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  1. My Let'splay YouTube Channel

    Oh, cool. Thanks!
  2. First RPG game you ever played

    The original final fantasy, and/or dragon warrior. Not sure exactly which it was... but I know it was one of those two.
  3. Hey forum! Blue here, Thought I would advertise my YouTube channel on here in the video games section . I play lots of different stuff on my channel, so if you are a fan of let's plays, come on over and watch a few vids, or subscribe if you find yourself enjoying them! I try to have 1-2 new videos every weekday while taking weekends off.
  4. yanfly engine downloads

    Why don't you want to decompress the rar. file?
  5. RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    You can change the "Object Selector" in [Tool]/[Option], with Extended/ Smart for better support of huge lists of objects. Now possible to copy the Event Editor content either as text or HTML Both of these things make me super happy.
  6. VE - Skill Ammunition

    I didn't rename anything.
  7. VE - Skill Ammunition

    So I downloaded VE - Basic Modules 1.22 and this Script. I placed VE- Basic at the start of my plugin list, and this ammo one below it. When running the game, it says I need VE - Basic Module 1.12 or higher... even though I have 1.22. Any ideas???
  8. So another quick question for you Kadafi. Any chance the changes you made could be extracted and put into their own script as an "addon" script for the original script? This way, if Yanfly updates his event at all, I dont overwrite this change you made?
  9. Cards and Deck System

    I haven't been able to get a hold of the person who said he 'may' work on this. So I am still requesting it.
  10. That's a cool idea, but Should they not also link to the thread/post that has the actual sequence? EDIT : Oh nvm, I see it in the note thing. XD After a bunch of people get on board with that, Ill add a link to it in the main post.
  11. Oh! Thank you so much!
  12. Just bumping this one more time as I still need this function.
  13. Variable +1 per step?

    I answered a similar question in another thread.
  14. NPC Disappears in the middle of the dialog!

    Do you have a second page that get's changed to during the conversation? And if so, do you have a graphic set for that page?
  15. Spend energy to walk

    Gladto be of help! I believe it's if you like my post. Also, if youclick the little arrow on my post on the top left (on the one that actually answered your Q). It will select it as "Answered" so people know you have no more need for assistance. EDIT : I couldn't send images in the private messages thing, so I am sending you the image for the "Check to see if player moved" common event here instead. Make the following common event. And then on any map, or whenever you want the player to have the limited stamina, turn on switch 7 (or whatever switch you set in that top box there.)