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  1. GTBS Side Battle

  2. GTBS Side Battle

  3. Modifying Experience Gained

    Sorry I edited my first post but linking the script might prove difficult. I will have to find where it pulls the EXP in from in his system. Edit: Added link to Gubid's entire system.
  4. GTBS Side Battle

  5. Modifying Experience Gained

    I should clarify I am trying to get this to work with GTBS. So in this case I am actually looking for formulas that can be used in a TBS system where you don't always kill the enemy. Hime I like your level difference script but I don't think it would be plug and play with GTBS. That one would be a start on getting this formula right.
  6. Modifying Experience Gained

    Hi Bored Soul thanks for the response. I won't need to raise levels past current boundaries so the script linked would not be necessary. I don't need the enemy levels to be adjusting either. Grinding is allowed in my game but knowing that if you do grind then your experience will decrease to the point it is no longer worth it. You may get 1 exp point for killing enemies after a while. I don't think I need outside scripts but rather a way to call this info out from the current game and then apply the equations I listed out.
  7. Here is what I am trying to achieve with modifying experience: A = Character Level B = Enemy Level C = Enemy Max HP D = Damage Inflicted x and y are just variables needed for the final calculation. x = 2 ^ ((B - A)+3)) y = x * (D/C) 1 <= y <= x <= 48 Experience Earned For Killing Enemy = (x + y) >= 48 Experience Earned For Damaging Enemy = y >= 48 Experience Earned For Multiple Enemies = Sum of each >= 48 So basically 48 is the max experience that can be gained but it is all dependent on player and enemy levels. Can anyone help with this? Edit: Please note I am using GTBS for my battle system and experience is earned each turn whether you kill the enemy or not. Gubid's Latest Version of GTBS
  8. GTBS Side Battle

    GTBSSideBattle.txt I know that GTBS is complex system but I think that what I am looking for is feasible. In the above Side Battle section of the script it creates some mini viewports. Currently the way the scene plays out is that it creates 2 separate viewports each taking up half the screen. So the background image is 2 half images each with different opacities. Also the current construction of the scene places the attacker on the right and the defender on the left. What I am looking to change is: - First off create a solid background image instead of 2 halves. Can we leave one half alone and basically leave it with without any image while making the other half extend to the entire width of the screen? I think the 2 viewports are still needed to insert the battlers into. - Also I would like to lock the enemy to the left and the player to the right instead of them trading places. The battlers I am using will only work in this setup. Any help is appreciated.
  9. LeTBS looks promising. Hope he doesn't stray too far from the Shining Force engine though. Mini Scene battles like GTBS would be nice.
  10. Shining Force

    I saw this post over at Gubid's website. Think anyone else would be interested in commissioning GubiD to make one for MV "Shining Force"esque Glad to see there are people still talking about Shining Force. I would love to start making a game! But I need a good TBS to do it.
  11. I saw this post over at Gubid's website. Think anyone else would be interested in commissioning GubiD to make a Shining Force system?
  12. Saw this post over at GubiD's page. Would anyone else be willing to contribute to have a commission done for RPGMV from GubiD? He hasn't replied to the original post there but I'm sure he wouldn't mind people wanting to pay him I love the idea of having a Shining Force system myself too. Maybe you can tell by my picture
  13. Re-size Actor Face Graphic?

    Thank you TheoAllen, you pointed me on the right track. I got it working with that.
  14. Is there a way to re-size the actor face graphic in a window? If I am simply using: draw_actor_face(@actor, 0, 0)I tried to throw .scale(1.5) in there but to no avail.
  15. So I am trying to make my own custom status screen. I have a good start on it, but it has been with just the basics so far. I am trying to get my actors skills to show up in a small skill window. I need them to show up in a list vertically within the window. Here is what I have for this section: class Window_Skill < Window_SkillList #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize super(145,25,155,210) self.opacity = 200 refresh end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Refresh #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh contents.clear draw_skill_text (line_height * 0) end def draw_skill_text (y) oldcolor = self.contents.font.color self.contents.font.color =,215,0) self.draw_text(0,y,80,line_height, "MAGIC") self.contents.font.color = oldcolor endendSo my window appears and the text appears but everything I have tried to draw the skills has failed. Any help would be appreciated.