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  1. What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    Chitterlings aka chitlins aka stewed pork intestines. It's made many different ways and with different names around the world. Lol if you in the stl area i can totes give the hookup. You'll love my vegan soul food. I will send you home with plates lol
  2. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    @Reapergurl your own mascara? ? Wow i didn't know you can make your own. I know wands make the difference as formula doesn't really matter (unless going waterproof) . i used to wear gray mascara when mary kate & ashley had their line and it really made my eyes pop. Now i can't find gray since that line is no longer sold ( all i find in the cheap are always blue, blue black, black, black brown, brown or clear). Im either not looking in the right places (i refuse to pay more than 2$) or it doesn't exist lol
  3. How many people here use or know about Bitcoin?

    I've tinkered with it back in my hacking days but after i got the man knocking on my door i had to destroy everything including the mining bots. I would've been rich by now... 😒
  4. What's the weirdest thing you have ever cooked?

    I used to work in an asian soul food joint called Seoul Fud kitchen. So i learned a lot. Lol anyways my family line is from "down south" (southern united states) so i learned my share of stuff (squirrel racoon and crow for example). I no longer cook soul food/creole or prepare stews like *that* anymore. I used to throw down all things pork (my specialty nyah) and can grill & smoke snoots to perfection. Chitterlings i know how but refuse to cook anymore (if you can smell it you're doing it wrong). Im vegan now and do vegan soul food/creole dishes for my family at gatherings. They hate it but to compromise i do korean style pork dishes at cookouts. It's the only reason i still get invites lol
  5. Who here wears or likes makeup?

    I put on the warpaint when i have to deal with exrcutive meetings otherwise its cold cream & tinted gloss (lip smackers lol) for me. When i wear the mask depending on where the meeting is, it's either neutral (browinish or reddish) or glam (blueish or greenish with glitter) . my sister is gothic punk 24/7 so she rocks black or red and when doing executive ish purple or dark blue. (Suits hate black anything). My makeup collection is a mix and match of cheap vs expensive stuff. All my eye shadow is la colors my foundation is la colors (powder) and rimmel (bb cream). My lipstick is rimmel (formerly kleancolour but stores stopped carrying it and rimmel matched the color i wear. I cry because i pay 7$ a tube for this when i used to pay $1. Yes im notoriously cheap...) matching nail lacquer is la colors or wet and wild. Eye pencil and mascara is also la colors. I use the double lash formula because my eyelashes are thin and i line my eyes to make it appear i got lashes lol.
  6. Non-Relaible Magic.

    That sounds like an interesting challenge! If other party members are nerfed in some way they can still use weapons and/or support skills. Think outside the box 😃 restrictions breed creativity
  7. NPC syndrom

    I can relate to all this lolz. I have a plethora of varied niche interests, tend to get excited about subjects that goes over most folks heads, and enjoy my alone time because its easier than folks who mimic goldfish when i fill the silence. Haunting here fills gaps of the momentary bouts of loneliness i sometimes feel. Good enough i suppose 👍 Carry on
  8. Affinity anyone?

    In my win98 days it was corel photo house and photo paint. Then in my xp days used photo impact 12 & Paint Shop Pro 5. Since win7 Im still chugging along with photo plus and draw plus (both 14). It works and does what i want. Serif bugs me to upgrade and im like lolz nope. Until win10 makes it stop working then i will. I like serif products. A lot cheaper than corel. I will use gimp and paint dot net for quick stuff but for more powerful toolkit i rely on old faithful lol
  9. NPC syndrom

    I dislike dealing with people *period*. (Online is less headache inducing but still). The only way i have to is only if its mandatory and with that depending on what function it is i have 2 modes : coffee strong enough to put hair on your chest or a couple of collins. The older i get the more disdain i have with the collective. Every day i have to put a mask on and deal with conflicting personalities. Even on the job. Including mine and im the executive. If i could be a hermit i would but i have bills to pay. I feel like a cranky sim most days. But the world turns stuff happens and then you die. Tis life that...
  10. How much will VN be?

    I guess it'll cost about the same as mv or at least above the 50$ range. I don't get how folks want free or cheap software and RDK's at that. It takes more time to make software easy to use compared to something complex or leaving it up to the end user to implement themselves. ( I use rm to cut down on coding costs. Less reinventing the wheel more custom content my coder monkeys can produce. ) Right now Im eyeballing VNM so i can eventually use that too. My monkeys hate using RM for visual novels atm... Too slow they said
  11. usb drawing pad

    I like large gfx tablets. I use a medion (pc) and huion (laptop). The medion is a bit bigger (12x14 ) the huion is 10x12. If you want a decent deal on large tablets hit up deal extreme. (dx.com). It'll take 4 weeks since its coming from china. Never had issues
  12. Go for it @watermark! 👍 you too @Pierman Walter. I want pix of that when you master that skill hehehe 😉
  13. My resolution is to cut out everyone in my life and focus on myself this year. My health is in bad shape due to neglect and i realise i cant keep doing so much for others at my expense. Im sticking to what makes me happy (drawing painting writing and programming ) and ignoring the dream killing shade throwing haterade sipping jive turkeys. So keep working hard yall.
  14. MSI Laptop Bloatwares.

    I also second malware bytes as well as spybot 2. Go to ninite.com and grab what you need there. I wish i was there in person to see what is the main issue. It would save you some $...