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  1. The Spanish forum thread only lists those battlers, and credits Magellan as Cyan Yurikago. As far as I have seen the person has been called "Magellan" though. I couldn't find the white dragon in Magellan's site either, albeit it does look like his work.
  2. Am I the Only One Who Does This?

    For some reason I tend to talk to myself only, if I have someone around to hear it. It definitely makes no sense, since it's not something I WANT them to hear... More often than that I make faces while drawing. I tend to imitate the expression or the pose of the character I'm drawing and it must be weird to look at - especially, if I'm drawing something more emotive. And if not, I just have this tense almost angry expression with frown, when I am concentrating. Someone at work mentioned I have resting b-face... Rather working b-face. orz
  3. Glad you didn't find that too intrusive. : ) I guess, I could relate to your story from my previous experience. I had period in life with most of my friends online and that was already step forward from rather lonely situation with my only couple of friends spread across country studying different things. Perhaps, people are not trying to be dicks, but come off such, since they don't know you and not how to react to you yet? I mean... I used to be afraid of my peers and expected being judged by them, while they just were neutral and knew everyone else better and hence were warm and welcoming to them. (I judged them more than they ever judged me in the end!) It's not always the case, and sure bullying is not okay. If that happens it is good to just protect yourself by either leaving such group or calling them out on it. @Touchfuzzy *frantic wave* Good to spy you around : D
  4. wow you are back : D!?

    1. RavenBlueIndigo
    2. Scinaya


      I have been lurking for a few months or so! I even posted a few random places, but didn't want to make a show. XD Hey again for you guys!

