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  1. Well, this was taken a few months ago. Had a meal/bit of a party at Harvester's. I would definitely recommend that place, it's fantastic. Good food, good draught, good atmosphere, and very reasonable prices. Think the pic got a bit distorted when I shortened it, so... HERE is the link!
  2. Special Keybinds

    This is amazing. Cheers, good fellow!
  3. Unemployment Quest

    Haha, reading the comments on your youtube trailer. You've got a lot of hate for this, but I honestly don't understand why. xD £3.93 is a more than reasonable price for this, and I plan on buying on my next payday. I love the sense of humour, and I like what you've accomplished with yer maps, particularly with (What I assume to be) The Realm of Uncertainty. Magic skill "Firm Handshake". That is hilarious. But one of the best things about this, is that I bet hundreds of people can relate to this on a very personal level. Myself included. I will pass further judgement upon completing the full game!
  4. Haha okay, while that did answer my question... I really should have been more specific. xD I gathered I would need to use switches, but do I really need to run it as a common event? I would have thought it would have come from running a parallel process event, and use a conditional branch to determine whether the other event is at a certain co-ordinate, or a certain region. Having thought about it further, I actually thought that this could actually have been achieved by a single event, using a variable to track Region ID. I know how to do this so that an event is triggered when the player is in a certain region, but is it possible to do the same for another event? I find it really hard to describe this sort of thing, but the method I use for the player, is to have an event more or less like this: Couldn't I use the same method, but with another event rather than the player?
  5. Is it possible to have events be triggered by another event? As in... Having two events. One of them, when triggered, will cause a Game Over. However, this can only be triggered when the other event touches it.
  6. Pixel/Graphics Academy Information

    Well I know I could definitely benefit from this.
  7. The Resource WIP Thread

    I may do, but if I'm working on a request someone made, I tend not to make readily available for everyone else. I mean, if someone made it for me and it was a character important to the story or whatever, I wouldn't want to see that same sprite in a load of other projects. xD So if I do finish the sprite, then as far as I'm concerned, you'll need that guy's permission to use it as well.
  8. The Resource WIP Thread

    These two were done on request by VegaKotes over at I haven't finished them because the dude seemed happy with just the front view. But yeah, as you can seen, I've just edited this Phoenix sprite. I'm pretty sure the sprite I was working from was an edit from an XP monster sheet, so I'm not 100% sure who I should be crediting for this. This one is a WIP I'm doing for furrari fullbuster. I don't know who created the sprite template, but furrari provided it to me, so I assume he knows who to credit. I'm just waiting further input from him before continuing, but thought I'd show these anyway. I'm not using the whole template for this, mind. Just the walking pose. (On another note, I don't suppose anyone has come by these templates but in VX/Ace RTP style?)
  9. Well all I have to say is, if you are managing this thread along with Archeia, then just a quick note to say what tiles are available would be nice. It was even stated in the first post that the canvas could be expanded on. I mean, does this sort of thing really need to be ruled with an iron fist? All I wanted to do was get in on the fun.
  10. Seriously? Yes, seriously.
  11. Well what blocks are available that haven't been reserved?
  12. In that case, may I expand the quilt and reserve F2?
  13. May I reserve E2 please? EDIT: Wait, I just saw Retractable's post asking for the same tile. It wasn't in the O.P! Umm, I'll take whatever tile is free, as long as it's in the "Space section".
  14. Your Favourite Video Game Villain~

    Any villian who is a man that looks like a woman, or a man who seems to care way too much about his hair, etc, etc. I immediately hate. I do get the whole self-obsession with villians and all, but seriously? Kuja from FFIX, Seymour from FFX, to name two. Maybe it would be fair enough if they were gay, but do gay people really need to go out of their way to "look the part"? I also don't have any problems with men who want to be women, or vice versa. The only thing that irritates me is how much they care about their looks. If they didn't spend so much time trying to "look good", then nine out of ten of them would most likely succeed in taking over the world or whatever it is they set out to accomplish. My favourite villains are Ganondorf from the Zelda series, and Nemesis from Resident Evil. I would be repeating other people's posts here by giving my reasons of Ganon being a favourite villain. But Nemesis... Christ, he was relentless. Smashing through walls and windows at the most unexpected moments, chasing you around narrow hallways and putting you at constant risk of getting yourself cornered, the whole "spike through the face" thing he does... Not to mention the fact that HE JUST WOULD NOT DIE! I found him to be the most terrifying villain in any game I have played, and that is why he is my favourite. There's no in-depth backstory or reason for him being there. He was just a weapon produced by Umbrella to take out any S.T.A.R.S members. But he was effective in the way of him being some Hulk of a monster who doesn't leave you alone throughout the entirety of the game. Who hasn't played Resident Evil 3 and panicked when confronted by Nemesis? I bet I'm not the only one who's panicked and tried hiding in some room, only to have him enter and leave you with no way of escaping. EDIT: I would like to include my disappointment in the Resident Evil films. Their adaption of Nemesis was some whimp in a rubber costume, and doesn't do the original character any justice whatsoever. I mean, he gets beaten in hand to hand combat with Milla Jovovitch or whatever her name is. How lame is that?
  15. Why is there no option for "Alright"? I do like it, but not to the point where I'm like... "THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!" I prefer Pepsi.