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  1. Paddy's Sprites

    I don't plan on sharing that kind of information over an online message board.
  2. Granny's Lists of Pure Awesomness strikes back.
  3. Well, some fricking nutjob in a van went on a hit and run spree around Cardiff, severely injuring god-knows how many people, including children between the ages of 2 and 7, possibly killing a few people. One of the places was where me and my family lived not so long ago, along a stretch of road we walk down on a daily basis. Glad we moved before that happened. But I feel so sorry for those who were involved. I can't imagine the pain and grief they're going through right now.

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    2. ShinGamix


      I agree with Master Teddybear as there are some younger members around the forum, The f-bomb is kinda in bad taste and Nutjob still caries the same meaning without it.

      And can I get 5 mins with that guy and teach him what hell is.

      I approve waterboarding him.

    3. gregbaby


      dude update your status, its old + there's kids on the forum.

    4. GrandmaDeb


      Three of my students were hit by cars this year; one had broken about everything and was in the hospital for months before returning to school in a wheelchair. Another was thrown through the air and dies on the scene. She was the sweetest girl you ever knew. She was in my programming class. And a little fourth grader is still in the hospital learning to talk again from an accident three weeks ago. I am so very sorry, NO, and it is just beyond comprehension to do this to people on purpose.

  4. Anyone here fancy making me a sig and avatar set? :)

    1. ShinGamix


      waat u want made?

  5. Well, this was taken a few months ago. Had a meal/bit of a party at Harvester's. I would definitely recommend that place, it's fantastic. Good food, good draught, good atmosphere, and very reasonable prices. Think the pic got a bit distorted when I shortened it, so... HERE is the link!
  6. Special Keybinds

    This is amazing. Cheers, good fellow!
  7. I am The Human Flamethrower! WOOOOO!

  8. Hmm, writing some dialogue. Should I write the characters different accents? Apparently it can backfire quite horribly if not done well. >.>

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    2. NO!


      Ah yeah, I get it now. Just never heard the term before. But yeah, I wasn't gonna use strong accent, like "Shine yor boots guv'nor?" and other typical stereotyping. Just, as you said, sticking to common phrases and shortening of words.

    3. The Stranger

      The Stranger

      Hehehe That sounded pretty funny, I'm a big fan of using slang and dialect in dialogue. I'd more likely remember the character who said "Shine yor boots guv'nor?" than the one who said "Would you like me to shine your boots, governor?" I think it adds a lot of personality to a character. Make your dialect consistent, don't have a character say " 'ave" for the most part, then for no reason have him switch to saying "have".

    4. Travatar


      I may be able to find that particular section around the interwebz. If I do, I'll let you know :) The book as a whole IS really good, though.

  9. Loving all this rain we've been having here in Wales. :D

    1. RyanA


      It's wonderful <3

  10. Unemployment Quest

    Haha, reading the comments on your youtube trailer. You've got a lot of hate for this, but I honestly don't understand why. xD £3.93 is a more than reasonable price for this, and I plan on buying on my next payday. I love the sense of humour, and I like what you've accomplished with yer maps, particularly with (What I assume to be) The Realm of Uncertainty. Magic skill "Firm Handshake". That is hilarious. But one of the best things about this, is that I bet hundreds of people can relate to this on a very personal level. Myself included. I will pass further judgement upon completing the full game!
  11. Haha okay, while that did answer my question... I really should have been more specific. xD I gathered I would need to use switches, but do I really need to run it as a common event? I would have thought it would have come from running a parallel process event, and use a conditional branch to determine whether the other event is at a certain co-ordinate, or a certain region. Having thought about it further, I actually thought that this could actually have been achieved by a single event, using a variable to track Region ID. I know how to do this so that an event is triggered when the player is in a certain region, but is it possible to do the same for another event? I find it really hard to describe this sort of thing, but the method I use for the player, is to have an event more or less like this: Couldn't I use the same method, but with another event rather than the player?
  12. Is it possible to have events be triggered by another event? As in... Having two events. One of them, when triggered, will cause a Game Over. However, this can only be triggered when the other event touches it.
  13. Pixel/Graphics Academy Information

    Well I know I could definitely benefit from this.
  14. My condolensces to the friends and family of PCs Bones and Hughes. It sickens me how people are murdered simply for trying to keep our streets safe. While I have nothing but respect for our Police Force, I really do think they should be granted more power when it comes to dealing with crime.
  15. Nos da pawb!