  5. I took the time checking the podcast on background while drawing and ended up listening it to the end. I already had idea of what you felt from the topic's discussion. Don't get me wrong, when I say this, but I don't think the issue is communities per se, or what they have become nowadays. It sounds very personal problem to me and I say this as a person, who had terrible time finding out how to fit in even in university life (one'd expect it to be not too bad at that age, wouldn't they?). Perhaps large group discussions are just difficult for you. And that's okay. They're difficult to several people. There's most of the time vague topics that move on, before timid person can finally figure out, what they want to chime in with. There's more often than not several discussions between smaller sub sets of people going on and it can get overwhelming to follow one or pick one to follow. These are just examples of issues I've had with grouping. Similar things apply to forum topics (I'll just go with context of forum, since we are on the forum now, if that's fine), except, you'll likely have time to chime in. :> What I've noticed is that being interested and active on several regions of forum community will lead to getting know the people. Aside just topics, there's all the hidden communication too. There used to be IRC channel (idk about current situation), several smaller cliques here have Skype or Discord channels for coworking on projects or just discussion and then there's status discussions, blogs (do they still exists?), site external blogs, other RPG Maker related communities... It may seem exhausting, but truth is, people are not trying to exclude you, nor me, nor anyone really. There just is bunch of hidden connections, like invisible strings, that already bind people together, when you join a community as a new member. It is kinda lonely and even scary place to be at. The one new person with no connections to others, but if you give yourself time, you will build the connections. And you don't need to do all that all the time. I have received few life long friends, by just hanging first in IRC (and some people I haven't talked to in few years, but who I still remember fondly). First, you might feel ignored, but if you take your interest in seeing what the people are like there and joining in, you'll get slowly more to the discussions. Thing just is, not to try too hard... Desperately, trying to connect with others may end up you stuck with that assigned or self-assigned role that you assume while doing so. Sometimes it also happens, that there is no one too fitting to friend there at that moment. But it doesn't need to make your contributions completely vain or useless... There's huge amount of people in this community, I have barely commented to, but I still respect and enjoy seeing around. I'm of course not sure, but it sounds like slight issue with loneliness. (Sorry, if that is too meddlesome to comment on.) If so, it is terrible place to be in, but the only person, who can change that in the end is you. You seem to know already most of your issues, so perhaps you can try figure out what you can do? Discussion about communities overall is good though. Every place should try to check their atmosphere every now and then. Just good luck, here and elsewhere anyways, even if I was looking too deep onto your post and video! Stay around (if that feels good for you ofc!)! :>
  6. Well, to be fair, Meri is name in Finnish. Additionally it means sea or ocean, so it is not even variation of Mary. It is possible someone has been scouring through names in other languages to find something fitting, instead of just "slurring 'em up". This is actually what I do or did back in my day a lot. I'd add as advice to be consistent though and imagine culture of nation or people in your game. You can pick suitable counterpart or counterparts in modern day world and explore the names in the languages for those counterparts. It helps conveying certain culture similarities across at the same time. For nomad type people you might search Mongolian or Hunn or Hungarian names and for exotic nation cluttered with deserts and bustling bazaar cities you might consider Arabic names. You don't need to go after obvious choices though, search for history to find similar nations. Or you can search for historic figures that are similar to your characters and pick names there as well. I always loved the names that ring vaguely a bell and when I search for it, I can see historical or cultural references. So think of your characters in the context of the world. Who they are and where they live? What kind of culture is there? What is the possible namespace in that culture? What in that namespace would fit the character or their parents (as in the end, more often than not, they are the ones choosing name that means something for them)? Good side in this kind of holistic thinking is, that you might end up expanding the background of your world and it may ease you on other aspects of game making too. EDIT: And since you said you have trouble getting the names fit the character, this approach may help. It takes their background a bit into account too.
  7. I suppose you know how to code somewhat in C++? And are familiar (or know where to learn) Ruby syntax and such small gimmicks? As for RGSSs, they are just libraries created in Ruby language in specific purpose to build games. Different RPGMakers use different versions of RGSS libraries. Ruby, as language, has functions and other data structures, like C++. Script in these forums refers to just independent code segment that modifies the RPGMaker RGSS functionality for specific purpose. It is not exactly Ruby-related term, I don't think it is even RGSS-related term per se. Like Andar said, yes, pretty much all that information (character health, level, how the textboxes are drawn...) can be found in the existing RGSSx. It communicates with database of the game and updates and retrieves the information there. When you code/script for the game, you need to modify the existing code by adding or changing the scripts in script editor. Usually adding scripts that overwrite the original scripts (everything that natively exists in your script editor) is recommended for compatibility and keeping your RPGMaker default scripts functional. As scripts usually are supposed to work directly, they often are more than just a function, since you need to call it too. From RPGMakerAce onwards you can do script calls in events natively, so if you wanted to just call one function on certain types of events: yes you could make the script just contain the function definition and call it in events. Or your script might not require any functions, if you just overwrite some variables in original scripts... How vast your script is and what it should contain, depends on what you need from it. And as for what I personally find important in getting from understanding Ruby syntax and basics of coding overall to creating RPGMaker scripts: understanding classes, being able to create or at least manipulate them and knowing how inheritance works are something you should look into. Small snippets or edits on someone else's scripts can be done without that knowledge, but you'll need it for anything more advanced. There should exist some material on classes and inheritance in Ruby in general. For RGSSx specific examples, there are few tutorials on writing small scripts for specific purpose in YouTube (I sought for RPGMaker scripting and got a few). When you know inheritance, you can learn from these examples, how to search for and modify the segments that affect the feature you want to change by your code. And that in the end is what gets you there from general coding: knowing how to overwrite and add in existing code without need to modify the original. And for that you need to know inheritance to know what all you are affecting, when overwriting a function or structure, and what all properties the object you create for overwriting inherits.
  8. Honestly I would say Western are fine with older protagonists than Eastern, which might partly account for the difference. Nier was originally meant to be father, not brother, similarly like FF 12 was meant to have Basch as main character. Both were scrapped to fit in younger, teen aged main character. Sometimes there's more machos too, but I am not sure, if Nier falls yet for macho category. Story focuses on his fatherhood and that is not classic macho element and macho as word refers to more than physical appearance. And I wouldn't personally say macho is more realistic than bishonen, it depends on the role and the style of the character. Realism is most often somewhere in between.
  9. Artwork: "But I didn't ASK for critique."

    I voted for "it depends" and perhaps it boils down to whether I think it'd benefit them or not. I try to comment on work I suppose the creator can appreciate the critique. It'd be both waste of time and in the worst case scenario the receiving end might feel bad - nobody would win. Since honestly, even well intended critique can sting (it helps to improve and in the end I'm happy to get it, but if I'm tired the initial reaction might be to pull hairs and moan internally on mistakes I didn't catch myself). In addition, I prefer giving critique to someone showing will to improve and admitting on practicing or asking for it. If a piece makes me feel some way, I might also give unsolicited critique, as I tend to hope for the person to strive even further. I try to convey that idea across though on the side. Sadly I guess to my experience the critique I give can sometimes end up lost in middle of the soft fluff and encouragement.
  10. Ah well... Pixel art usually means the art that consists of clearly pixels as far as I have understood. When using brushes the pixels tend to have some transparency and smudgier look, so it is not quite the same. Learning shading will definitely be useful in both though. Keeping the colors consistent helps too, even if you don't there need exact palette. You can expand any time to pixel art too, if you want. Have you tried to check for tutorials specifically for making tiles or tilesets? Those are around too and might help with what you are making at the moment. This is an example of pixel art: And here is bunch of examples of pixel art in game graphics. The thing might be useful overall if you try to learn to make grass patterns btw... :> Pixel art is crisper and consists exatly of the clean pixels. Hence the name. You are not the only one who has confused the two. ^^; (And yeah, scaling can mess up the stuff, but it can also help, if done in PS or some program that gives you a few choices of the scaling algorithm when resizing the picture. Downscaling works better, but upscaling does terrible things.)
  11. Ahh, you are making tiles! They are lovely They seem more like normal VX/VX Ace tiles though, and actually they are not made as pixel graphics. They are painted in very small resolution or some of them are drawn larger and then rescaled smaller to get the painted style right. If you are working on tiles that should be VX/Ace regular tileset compatible you can use even brush tools in very small scale and have more room with your colors. They aren't exactly pixel art, even though sometimes you need to use pixeling in smallest details. Studying some color theory and trying to match the saturation and contrast similar to the tiles you try to match with. :>
  12. 1) Working with saturation, hue and other sliders does not eliminate the need for color palette. You can create your palette with the sliders of course, but the color scheme stays consistent, when you stick to a palette. You can always add in additions or swap colors as you progress and notice some colors work better or worse. Choosing color scheme is good practice even in more traditional art or painted digital art too. It just is more important in pixel art, since you need to represent things clear enough despite the pixel restrictions. Defined colors creates better contrast and at the same time binds everything together for consistency. It is not A MUST but it makes the result usually aesthetically pleasant. I would recommend it, but it can be tough, I know! Btw, someone just posted the other day a couple of tools to picking up good color ramps for the palette. (Color ramp is the whole journey of one shade to black or white and these are part of the full palette, just in case you didn't encounter the word yet.) I'll try to put the link here soon! 2) I guess it depends what you do... Usually it is better to anti-alias (as what you describe is called antialiasing~) within the colors in your palette. I am not adept enough to answer more deeply this one. 3) Again, I'd say it depends. I mean, if you have very lively colors overall in every other aspect of your game, it could work. Otherwise probably not. Also you seem to mean SATURATION, not CONTRAST here? They are different things and sadly things can get super confusing, if you read up and are not sure what is the difference. Saturation means the color intensity of the color, while contrast is a bit trickier concept. Contrast means refers to the contrast between the different colors you have in use. If you put two very different colors next to each other they have high contrast, if you put two similar colors next to each other they have low contrast. In pixel art contrast is important, since you want to represent the shapes in small and limited scale. Too little of contrast makes shapes shallow and hard to decipher, too much makes things tad bit ugly. The right amount here too depends on your overall style, so there is no directly right or wrong. Palette helps keeping your saturation and contrast in check. If you have palette you have tested and it looks good, using that will help the colors staying in the right contrast and saturation! :> 4) In the case you describe pillow shading could work, maybe? Pillow shading places light source towards the viewer btw, so you would in a sense have a light source. ;D I honestly say it depends more of your colors and style, if it works! 