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  1. You're on my mind.

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    2. EZaxess


      Lol, my heart is warming up. Now you're on my mind always.

    3. Confederacy
    4. Fatalfugus
  2. Ace Box copies are here!!

    Congratulations Beleren, I'm really happy you made it. I remember how you sweat on this project to begin with and I'm glad you didn't let go. Cheers mate.
  3. It is decided, Silentium will not get a thread anymore. Until the game and the official site is ready it won't be posted. It is still in production and I hope some fans understand and not lose touch, as I promise it will impress the best of you. The game grown, by a great deal. Impressive deal.

    1. EZaxess


      May I add, there is 30 hours of gameplay accomplished with over 1500 loot and 500 quests. Very few experienced it, but it is there. Cheers to my testers!

    2. crimcrim


      i wonder who helped you make this decision...

    3. Confederacy


      Well that's a shame to hear, hopefully it'll be soon.

      Or at least give me something!

    1. Confederacy


      Hm... it depends, what game is it?

    2. EZaxess


      I can't tell you unless you sign the NDA. Triple A titles are usually excellent and quality games, this one definitely is.

    3. Confederacy


      Dang, oh well then.

  4. Eventually, it's free.

    1. Whenever you feel like boosting your sales for whatever reason (doesn't always work but certainly helps). 2. When I buy the game, I make an investment and I have no regrets. Discounts happen all the time, I can't count how many times I bought something and it was discounted a few weeks later (sometimes a few days later). It's how it goes, life- money- and whatnot, slightly annoying but that's about it, if it genuinely hurts your feelings just hold your breath until you see the product discounted (if ever) then make your purchase. As off the game going free, well I just assume it didn't work out after all and I'm glad I helped the dev getting some groceries and good for anyone downloading and enjoying it. 3. ^ 4. Ditching the price tag for no reason is a waste, ditching it because you want people going for your product when it stopped selling is certainly acceptable.
  5. Who is this guy?

    You sexy beast you.
  6. I wouldn't buy it or look back to it, albeit I am pretty sure it will sell fairly well. At least for a little while, but I have a feeling it might be a short life.
  7. If you own a PS3, love GAMING, want experience and looking for a job; http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/3594-currently-looking-for-ps3-gamers-real-game-testing-job/

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    2. EZaxess


      You don't need to be in Canada MagitekElite.

    3. Lone Wolf

      Lone Wolf

      I can count the AAA titles being developed in Montreal on one hand. Count me in.

    4. Peltron


      Oops! I misread that part—I was pretty tired! Well, I'll read it over again. :)

  8. If you are a fan of Assassin's Creed, the third will not disappoint you!

    1. Ooda


      My friend is super-excited about it, it DOES look superb though:3

    2. EZaxess


      I can tell you that much, they stepped up the 'epic' factor by quite a lot.

  9. Getting bored with the non-deserved self-proclaimed elitist attitude and title. I won't ask myself why because the reasons and psychology behind it is so outdated and obvious. Live and let live.

    1. Ronove


      :O Is someone calling you an elitist?
    2. EZaxess


      Hahaha no Ronnie. <3 You know me I'm far from that attitude, but people been acting like it toward me, with no legs to stand on hehe. I'm indifferent, but it's just annoying.

    3. Knightmare


      I think some of those people just like to try to feel better than others because in reality they probably hate themselves or have "Napoleon" syndrome. Those types can get annoying but try not to let it get to you.

  10. Wish me happy birthday. Do it. I'm 25 and pretty today, I mean handsome. Uhm, wait, isn't that how it works?

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    2. EZaxess


      Lol thanks guys, you're all getting part of my love and a finger to remember me by. And thanks for the texto Kilim, I love you, homo intended.

    3. Espon


      I would say happy birthday, but...wait, guess I just said it.

    4. Knightmare


      Happy birthday dude.

  11. I am typing on my keyboard. I am no longer typing on my keyboard past this update.

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    2. EZaxess


      You guys are too smart for your own good... I quit.

    3. Confederacy


      Are you a wizard EZ?

    4. EZaxess


      Trying to be one, albeit I already started looking for a new dream.

  12. Games you wanted to play but never did

    Ahhha. Well, it's currently on sale on amazon for 20$ brand new, which is a steal considering the game is discontinued and still worth 50-60$. I buy most of my games off amazon when the time is right, got FF13 and Nier (fuzzy enticed me on that one bwahah) for 10$, resonance of fate for 20$, uncharted 1,2,3 for 60$ the lot. And much-much more, all brand new. Saved heaps of cash compared to ebgames and other retails. But yeah, just throwing it out there seeing you got many games to play still and you're taking it easy off the console..