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  1. Why does my skill kill the monster? O.o

    Is the state the first in the list? That's hardcoded to be the Death state. Otherwise dunno.
  2. No healer! What is this madness?!

    Clerics in 4E are Leader-types who specialize in healing, buff and bad status removal. Most of those (big effects aside) are minor actions, meaning you can bash skulls and support at the same time, or shoot lasers and support at the same time if you go for a caster build. In other words, you're even less likely to get stuck as a heal-bot than in 3.5E. I'm not sure Diablo 1&2 count as MMOs. D1 multiplayer is especially low key and neither has a dedicated healer class. It's closer to a co-op mode.
  3. Party Homogeneity

    Baldur's Gate is hardly a dungeon runner. It's got a ton of character development.
  4. Dual-Wield VS TwoHand

    I'd think you would have better coordination when Two-Handing. Only one weapon to focus on, two hands to use it with for finer control.
  5. I agree. MAT is already a function of level, so by adding a level dependency you're not making any significant improvement. (You also have to trouble yourself with defining levels for monsters) Now if mat and level where independent, this would make sense. I've seen it done in Persona, where damage depends on your level and on the magic stat of your persona. This allows you to equip weak personas during the endgame and level them from scratch, if you wish.
  6. Welcome to PEMDAS...
  7. But that's just like giving everybody 25 extra matt per level, why don't you just do that? Unless you wanted a different level dependency in each spell, but that would be a nightmare to balance.
  8. Question about Power

    Let Xykon teach you about power.
  9. Improved damage formula scripting

    Thanks. I actually have a question about that. Why does it have to be a.basef() or b.basef() instead of simply basef()? Is it because they are defined in Game_Battler?
  10. Improved damage formula scripting

    You could also do def dmg(a,b)return (4*a-2*.to_iendand then call dmg(a.atk,b.def), as explained by Fomar here. You can make it more generic than that; in fact, I recommend you do. But the call would end up being longer.
  11. Breakable weapons... Yay or Nay?

    Another option to avoid players just stockpiling without using them (God knows I did that in FE) is to avoid permanent loss. Zero durability turns weapons into useless (or very depowered) "broken X" weapons until they are repaired - perhaps at a higher cost than partial repairs.
  12. Irreversible Decisions

    I need to point out than even in Dark Souls the choice isn't 100% permanent thanks to New Game +. If you really need to combine irreversible choices with autosaves that's is a way to make it more palatable to players, especially if NG+ is needed anyways to achieve 100% completion.
  13. Question on Balance

    If it's a common battle, like a random encounter, killing one person is definitely over the top. Opinions differ, but I believe it should take about 2 to 5 turns with some resource expenditure (mp, potions, ...). Balance on bosses and other once-off enemies is a bit trickier. More turns, more resources, less room to recover from mistakes.