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  1. Re-size Actor Face Graphic?

    Thank you TheoAllen, you pointed me on the right track. I got it working with that.
  2. Is there a way to re-size the actor face graphic in a window? If I am simply using: draw_actor_face(@actor, 0, 0)I tried to throw .scale(1.5) in there but to no avail.
  3. So I am trying to make my own custom status screen. I have a good start on it, but it has been with just the basics so far. I am trying to get my actors skills to show up in a small skill window. I need them to show up in a list vertically within the window. Here is what I have for this section: class Window_Skill < Window_SkillList #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize super(145,25,155,210) self.opacity = 200 refresh end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Refresh #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def refresh contents.clear draw_skill_text (line_height * 0) end def draw_skill_text (y) oldcolor = self.contents.font.color self.contents.font.color =,215,0) self.draw_text(0,y,80,line_height, "MAGIC") self.contents.font.color = oldcolor endendSo my window appears and the text appears but everything I have tried to draw the skills has failed. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I would help if I knew Luc Only thing I can say is to cross post your question to Gubid's site. I know he's been busy lately and under the weather but he is very helpful. There's also a good group of very smart people that visit his chat channel on his site. Maybe one of them can help. EDIT: Scratch the first part as I do see your post on the other forum. Check out the chat channel though.
  5. Disable certain keyboard keys?

    Wavelength, I have tried using Input.trigger before and it makes the menu very clunky. It won't repeat the sounds if held down but it also does not respond as well as the Button press conditional branch. Here is a screenshot of the start of my menu. Every other section is basically the same just on different button presses. Any ideas?
  6. Yes you can turn that off. Look under the skill list in the database and on the Attack skill there is a Animation in the note tag. Remove that and you will be good to go.
  7. Hey exel. It was a little hard to understand exactly what you wanted, but I'll try and give it a shot. In order to make your actors appear correctly in the MiNI battle scene, here are some steps that I did to accomplish that: 1. In your Characters Folder (Sprites) create a spritesheet of your character that is only 3x4 and not the large spritesheet. Rename this sheet to read $InsertnameANIM.png (obviously change Insertname to your characters name. 2. Make sure you use this new spritesheet in your database for the character. 3. Copy this same spritesheet into your Battlers folder. 4. Have your Holder sheet also in your Battlers folder and name it $InsertnameANIM_MINI (Again changing Insertname to the EXACT same name as your spritesheet. If you change this name at all it will not pick it up correctly. This next part requires going into your Scripts for your game and checking a few lines. This is how I got mine to work, but I realize there may be other ways, 5. Go to [GTBS] Animation Config and check line 19 reads DEFAULT_ANIMATION_METHOD = :CHARSET 6. Go to [GTBS] Actor&Class Setup and check around line 143 for this: ACTOR_Animation_Mode_MINI = {} ACTOR_Animation_Mode_MINI[1] = :MINKOFFACTOR_Animation_Mode_MINI[2] = :MINKOFF*Note: I add the bottom line for every actor to make sure each one uses the method.This should get you started. Let me know if there is something still not right and I'll try to help.
  8. Sorry Shin I thought I talked through that in my request but I obviously didn't. I also made one error saying a shipping village, it is indeed a fishing village. So theme is really that, anything to do with fishing, but also the town does not have a lot of money. I would expect the sign to be painted but the paint is worn or chipping off since they don't have the time or money to repaint it. This would be a picture that would pop up on the map, not a title screen.
  9. Disable certain keyboard keys?

    Well I would like the initial sound to be played to give an audible cue that the menu has been changed.
  10. Is there a way to disable certain keyboard inputs? I have a custom event menu made where the player can push any direction to access different buttons, however the player can hold down the key or keep pressing the key and it will continue to process the conditional branch of that key, which is comprised of a sound each time the button is selected. It is a little annoying and I would love to fix this. Any ideas?
  11. RPG Maker Graphics Style Needed

    Here's some good ones Miffy: And this Japanese site has a good cat one:
  12. Level Difference Exp

    Tsu, is there a way to set a max experience? Let's say 50 exp for the kill no matter the level difference? Also how does this figure just damaging the enemy and not killing? Does it take levels into consideration then?
  13. Ouch sorry to hear that Shin. Will you still be working on new requests?
  14. Guilds?

    Miffy I know its not what you meant but I did see a script for Guilds the other day I agree with what everyone else said, but like with all things I would insert a text box saying. "so and so joined the group" That way the player gets a formal announcement that there is someone new on the team.
  15. Opinions

    I agee with Iron Croc. Game design is up to you completely. If you want to use your own art then use all your own art. Mixing your art with someone else's may not look great. Nice thing about using all your own art is your game would be unique. No one else would have a game that looks like yours