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  1. Favorite Childhood Game

    suikoden II all the way good memories...
  2. Final Fantasy Series

    only played 4 in the series: FF8 FF9 FFX-2 and FFXII
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 3

    my first map anyone can help me improve it   school hallway  
  4. Rune scene/system

    bump XD
  5. Suikoden 4 Guest System

    underneath the face (cause on the top, the word guest is present so just place it below) it will read the state name he/she has and input in the corresponding guests
  6. Blacksmith system (suikoden style)

    although it's a lot of work while compared to the blacksmith, it's far smoother but
  7. Rune scene/system

    yes that's what ive been trying to say all the time XD new equipment scene for equipping runes then only the runekeeper can eqiup
  8. Blacksmith system (suikoden style)

    hmm ill try that but still ....
  9. Shop scene

  10. Rune scene/system