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  1. Imma stream some rpg maker ressources or sketch.

  2. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    @RCDeschene lol you know that my comment state that I dont find the elf ears important...
  3. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    peoples are lazy and want to have straight forward for when it's about game dev and I can say ES5 transpiled code is annoying and peoples doesn't want to have to install or learn how to compile their code. you will see how peoples are lazy.
  4. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    I highly doubt that browser will ever support the ES6 modules evers but that's another story. Plugin will be mostly editing ES5 because you technically can't edit a class without using the prototype ways.
  5. 128^2 NonChibi Sideview Battler

    okay... you should change the name of the titles because it's far from being "realistic" if you mean by realistic proportions then it's wrong it's far from realistic humans proportions. you should just say pretty much : 128^2 Sideview Battler Because I learn and took Anatomy drawing classes and I can assure you this far from any realistic human proportions. and you totally wrong when saying bigger is better More it's begin HARDER it's to animate. Again I took animations class and I can assure you smaller it is EASIER it's to animate. I know I'm mean but you will be able to learn with it. So pretty much YES it's a good try I although Highly advise you to take Anatomy and animations tutorials. A pretty good example would be Angry animator show how to use the animations principles and to efficiently use them. so even with 3/4 frames animations he show how to make a proper walks cycles. and for the anatomy pretty much it's will be to read tutorials or look at anatomic references pictures for see how the proportions works. on that word Have a nice days and continue learning I'm sure if you take time to study those you will succeed to make really good battler all regards Nio Kasgami
  6. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    yeah it's not throwing any issue here neither. on a side note we can forget ES6 will be use in MV because most features aren't yet implemented in Browser
  7. Bought a new tablet...and this awesome! 


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    2. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      REALLY! the pressure is really nice and I feel I work really fast with it xD

      Also it's only cost like 600$ I really advise you this one : D

    3. Sharm


      I'm good.  My tablet is still pretty new and was top of the line when I got it.  I'm using this thing until it fails. :D

    4. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      okay xD but I can sure say that I'm enjoying it a lots!

      It's expecially a good one it's tends to lost the "screen" setting when the computer close (likes it's changings that the laptop is the mains screen) but it's easy you just go in the interface and change it that it's the screen tablet :) 

  8. F-Finally!


    1. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      lol why it's on the side XD!?

  9. I find funny when peoples say I'm rude to assume peoples genders like saying : how you dare it's impolite to assume someone else gender!

    and I'm like : well you know that in french everything's have a gender?


    and it's Female!

    "une chaise" translate to a chair but in simple une equal she xD

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    2. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      on a funny note I always think that English is like Javascript in the way it's flexible to use.

      And french is like Java in how it's Verbose LOL

    3. Zeriab


      French is kinda two languages to me

      1. The written
      2. The spoken


      @Kazama Lol, I also did that literally :D

    4. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      @KazamaGood One! Thanks I needed that laugh.

  10. How much will VN be?

    nan lol as archeia said you should expect the engine to be a LOT more costly because it's offers BOTHS Snake and Dinosaurs because it's extendable and have plugins likes Snake and have a really nice interfaces likes dinosaurs xD So in simple expect 90$ dollars at least and Honestly? I don't care to pay that much lol.
  11. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    @Archeia I was curious to test. I'm unsure if the latest Nwjs is supporting yet all the ES6 features if yes would you guys update it? (obviously at the latest supported versions in the browser) Obviously if you guys update for support ES6 I would make sure to explain how to properly edit a javascript class : D (like explaining that you can still use prototype)
  12. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    Seriously? so the "elf ears" for adult is more important than Sound lags/ Memory leaks bugs? ......... you should really try to understand the prioritization of game software dev in general.
  13. RPG Maker MV v1.3.4 Update

    I do agree peoples never get happy with what MV release mostly what they do is complain and complain and what people ignore it's peoples who do the update are mostly not paid :/
  14. after so many stuff I made I just discovered this command :


    PluginManager.setParameters = function(name, parameters) {
        this._parameters[name.toLowerCase()] = parameters;
    // Will simply set your parameters inside the data...


    1. Shaz


      That's in there?  Why would you want to use that?


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    2. Kes



    3. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      Thanks guys! I will work hard for the next semester!

    4. Reapergurl