5) Uhh, I happened to just yesterday to try out making grass. I looked up images of pixel games and how they did the grass for ideas. Then I just started to create my pattern and combined ideas together until it was nice enough. Then just testing the pattern and making small changes, if noticing terrible repetition. I should link some tutorials, but I couldn't find any right away. Maybe later? orz, there are some neat ones. Try also looking at your real subject. Grass, mud, water, whatever it is, checking how the real one looks AND the representations of the subject in games gives a bit of idea how and why some things work, while others do not! :> 6) Haha... :> I still am hobbyist. I actually have done more drawn or painted graphics than pixel, but sometimes delve into them. I love colors, they are something that drives me happy nuts and pixel graphics usually have so delicious colors, they tempt me to try out again and again. I just don't have the patience to really finish things very often or do anything that requires more long-term dedication than one or two tiles. .-.; 7) Yeah, definitely. I can keep the style, if I try to do stuff that matches some other style, once I can learn it. But I don't know if I even have my own style. I just go around in circles and try this and that and when I drop the task next time I have different style. It is not necessarily bad though, since you can learn different things, if you keep changing! If you have trouble keeping in style, when you want though, try to have your previous pieces on sight as reference, so you can see immediately if they don't go together anymore? It could help, maybe. 8) I edited things and then started reading tutorials and tried out small pieces at a time. That is how I usually do. AND colors, I just dribbled around with them. 9) Uh... I think my palette? Probably light source consistency too. OH! And it is good practice to try make your character sprites and houses to have a bit more contrast than your background tiles, such as grass. It makes the game more readable, if you plan on making your art for games. I cannot really reply very well here, since colors and light sources are something that have grown part of my reflexes as I have always drawn. :< 10) Looking at tutorials is good as well as looking at the real life things and how light and colors work. Paying attention to pictures that please your eye and game graphics examples and trying to see what colors there are and how they work together. Purple is something you can find in many shadows or blue, while light stuff tends to tint to yellow - and this looks pleasant very often! It may confuse at first, but well. I have noticed almost anyone can learn. I have seen some huge leaps that people have taken around here too. :> Just keep it up! Silly stuff: 1) Uh... XD Maybe it is the chibi style VX and VX Ace use? I don't know. 2) Hum... I think it's that they have learnt the thing by heart already and it just makes cringe, when they see mistakes that could be avoided? I have seen coders, writers, artists and people in business act the same way too. So nope, not an artist thing. Some people just have less patience and less compassion. :I Sorry to hear and I hope it has not eaten your enthusiasm away yet. Try to take their tone with a grain of salt but find the advice in what there is said, if possible. 3) :< I hate feet. Any form, normal drawing of pixel, they get so icky. Feet are the worst. Maybe you need to try practice the trunks? 4) I think it still is? And it is actually living sort of renaissance within indie game industry! :> In old RPGs, sidescrollers etc. there's actually been very beautiful things. Have you tried to look for some more artistic stuff too? My friend whose been doing pixel graphics professionally for a couple of years now mentioned Suikoden and Metal Slug games as good examples. There is also artist called Fool who does amazing pixel art. Decide for yourself, if it is cool or not! XD 5) I don't know. Some people like the first, others the latter. I prefer the taller ones, but I have seen cute chibi ones too (the sprites in the DS pack are just delicious). And I am not PIXEL ARTIST per se. I have been drawing as long as I can remember and colors are something I really love in painting and art. I have done bunch of game graphics (even sold a bunch of pieces, when Ace came out), but I am hobbyist. There are people who know better and hope they come smack the facts in too. I'll try throw in some links later. I should be doing dishes and vacuuming, but I noticed the thread and had to answer. O_O I have had pixel fever for a couple of days and if I smell anything even like pixel, I cannot resist. Good luck and hope the rant was even tad bit helpful :> EDIT: Typos typos. EDIT EDIT: That was a terrible wall of text. I put it in Word to check my typos out and it was 3 PAGES! Don't faint reading it >:
  13. What to do when a underaged girl keeps msging?

    Yay, I hope that does the work for you. If it is a scammer, they'd probably try to put the sum into the phone bill, when there is billing next time. At least that way all SMS services, I know of, work.
  14. What to do when a underaged girl keeps msging?

    Can you search the person out by phone number and try to contact their parents? Assuming it really is an underage and real person. What Andar suggested sounds very likely though... If that is not possible, try not to pay attention or reply to the messages anymore or blatantly tell her you are not even the slightest interested.. If they go on sending them for long while, you can even contact police for harassment, since that's what it is, if they disregard your wish to be left alone. I would've wanted to block a person harassing me once, too, but my phone did not have option to ban calls from certain numbers. Some have it though and it should be somewhere in security settings and requires PIN and PUK (if you have those there) codes before you can activate that. I don't think it is service provider dependent.
  15. Bukaretts Art Dump

    Aahahhaha! *oowch* *splurts blood out of her nose* ;w; I need to hop hard on the Bukalph ship now. That picture has some TENSION! XD The lighting and atmosphere on the sketch is so pretty, please update us on the progress.