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  1. Casia

    Thunder is indeed not an element, so it doesn't have a temple associated with it. I don't know which phase of the Barbara quest you're in, but after the initial encounter she kidnaps the Mayor and will eventually turn out in Vahiti, the island where Sister Lidy is found. You need to have talked to both Tyne and the Cobolds on Goblin Isle before that, though.
  2. Let's Play: amaSenpai

    Thank you for playing through Casia! It's a shame you got stuck with the final boss, but the videos you made were entertaining and I was looking forward to them each week. I actually have two more games I would love to see you play, one of which is actually a prequel to Casia (not open world, but much more linear). Both of those games are much, much shorter than Casia was (around 1-2 hours). Since you already played a game of mine though, I don't wanna push you to do more, but in case you're interested I'll give you the links here And We All Lost (Casia prequel) (note: people have reported that the save function has problems on some computers, though I don't know why - it's a good idea to test it right away before actually playing too long) Nothing But The Third
  3. Let's Play: amaSenpai

    Are you still accepting new games? If so, would you like to try out Casia? It's an open world game with a very long playtime (30+ hours), but even a few episodes would be fun to see.
  4. This actually looks interesting. If you're accepting new games, would you like to try Casia? It's a long open world game and takes about 30 hours to complete, but even a few sessions from the beginning would be nice to see.
  5. Let's play By Chibi

    Hey, if you're accepting more games to play, would you like to try out Casia? It's a long open-world game and I love seeing other people's reactions on it and hearing feedback.
  6. Casia

    A new version has been uploaded! Finally, the hunger/thirst HUD is working, meaning that the problems with indicating hunger are over! Additionally, there are other fixes in this newest version, such as graphical and passability fixes. There's even a few new areas to find.
  7. Orange Day and Night

    Hmm, I suppose that would work, though it's slightly more complicated. A plugin that allows you to use switches instead would be ideal, so if you created one I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one finding it useful.
  8. Day and Night Script

    Hey, I've been trying the script and have liked it really much! I just got a couple more questions: Is it possible to only use four time periods instead of five and how would you go about doing it? Also, if needed, would it be possible to change the flow of time from that of the internal clock of the gaming device to an independently flowing time?
  9. Orange Day and Night

    If it's a variable, how would I use it? I imagine difficulties with the "equal or larger than" function of events, since for example if I wanted something only to be available in mid-day, it would nevertheless continue in the evening. I don't know if this makes sense, basically I'm just wondering if variables work as well for what I have in mind as switches would.
  10. Orange Day and Night

    Just a question, does this include a day/night switch that allows for different events to occur in the night and day?
  11. Auto Battle Plugin

    I agree with this point, since otherwise an auto attack option isn't all that useful
  12. Simple Follower Control

    Does it allow you to lock characters? Like preventing the player from changing the position of the lead character?
  13. A More "Complete" Beard's Trim (3/12/16)

    Looks great, I'll definitely try them out when I get the chance.
  14. Fantasy, sci-fi, or mixtures of the two.
  15. Hi, I've been looking for but haven't been able to find an MV plugin that would mimic the battle system of RPG Maker XP. This would be a front view battle system that shows the battler images of the party members at all times. Would be even better if it could support more than four characters, like six. Example: