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  1. Best Game Ever??

    Kilim, not naming me is a disapointment, perhaps arrogant feeling but you know (but again the loser missed my testing).. Silentium; In Nomine Eve... although only the testers can vouch for it at this moment, but you will soon realize. I really appreciated and to my surprise, still remember the great adventure Ronove gave us with her seducing story telling and puzzling adventure she has given us; Star Stealing Prince. I believe that Twice Upon a Hero by Lunarea is also a great adventure but yet have to see the day because despite the lady having geat taste in gaming, the game has to still see the light of day. Luchino-chan a woman I admire for her tastes, same comment as above stands for her... I want to see her game completed for I believe a unique and fullfilling story may be told. There's some other games but I still have to explore some more.. I know there's many games to explore throughout the community but sadly, many lacks this 'je ne sais quoi'. It is not a bad thing, but I am an rear end in a top hat and I stick to guns that turns me on. Oh my...
  2. Testing is every saturday night. If you live outside of Canada you will be working with VMC Labs, if you reside in Canada you will be working on my team with Ubi. SIN/SSN Photo ID (Medicare Card, Passport, Driver’s License or Permanent Resident Card) Void Cheque (for Direct Deposit) Do not send these in your app via the forums. https://www.vmc.com/gamelabs/ http://www.ubi.com/
  3. Good afternoon everyone, It is confirmed that 3 more test sessions are being scheduled by Ubisoft. I will be recruiting again, this time only players from Canada, USA and the UK. If you already applied previously, you will receive an email shortly. In case you do not receive it, notify me.
  4. We will stop recruiting players tomorrow (august 2nd) - (august 3rd if you reside in CA, USA or UK) before midnight EST, anyone who applies now will be held for the last testing week. If you are interesting in our November's title both on PS3 and XBOX360 (requirements remain the same as the first post), send me a PM with your full name and a valid email.
  5. Eventually, it's free.

    1. Whenever you feel like boosting your sales for whatever reason (doesn't always work but certainly helps). 2. When I buy the game, I make an investment and I have no regrets. Discounts happen all the time, I can't count how many times I bought something and it was discounted a few weeks later (sometimes a few days later). It's how it goes, life- money- and whatnot, slightly annoying but that's about it, if it genuinely hurts your feelings just hold your breath until you see the product discounted (if ever) then make your purchase. As off the game going free, well I just assume it didn't work out after all and I'm glad I helped the dev getting some groceries and good for anyone downloading and enjoying it. 3. ^ 4. Ditching the price tag for no reason is a waste, ditching it because you want people going for your product when it stopped selling is certainly acceptable.
  6. Who is this guy?

    You sexy beast you.
  7. I wouldn't buy it or look back to it, albeit I am pretty sure it will sell fairly well. At least for a little while, but I have a feeling it might be a short life.
  8. Thank you for all the applicants, there is room for a few more. Some been asking me if this was a valid job to put on your resume, yes it definitely is and so is the company name. This is a real, taxable*, paid job, in case that wasn't clear and we will not pay you under the table or through paypal. *sadly :ph34r: Even though this test phase is coming to an end very soon, if successfully accomplished you will be eligible to test more games. Also, thank you Nathanial for the heads up in your reply.
  9. We are currently looking for PS3 gamers who are motivated in participating in a massive at-home online multiplayer stress test series for an upcoming unreleased AAA title. These remunerated tests will run on a weekly basis through August 11th , 2012. Job Description: • Participate in a closed Beta test for an unreleased AAA title. • Must maintain professional behavior at all times. • Will be expected to fully participate during their allotted time frames and complete any tasks delegated to them. Required Skills & Experience: • Beta testing experience is an asset but not required. • Must be able to follow instructions on game area and focus. • Available for off hours testing during the evening for two hour test periods (time periods will be defined in advance). • Must be at least 18 years of age. Technical Requirements: • Must own or have access to PS3 with a personal PSN ID. • Must own or have access to a computer. • Have 4GB-8GB available on home PS3. PM me with your application, Thank You. This job is in CANADA, we accept players living outside of CANADA but we do require some documents to be printed, signed and scanned.
  10. Games you wanted to play but never did

    Ahhha. Well, it's currently on sale on amazon for 20$ brand new, which is a steal considering the game is discontinued and still worth 50-60$. I buy most of my games off amazon when the time is right, got FF13 and Nier (fuzzy enticed me on that one bwahah) for 10$, resonance of fate for 20$, uncharted 1,2,3 for 60$ the lot. And much-much more, all brand new. Saved heaps of cash compared to ebgames and other retails. But yeah, just throwing it out there seeing you got many games to play still and you're taking it easy off the console..
  11. Games you wanted to play but never did

    I can't think of any game at this moment since I usually end up playing them sooner or later. But I felt like replying to that; Don't own a ps3 or...? Valkyria Chronicles is really fun. I bought it 2 weeks ago and I just couldn't put the controller down until finished. The whole thing, from gameplay to music to story to graphics is fun and addicting. It was a bit easy but the new game + definitely gives it an edge. My only disappointment was the last boss, which I butchered in 2 rounds (perhaps I'm just pro cause I've checked on youtube to see how other did and they sweat it -pops collar-). Shadow of the Colossus is simply magical, and full of magical moments, I played it on the ps2 but I'm highly tempted to get it on ps3 full HD.
  12. Most Important/Crucial Factor in RPG Making

    Not everyone is like that, not at all. There's people who rely on their eyes, others who rely on their hearts, and those who rely on their head. Some on all these, some on two of these... There isn't just that one type of person living this planet, relying on beauty foremost and always for first impression. I don't buy a game because it looks pretty, I read reviews (which rarely influence my decision) and check out footages of the gameplay (which often influence my decision) before buying. It is my first concern, and never did I buy a game because it was well presented and shiny. I'm sure a lot of gamers out there do that too.
  13. Most Important/Crucial Factor in RPG Making

    Gameplay is king. Hence you 'play' a game. The rest has high importance as well but no matter how good it is, if the gameplay lacks, you got no legs to stand on.
  14. What are you working on?

    Singing along Portishead with a very deep-hot voice. Oh wait is this only rpg maker related?
  15. What are you working on?

    @Hesufo: Because I have that much customization in my game. And the armors are just part of the deal, there are far more weapons and even more skills.