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  1. Hi there i was wonder if you have thought about maybe making a version of your Weapon/Armor Randomization Ace Script in MV, if not i guess i'll start writing myself, and stop being lazy. That said that script was super awesome thxs.

  2. Dear Vlue!

    Im use your plug for RPGMMV - GameTime.

    Little question about tint values ("You may edit the tint values, but you will have to open up the plugin in a text editor and edit the values in there.")

    How i can read this value: [-68,-68,0,68]?

    Its no HEX (like a #000000) and no CMYK percents, and no RGA additive...


    I am confused )))))))

    Best regards, PTS

  3. Odd, didn't know null got normally passed around in there. Fixed! ...probably. I'm sure. (1.3d) http://daimonioustails.weebly.com/recipe-crafting-mv.html
  4. Okay, down the list: -Changed the quest journal so both category and list window are not active at the same time (fixing the 5+ category bug) -Added info in the help file to explain expScale - what it does is modify the exp gained by that percentage times the difference in player level and quest level (i.e questLevel 10, playerLevel 5, expScale 10 : (10-5)*10=50% increase in exp) -You can now append a number to the end of the plugin command quest call and if that quest is present on the initial list it will focus on that one -Added a Failed quest category -New plugin command to alter the max value of an objective: quest max # # # -You could already get the current value of an objective (thats quite needed, i wouldnt leave it out D:) with the script call: this.obj(questId, objId) -You can now get the max value of an objective with a similar script call: this.objMax(questId, objId) -You can now supply a name for a recipe with name:recipeName -Yes, oddly enough materials didn't use the built in drawItemName function... fixed -Padding issues fixed, as well as scrolling windows added for recipes with 8+ materials In addition: -Error messages added to certain quest plugin commands to tell if quest/objective not found (objective ids start at value 0 - also clarified in help) -Added 'recipe' items to Recipe Crafting, these items grant a single recipe as long as they are in the inventory. Set via notetag. http://daimonioustails.weebly.com/recipe-crafting-mv.html http://daimonioustails.weebly.com/quest-system-mv.html
  5. So she does! Uh, hi hi! Me here, the one who likes to hide (I swear you don't all scare me, no no D: ). Weekend's coming up and with no plans for it, I think it's time to knock out a bunch of plugin/script work. Reply (quote) this post (so it sends me an email notification), or comment on the site, or message the page on fb, I don't care what method as long as it sends me an email notification, with any issues, bugs, feature requests, etc. and I'll work through as much of them as I can while I can. Or if there's not much, just work on converting old scripts to plugins, still have a big list of that... Uh, anyways. Yah. Do that. Also hiii.
  6. Sooo...there's a new Maker out...will there be any mind blowing plugins from Vlue? *clicks heels 3 times* There's no plugins like Vlue's!

    1. Sythian Bard

      Sythian Bard

      WAIT A SEC?!!! There already are???? Bye! *swoosh

  7. Vlue's Complete Plugin Page

    You and me both... Yah the view option doesn't work, I'll get it fixed. I messed up the example recipe in the help file >.< It's <materials> instead of <material> so just make sure that's right. Did you change questId to the id of the quest? (Example: $gameParty.quests[1].accepted(); ) In addition to all: I'll be going over Quest and Recipe soon and fixing the saving probems as well as adding error handling so you all know what's going wrong D:
  8. Vlue's Complete Plugin Page

    Those seem to be fine for me... Ugh, /stab /stab Javascript... I can't save/load data (classes or.. whatever specifically) like I could in Ruby and now I have to pretty rewrite how that's all handled. So uh... look forward to that. $gameParty.quests[questId].accepted(); $gameParty.quests[questid].completed(); (These are subject to change but are correct as of the time of this post). Heh, oops. I left default playerxp gained at 1000 for testing. Just add pxp:0 to your recipe for now. The only plugin command that can be used in events is: crafting call categoryName It's used to call a specific crafting scene (you can also access crafting from the menu). The plugin command is explained in the help portion of the plugin. There is none. If you attempted to download the example project, a lot of programs will automatically reject/warn about unknown/uncommon executable files (like the neccesary Game.exe of any project). Anything else is merely text/js files.
  9. Vlue's Complete Plugin Page

    It's on the to do list
  10. Vlue's Complete Plugin Page

    It's not that! I support the site.. I just uh.. bananas. Yah. Like to hide... Ahem.. anyways. I still look around once in a while.. Erm.. not quite! Took a bit of looking at to see why it was working weird.. it was adding strings together instead of numbers D: So say.. 80 + 0 might by 80 for numbers, but as far as it was concerned it was "80" + "0" for 800. Quite a bit higher than 100% It (as well as probably the other things have been fixed. If you have features/etc. you want to see added to anything - feel free to mention so and they can be added to the to do list (probably below converting a handful of my VX Ace scripts to MV). Whoops.. haha..
  11. Hmm, I can't try it out, but if you pause the tint process, before the map transfer command, it should work. (The map notes should work that is)
  12. That'd be my script. To alter lighting yourself with AGT and the patch, you'll need to pause the tinting process of Advanced Game Time before you do any lighting calls. The script call is: GameTime.pause_tint(true) And when you want to go back to the automatic tinting, same call just with false instead. The Notint tag isn't neccesary if you do it that way, it just keeps the specific map's tint/lighting clear.
  13. Advanced Game Time

    Ssh, I'm not actually here but... You are looking for DEFAULT_TIMELAPSE around line 145. In addition you can manipulate the variable defined by TIMELAPSE_VARIABLE (just below the above) to change the speed of time in game.
  14. Advanced Game Time

    Hmm, tested it now and it seems work fine:http://pastebin.com/bXXaZhpQ
  15. Advanced Game Time

    Added Try it now (new version)