond.
  12. Game & Map Screenshots

    Why is there grass and trees underwater?
  13. Game & Map Screenshots

    @Lustermx Looks really nice. My only advice is that perhaps the rocks are too dark. I think usually the rocks and sand are the same colors in the desert. There are some deserts with darker rocks but the contrast isn't that high I don't think. For those that think deserts don't have trees but only cacti. There's desert trees and there's actually only ONE desert that has cacti. Go figure. @McP Looks good but I'd down the saturation on the plants and such. Greens are looking too green and stuff. I'm guessing this is a horror game right? Grass that green looks too cheery imo.
  14. Game & Map Screenshots

    @pxlgraphic Players want to be able to see. I've notice that a lot of times if you are having doubts about lighting and darkness then it's better to go with the one that has less. When you stare at the image for so long and you know what's there, you end up with a warped perspective on it after a while because you get too used to it. So yeah the one with less lighting looks better imo. Btw I really like those knight statues on the bottom there. They're pretty nifty.