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  1. Official IG Maker Tutorials

    Hello, I just have a little suggestion about the titles you choose for Tutorial XVIII, XIX and XX. You choose 'Tips And Tricks' and it's a good name but you probably need to choose a sub name because I never remember it's what about. For example: Tutorial XVIII : Tips And Tricks - Adding A Reduced Image As A Material - Tutorial XIX : Tips And Tricks - Auto Tiling - ...etc So people will remember easier what is about, or where to find something they already read. In fact, it's just a suggestion
  2. I think I found a way with tile and collision. So basically, gadgets will detect the wall and stop. And I remove it when door open. It's a little bit tricky but it's working.
  3. Hello, I've got a lot of problem trying to do a door system. For now, I created doors with a gadget. With the player, it's working perfectly: Player used B button to open the door and going to next room. He can smash it and after a moment the door break. But I've got problem with my enemies: When walking there they pass trough the door, so that's not good. And If I set collision with other gadget, door block them. But every enemy meeting an other one will block the other enemy :/ No col = pass trough. Col = block other enemies I don't know how to make my door system working for my player and enemies without having weird behavior (two zombies blocking their own way because they're colliding each other it's a little weirdo). Basicely, I need enemies collide with doors, but don't collide with other ennemies. I really need advices. Kain? Thanks
  4. Ig maker give us the opportunity to have different menu screen, but I just don't understand how to prevent the player to open different menu in same time. I really want to see other projects made and see if this "bug" happen too (open a menu and click an other, so two menus are display in same time).
  5. Yep you're right but the things are more clear when there is a Pause screen for pause and an inventory for the item. I just don't understand who you can block command during a screen for prevent an other to be on top. It's weird because IG Maker has the possibility to have 5 screens for the menus so I don't understand how to manage this.
  6. Hello, So basically I continue working on my project. For now I added some menus to my game. I've got a Pause menu (triggered when using "Start" button) and a sort of inventory (triggered when using "Select" button) where I can choose things I want to used. But I notice some conflicts. -When I'm in the inventory it's possible to press "Start" button so the pause menu appear. It's very weird to have two menus in same time, and it should not happen. -In my inventory, I used "B" button so select an Item, and in game I use "B" button to jump with my player. So when I'm in inventory I select an item with b (with my cursor) and when go back to the game my player just jump because I used "B" button in inventory. How can I fix this two problem? Can someone has some advices?
  7. Warp Gadget: possible?

    Hello Kain, Your idea is good but I think too complicate to manage for what I want. The thing I want is to warp the main character to an other screen when player change room. It's a sort of style I like for game. So it's like the Ally or ennemy has the possibility(or not) to follow you in the other room. I will think about that... Thank man!
  8. Diagonal move

    Wow nice! It can be cool to know how put multiple player in same time
  9. Warp Gadget: possible?

    Hello, I saw that's it's possible to warp the player in the canvas to a new location using Link point (note that you need to have one screen between the two locations for have available fade effect). So it's worked perfectly. But is there a way to warp a gadget/enemy/ally ? Regard, Sly
  10. IGM: Random level choice

    Hello, Thanks Kain! It's perfect! I tested it and it worked perfectly. Thanks!
  11. IGM: Random level choice

    Hello, Thanks for your answer. I just don't understand how a switch can load a level. Can you explain a little more about that? Is it possible with a main menu too? Thanks
  12. IGM: Random level choice

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to launch a level randomly using the flow system. For example: I have my action jump game with 5 level. I want when the player start the game that a random level is loaded (one of the 5 level construct). Is it possible using flow system? Or other? Can you give me your advice on it? Thanks Regards, SlySly