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  1. The Adventure of Leo

    Hi Nittdarko its from the default rtp maps Update: The game project Adventures of Leo is finally finished! you can click the download link from below and here is some list that I have revised and improved over this past few months. - Rebalancing of all items such as weapons, shields, armors - Rebalancing of atk, def of monster to better suit their hp - Added some new skills for the protagonist - Fixed the errors with npc's,monster's resetting to their original respective places upon re-entering a map or loading a game. - Fixed the dialouge of some npc's - Added some more monsters - Overhaul of eventing specifically those events that triggers outside events, all was change to self events to avoid errors and glitch - Yep "Save Events Locations" plug-ins was installed make events stop reseting by itself on the maps. - New items in the inventory Things I learned with this project: I started this game project on the day Rpgmakermv was publicly available for downloaded which is around December, I started playing around with the menus and controls which reminds me of the previous rpgmakers. I work on a very slow pace and each time I use the rpgmakermv I have learned something new on the program as I consider myself an average game maker so here is the list I have learned so far just to put into perspective what I have done on my project. - use of conditional branches on events (very simple ones) - use of events switches mine have a total of 50 switches for this games to be exact - use of self switch to save myself from creating or depending more on events switches (try to use self switches as much as possible) - use of parallel, auto-run, player-touch and button touch events (only touch by events I haven't used so far :P) - use of battle events page - use of common events - customizing of faces for dialogues - applying musics, pictures with eventing - game making can be fun and frustrating at the same time : ( What's new Adventures of Leo v2.0: 1] Added mini-boss on the game 2] Implemented a visual sign when enemy hp is halfway 3] Dialogues on battle screen 4] Special items enemy drops by percentages 5] Created a monsters survival guide maps 6] Items, armors and weapons shops updates on certain levels 7] New skills can be acquired on certain levels 8] Level cap is set to 99 9] Only 1 plug-in was used in this game which is the "YEP Save Event Locations" 10] Enemy can cast a skill 11] Certain enemy prevent you from escaping Current version 3.0 - Beebeeslime is the weak version of the regular slime, its defense and attack is weaker than that of beebeehornets. - Teytis tent was changed back to original price - Adjusted the hero attributes curve specifically those pertaining to defense and attack (set the curve to slowest growth) - Possiblility of being knocked out in one battle so better use escape if possible - Leo is now "The adventure of Leo the runner" - Game can be hard on the first few levels - Added gold and items to specific npc quest - Game is now classified as semi-hardcore (are you up to the challenge?) Download link: Adventure of Leo Survival guide: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011156202892
  2. RPG Maker MV News Update!

    This update was automatically emailed sent on my cellphone update notice! Big cheers for the newest version of rpgmakermv!
  3. Hi guys during the time I was creating a game I have learned alot regarding the commands and controls of rpgmaker which takes painfully time for me to learn so as the game development progressed I realized the game creation is becoming a little bit more complex. I just stumbled upon this new problem of mine where I have a hero doing battle with an event so after winning the event walk away to a certain place but I just realized a problem occur when each time I tried to save/log out or go out of map the enemy/event return to his original location. I know this has something to do with declaring and using of variables but never tried them before can someone suggest a way to make this enemy/event remember his current location thanks in advance. Picture provided: world map inside shop Battle with an event now problem occur when I try to go out of the map or try to save and log out of the game event goes back to its original location
  4. RPG Maker Freebies Part 13!

    Wow another update! thank you so much.
  5. RPG Maker Freebies Part 12!

    First! downloaded i've been waiting like forever for the updates but seriously im very happy with the efforts of the artists to be able to give something so awesome im going to try this sprites later on.
  6. Android phone MV game deployment

    Hi with the latest update patch for rpgmakermv 1.1 I tried to deploy a quick game that I made using the android deployment option and copied the file and save to my sd card phone. I tried to open the game using firefox browser as the default samsung browser wont work and I get this error lines... - ns__error_dom_bad_uri - access to restricted url denied -samsung galaxy grand prime
  7. I've been out for many weeks and just came back in time for alot of good treats! I am so happy and surprised for the rpgmaker update patch plus some additional goodies that came along with it thanks guys keep up the good work.
  8. MV Wednesday Updates Part 10

    Same here in canada happy family day! Oh my did I missed alot? thank you guys for the marvelous updates.
  9. Win 8 for MV?

    Hi guys anyone here running an OS of Windows 8? how was the rpgmaker MV working iany problem or issues at all? I'm planning to get Windows 8 but worry maybe its gonna be a problem with the rpgmaker mv let me know thanks.
  10. Disable keyboard press

    I tried using the message code /^/^/| but I do notice once the player press hold the space bar or enter key it speeds up the process I just want to disable the spacebar or enter key temporarily.
  11. Disable keyboard press

    Hi guys I have recently finished creating an Opening Introduction and I want to disable the keyboard press command while it is playing is there a way to do it within events or will it need a js script? thanks in advance.
  12. MV Wednesday Updates Part 8

    This really made my day! wonderful works as always Archeia ill be playing with this sprites on weekends
  13. Attack Variance bug?

    I see thanks... I kinda hate math but there's no way to avoid them in game developments lol! my second question is how do you give a stable or fixed amount of damage I noticed all this attacks give random results example it may choose damage range from 120-150damage.
  14. Attack Variance bug?

    I see thanks... I kinda hate math but there's no way to avoid them in game developments lol! my second question is how do you give a stable or fixed amount of damage I noticed all this attacks give random results example it may choose damage range from 120-150damage.
  15. Attack Variance bug?

    ok I have posted some photos As you can see on the photo my attack formula is the basic one (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 ) now I dunno what those variance for but I just make it attack 150% and all variance by 5% I did nothing on the states. When testing my enemies and using this skills they all have the same damage or even less example dpower 300% is only 138 while bpower do 150 damage I noticed its giving random results is there a way to make the damage fixed to single amount?