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  1. Plot and Character Feedback

    @palladinthug Thanks for helping out.
  2. C_C's Line & Colors

    Small bike sketches. I didn't have enough time to do anymore because I spent this entire week writing the narrative for Gracecraft the Champion: Black Flowers. This project is really turning into something awesome story wise. The major element to the plot (other than the lgbt/feminist ark(s)) is pretty much a retelling of the Passion of Christ. With that, I've created 14 main characters. 12 of them are deemed TheCouncil of Twelve, while the other two are messianic archetypes. Unlike The New Testament, ALL characters are morally gray, and there will be betrayals among the party members. The general mood of my plot will be rather comedic, until mid-game. At that point, the project starts showing its true colors as a borderline cosmic horror story. The Setting is still science fantasy, with the timeline taking place around 3000 A.D. And the hollowed out sun the game takes place on exists in our universe, which makes for some interesting concepts. When I said "bara game," I lied. There will be an equal amount of women in GoC: Black Flowers, compared to the men. The guys will still be rather manly, of course. There's also going to be a underlining plot about racism. My orcs will take a lot of influence from modern african american thug life. This is to the point where a lot of the music will have a R&B/hip-hop/jazz thing going on. So I guess you could say that the plot will focus on the conflicts between Orcs and Elves...somewhat. I plan on creating 3Acts for the game. All of them have been written out in drafts, and now all I need to do is come up with the character designs. The RPG gameplay centers around boss rushes. There are no trash mobs in the game. The difficulty will be rather easy, BUT you will need to know how to use strategy for fights. For most of the game, you'll be able to play *very* defensively, which will allow you to win everything up until endgame. The only problem is that it'll take 5 times longer than being a good player, and not spamming normal attack. I'll be very careful with padding. I don't want the game to be longer than 15 hours to complete the central narrative. For now, I'm going to close requests. I wasn't joking when I said that one of my toons rides amotorcycle, so hopefully I'll do that some justice in the next post. Said post is probably going to take awhile to finish though, but it'll be pretty epic; what with concept art of all 14 characters at once. Sorry if I'mrambling. It's rather difficult to share my ideas on paper that's not meant for my eyes only. I hope to improve on that, lol. If anything, this project will *really* improve my art and storytelling. Not to mention how happy its made me this past week. Feel free to ask questions Cheers.
  3. C_C's Line & Colors

    Concept art: This is going to slowly turn into a blog about my video game, since 50% of my art will be centered around it. I'm still debatingon what to call the project, but for now -- we'll name it Gracecraft the Champion:Black Flowers Gracecraft is the name of our main character, and her father is the elf shown above. The title "Black Flowers" references the otherworldly tale of a powerful woman who more or less kickstarts the plot. It's also a homage to this AMAZING song; with lyrics referenced in game. (Here are the lyrics, BTW.) I'm going to bevery blunt with the storysummery. It's a SFW Bara Rpg aboutfuturistic—orcs living inside of a Sun, as told by a male Feminist. Elves exist (obviously,) but they're rare. I use the term Female Gaze a lot, and this project is basically theepitome of the trope. So yeah... this is homestuck levels of what the f**k. If I can keep a consistentquality to this game I'm planning, it'll easily be one of the more original rpgs to exist. But that's the hard part... the part that gives me nightmares, lol. Almost 40% of this community is made up of women, so I hope that alone will give me a reason to work on this project. I should also note that fanservice will exist, but it'll be very tame. And, of course, this trope is used for all male and female characters. It'll be a minorplot pointbecause... C_C,-- but WON'T take over the plot. In fact, it might enhance the whole otherworldly/surreal vibe that my art is seemly plague with. (people always call my art unique.uniqueuniqueuniqueuniqueuniqueunique, I don't even know why- honestly.) So, yeah, this entire post is a complete gamble, and I'm still a tad unsure if a plot like that would be accepted in a community like this. But we'll see, I guess. I'm still taking art requests. The quality can vary though, since it's used for me to experiment and what not.Chiara requested me to draw a motorcycle, so I'll start doing that after dinner. You can request anything you like -- no exceptions. I would like to know your thoughts about my RM project above. Feel free to call me out, and be harsh. constructivecriticism is a complement X10! That includes people reminding me how awfulmy hands are. I just want to know that there are people interested in this. I don't want to waste my timeresearching all this useless crap to creating a free game that no one will play. Cheers~
  4. C_C's Line & Colors

    @Chiara Funnily enough, I have this orc-mage-dude who rides a motorcycle. Once I get to drawing concept art of him, you'll definitely see some vehicles every once and awhile. I'll keep working on my hands OTL. Thanks! @ksjp17
  5. C_C's Line & Colors

    @Makio-Kuta I would be honored. Thanks~
  6. C_C's Line & Colors

    Trent is probably my favorite binder. I tend to enjoy characters that use music to empower their abilities. I need to find ways to speed upillustrations~
  7. C_C's Line & Colors

    Portraits. While my art block is slowly going away (thanks to you guys,) I still need to find myambition. Also, it's too cold in my house to draw for too long, lol. Now I got a question for y'all. What lineart do you fancy? The pseudo-pencils I use for the pics above, or my normal ink-job? Love to hear your criticism. -- Most of my free time at home will be devoted to improving my artwork; so feel free to request things from me. I won't accept everything, but I'll keep it in mind. I have this art project called Gracecraft the Champion in the works. Though I'm not sure if it'll be a video game or a webcomic. I'm also thinking about hunting for a small, yet promising RM game that needs some custom art. But that's here nor there... I could be very picky about that kind of thing.
  8. Weekly Art Challenge #7

  9. C_C's Line & Colors

    Hey guys. I've been having a difficult time with drawing lately. While I've would scribble for hours on end, I haven't really managed to finish anything worth note. I'm also struggling to finish my weekly art challenge, even though the assignment is right up my alley. I guess this goes back to art block, and the youtube videos I linked on the last page. *sigh* Anyway, here are some orc drawings. The last one's pretty cute, but the first can go to hell. They both took way to long, compared to how fast I can draw on a good day. I guess one problem I got is that I don't know how to shut off my inner critic, and focus only on drawing. One thing I'm going to try is this: Using this: Every 25 minutes, I'll take a break, and check out RM -- or some crap like that. I hope to finish my WAC before work. Wish me luck!
  10. C_C's Line & Colors

    Simple portrait. And by 'simple,' I mean easy. Time consuming, but easy. I wanted to try something a bit more complicated, but couldn't sketch anything I liked. Here's one WIP I didn't delete. And here are two videos that I found an interesting watch while drawing. They're both related to art~ No need for a trade, Orochii. I would love to see some more sprite-work from your game, though. Expect me to submit this as media on RMN.
  11. C_C's Line & Colors

    Warmup: Soundtrack Thank you, Sharm. I think I'm going to focus on rendering hands until Muramasa replies.
  12. C_C's Line & Colors

    @muramasa Throw me your request, and I'll look into it. And feel free to criticise my anatomy further.
  13. Silver Town (Final Version)

    @The Yank Side view battles won't stop the gameplay from being boring. You can make the best kind of rpg gameplay with no scripts at all (okay, one exception.) Ace is very, VERY powerful, imo. And then there's a point where you got to ask yourself, "is sideview just a gimmick? Is this *really* adding to my game?" @Dalph I agree with Dalph when it comes to Parallax. You can do a lotwith just the editor. I hope my critiques were somewhat clear. I won't lie and say I was patient with your project, though. Feel free to PM me for questions about RM and what not. I still have a lot to improve on when it comes to my feedback vids.
  14. C_C's Line & Colors

    Experimenting with lineart.Soundtrack.