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  1. Game & Map Screenshots

    @ prexus: Very nice layout, I like it I experimented a little with the lightings since my last post in here and here are the results
  2. Game & Map Screenshots

    @Shiro: First of all: It's night time, so its dark everywhere. Forgot to say that And you sure noticed that this house has several walls which I actually not have added, maybe there are the windows But thank you for the advice
  3. Game & Map Screenshots

    @rimmintine: Looks very good, I like the whole design I decided to drop Thomas Edisons Light Effects because I think its just too much with that:
  4. Game & Map Screenshots

    Hey everybody, it has been a long time since my last post but I watched every single picture posted in here since then and I must say I'm very impressed ^_^ Here is a screenshot from my actual project. It is the inn of the village of which I posted a little screenshot a while ago. I experimented a lot with lights and shadows. It is the first time I do something like that, so thats not the final version of this map. Hope you like it anyway
  5. Game & Map Screenshots

    @ Coffee Straw LuZi: I really like your map. There are a lot of details in there
  6. Game & Map Screenshots

    The tree is in front of the house, maybe it seems to be at the top Thank you anyway, the current project has no name yet. I am using it for mapping only. But maybe I will build a story around it
  7. Game & Map Screenshots

    Hello everyone I've been reading a lot in this thread and there are many good maps in here I decided to upload an screenshot of a small forest town I am working on. The rain is a little hard to see