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  1. RMMV+ Icons - Free to use

    That's a lot of work! Are you sure that you didn't steal these resources from somewhere? I think they look familiar but I'm not too certain. It is rather suspicious.
  2. Looking For Testers

    Well... I'm probably not the right person to test a bug though.
  3. How to make "Cleave"??

    You could go to his Patreon page and pledge $3 so you can make a request for a tip. He or someone else that tends to help out there and has had several tips requested (I don't know if he's on this site) will be able to help you.
  4. So creatively drained.

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    2. Labyrinthine


      Welcome to the club. I'm just waiting for things to click in my head for the boost.

    3. bgillisp


      Take a day or two off to rest.

    4. Vox Novus

      Vox Novus

      Yeah a little break usually helps get the ol juices flowing again.

  5. Slipped and hurt my knee. The fall didn't hurt. What is hurting more is that I used a pain cream and now it's the hottest thing I've felt. It's crawling up my leg right now and I'm trying my hardest not to get lewd right now. Thinking about it is gonna make it worse.

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    2. BloodletterQ


      Did that and cooled myself with a soda can. Now I'm getting cold.

    3. Sharm


      Well, yeah!  There are some huge and major arteries that run through that area.  You should be using the ice on your knee instead.  If you have anything you can take for allergies it might be a good idea.

    4. HexMozart88


      Yeah, pain creams are usually pretty painful, ironically enough, but it could be an allergic reaction. I've felt this way before with a cream when I injured myself, but the therapist put it on so roughly, it was killing me instead of relaxing me, and I was just jerking around the bed. But considering you don't have any brutal physiotherapists around you, I think the application of it is out of the question. Perhaps it's supposed to burn, but I'd wash it off to play it safe.   

  6. Thinking that I should make my game with the RTP style first before I lose any more motivation. I'll probably evolve that project into something else. 

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    2. Niten Ichi Ryu
    3. Ryzler


      Find another person or a team to work with, maybe then you can share some of the load and make give yourself someone to live up to ?

    4. BloodletterQ


      I guess during this time I'm waiting I should be trying to improve on MV and not worry about doing a bad job and use it as a learning experience.

  7. First Peek - Medieval Plague Bringers

    Talk about being large boned! I'd like to go on but I don't want to invoke the wrath of the Mods. Definitely an intimidating encounter. He better not drop that mace unless he wants to be on the receiving end of blunt damage.
  8. Eternal Conflict

    Visual presentation looks lovely, especially the art style that ventures away from anime. Sure the sprite work would be a problem, but I like where you're going with it. Would like to see some combat though.
  9. First Peek - Medieval Plague Bringers

    They sure have meat to them. Even if it's just basic weapons and armor I think they'll be fine.
  10. Not too sure if it's going to be a tips and trick post but it sounds really out-of-the-box for your Equip Skill Tiers plugin. Is it possible with Lunatic Mode code that a skill per tier can take up more than one slot?
  11. 128^2 NonChibi Sideview Battler

    You have a good grasp at this though. I don't want to repeat that I agree with Niten Ichi Ryu once again, but the sprite's head moves too much. You'll do great with improvement.
  12. Skyrim binge over.

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    2. Niten Ichi Ryu

      Niten Ichi Ryu

      Killing the rich to help the poor?


      kinda like a socialist vigilante. Karolus Marxus.


      dont forget That sir locksley was not a common thief but actually a rebel nobleman.

    3. Vox Novus

      Vox Novus

      I loved Astrid in Skyrim, she was a great character and I actually was saddened at her death. I mean as much as you can be saddened over a character that's part of a group of assassins.

    4. Niten Ichi Ryu

      Niten Ichi Ryu

      I usually slay her mercilessly in that shed then destroy this feeble order of killers for their arrogance. I'm the Dragonborn, I owe kills to no one.


      Did once a short sneaky-smooth killer playtrough to follow the brotherhood questline. Was nicely made. But as I usually plays an Orc, I revel more in head to head battle. I don't mind being a mass murderer but dislike being an assassin.

  13. Plug-In and Tools List - Useful for PVGames Resources

    Yeah, they work. I have it set up as $Dion%(9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)_Dash. $Dion is the name of the character the sprite is for. The dollar sign signifies that this sprite sheet is for one character. %(9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) is Modern Algebra's code that signifies the character's frames. I will recommend that the movement animations take an idle frame. _Dash refers to Moghunter's plugin I suggested. I don't think he/she has updated that idle animations plugin as of yet.
  14. Ah, Skyrim. The one game I bought three times- for the PS4 until the console died, the 360 until I got a PS4, and now the PS4.

    1. KaBlooZio


      =3 small world! I got a used xbox 360 and am downloading it right now! X3 !!!

    2. Vox Novus

      Vox Novus

      Great game, got to love a game that you can just play over and over again like that and make the experience a little bit different every time based on the character you make and how you go about playing them.

  15. First day in Florida that feels like winter and I'm keeping cozy in the garage with a blanket with one of my cats' faces on it.

    1. KaBlooZio


      Awww :( why? No place to go?

    2. BloodletterQ


      No it was surprisingly cold.