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  1. out of ideas to make a story out of a fan game :O

    1. Project CROSS

      Project CROSS

      make a story about an extra character that you can see only inthe background, doing their own business,. examples of these are "poor fag chan", "that guy who died from a huge explosion", "a walking cat", and any extra background char. xDDD

  2. is 25 skills (10 physical, 10 magical, 5 healing) enough for the entire game lol

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    2. wallacethepig


      If they're GOOD skills. Or if it's a short game, or if there are only 2-3 main characters...

    3. Hororo


      i plan to have 2 main chars only lol

    4. wallacethepig


      I would bump it up to 26 for the sole purpose of having an even 13-13 skill split between characters.

  3. meh i dont have a mp system nor a revive system whats next no item system? haha

  4. meh i dont have a mp system nor a revive system whats next no item system? haha

    1. Dark_Metamorphosis


      Sometimes less can be much better, there are times I wish I didn't implement some of the systems that I did because of how much more work it means. But I guess you sacrifice something either way ^^

  5. would the game look awful if i prevent using revive items and the only way to revive a dead comrade is going to the hospital?

    1. Hororo


      i meant preventing revive items to be used in battle but can be usable outside of battle

    2. kj3400


      It would give it a unique play style I think. It might be annoying for some, but I think it could be something of a challenge.

    3. Hororo


      good point lol

  6. i always make the bad guy too obvious :O

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    2. Hororo


      well im just running around in circles no matter what i can think of it makes the bad guy seen earlier lol

    3. NPC


      What is your bad guy supposed to be like?

    4. That Bread

      That Bread

      Question the "heroes" actions. Or have an humiliating experience that slaps reality into the "heroes" face. As for the Villain, make him feel justified, a villain is never a villain. We just see them that way. In fact most "villains" have a reason for their "evil" behavior.

  7. anyone care to help/hear my draft story for my game to give ideas lol

  8. cant make a decent plot only a common concept :O

    1. Solo


      It's when you put a lot of little "common concepts" together in unique ways, adding little twists perhaps, that you then end up with a "decent" plot. Defy the "norm" just for the heck of it, you'd be surprised.

      Be patient, and keep at it. Your plot may not come as one great big eureka moment, but rather in little pieces that will add up over time. Connections upon connections will form that you never could have dreamed of. I wish you luck!

  9. why does the common event not work when using skills :O

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    2. ct_bolt


      Auto-run and Parallel Processes only work on the Map (unless you edit the script, which unfortunately I have no clue how to do).

    3. ct_bolt



      Sorry I couldn't be more help.

      I imagine someone has made such a script to allow these type of events to work anywhere though.

    4. Dark_Metamorphosis
  10. im getting frustrated with this sideview thing i cant make some skills :O

    1. SoulPour777


      Go back to SBS by Kylock :))

    2. SoulPour777


      I mean SBS and Kylock Add-Ons. But sadly, its only in VX.

    3. Hororo


      yeah in vx :O

  11. anyone here using victors animated battle script?

  12. configuring these battle scripts are quite a pain :O i cant make it work

  13. this is weird :O when im inflicting states like sleep etc. it releases after the end of turn but i checked the conditions it will be gone after 2-4 turns :O

    1. Winterfate


      Hmm, do you have the duration in the States tab set to 3 ~ 1? If you set it to 2 ~ 4, that's actually -2 to 6 turns if I'm not mistaken.

      (The way I interpret that set of numbers is that you have to put the base amount of turns in the first box and then put the deviation in the second box.)

    2. Hororo


      deviation what? lol

    3. Winterfate



      For example, if you have 3 ~ 1 turns set for State duration, it means that the state can last from (3-1) to (3+1) turns.

      At least, that's how I do it and it's worked fine up to now. :)

  14. fast 6 epic but why :c thats so unfair :O (spoilers lol)

  15. seeing my crush makes me look depressed :O

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    2. Hororo


      like hell i can :O

    3. Drachen


      I always murder my crushes!

    4. The Stranger

      The Stranger

      I never date anyone from the city I live in, simply because I am someone who prefers zero contact with ex-lovers.