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  1. How many skills is too many skills?

    In a nutshell, quality over quantity is always the best route to go. I hate when there are tons of abilities, but I end up only using like 1/4 of them, with X skill being useful on 1 or 2 fights or whatever.
  2. Eternal Twilight

    Eternal Twilight Demo v0.3c Uploaded! OLD SAVE FILES MAY CAUSE GAME CRASHES! IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU START A NEW GAME IF YOU WISH TO PLAY DEMO v0.3c! Changelog in spoiler: Download Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8326/downloads/
  3. Dual Actor Combo Move

    There is this one:
  4. My Slot Machine is almost complete! I just need to spruce it up and make it a bit more flashy. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8UyQRvFvUc


    1. Kes


      Looking good so far.

  5. Eternal Conflict

    Your maps looks beautiful, keep up the good work! *grumbles angrily to self because I'm far too lazy to make my maps look anywhere near as good*
  6. Crazy how a 3-4 minute cutscene can take SOOOOOO long to make! But here it is, my baby! #Shamelessplug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB-4QRw--Fc&t=1s

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    2. bgillisp


      (Or maybe it is 12 minutes for the two combined? I'd have to check)

    3. Golden Unicorn Gaming

      Golden Unicorn Gaming

      Hours and hours for 3-4 min prolly.  Good job with it.

    4. Marsigne


      Nice cutscene!

  7. Sideview battlers

    I know for certain that there is a SV animated version of the mage dude (1st pic) floating around in the resources somewhere. I tried looking for it, but I couldn't remember, but I know he's there. As for the other two, I've yet to see them. :/
  8. Eternal Twilight

    Demo v0.3a Uploaded! ( This is mostly a graphical update. The demo still ends in the very same spot as before: more details in the changelog below.) DO NOTE: This is mostly a graphical update, so if you've already completed the demo, you won't really see much more other than the above mentioned changes! Thank you for reading and thank you for taking interest in Eternal Twlight! Download Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8326/downloads/
  9. Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    OMFG...this plugin beautiful. I would have loved to implement this bad boy into my current project, but alas, I'm too far in to do that now haha. Either way, thank you for writing this, I'm definitely keeping an eye out for it when/if I create another game!
  10. Dollarman: Land of Tellia

    I actually kinda like the 2D sprites on the 3D backgrounds thing you got going on. I'm going to keep an eye on this one.
  11. RM2K Hero Character Pack now available!

    If this included generator parts, I'd be all over it! (Just saying )
  12. Potomac (PG-13)

    Ohhhh, this looks very interesting. I will have to give it a try sometime!
  13. Need help with Yanfly AnimatedSVBattler

    My apologies, I didn't catch that...hmmmm. What version of MV are you running? Yanfly did update all his (her?) plugins to work for the newer updated version of MV.
  14. Need help with Yanfly AnimatedSVBattler

    What I would try is, turn off all your other plugins except the SVAnimated+Battlecore scripts - SAVE your game, test play it and see if it works. If it does, then it's one of the other plugins messing with it. I would then turn on each plugin one by one (save between each one you turn back on) until it starts messing up again, and boom...you found your problem. Other than that, all I could think of is moving the battlecore+SVanimated plugin higher in your plugin list and see if that fixes anything.
  15. Try this: Change the "SCOPE" of the ability to "all enemies" and add the states you want the enemy team to get in the "Effects" box. Then, I would add animation 39 to the skill itself in the "animation" tab. Inversely, you could change the scope to ALL ALLIES and do it this way: Add the buff the allies get in the effects box and then... If you want the animations to play on both the allies AND enemies at the same time, then do it like this: