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  1. Awww you're too sweet!! *hughug* :DDD

  2. Hey! Missed ya (and your awesome art). :D

  3. (*≧ω≦)hughughuggg♪

  4. *hughugggggg* >w

  5. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

  6. It's mah bday~~ woo!!

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    2. Hesufo


      Happy birthday, Asterisk!

    3. yieldingmydestiny


      My I missed wishing you on your special day D:<.

      Happy belated birthday pal!

    4. Kread-EX



      I was away for too long. I missed your birthday! I want to die now TT____TT

  7. Did anyone play the new rpgmaker 2000 japanese free game Ib yet? (ENG ver) it's a horror/puzzle game set at an art gallery, I recommend to try it. Made me jump a few times.

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    2. Ronove


      Yeah there are! I think playing .flow and other Yume Nikki games hardened me to being scared so I haven't had to stop from being scared too bad like usual. I already wrote down notes on what NOT to do to avoid bad endings. TUMBLR SPOILED ME. Sort of. Gonna play more tomorrow! Don't tell me what happens! D:

    3. Ronove


      Yay! I finished! This was a wonderful game, Asterisk! Thank you so much for sharing. :D

    4. Asterisk


      I finished it.. 3 endings.. sniff this was awesome, glad you enjoyed it too!!


    1. Hirei


      ;A; you remembered! Thanks! My birthday was overshadowed by Touchfuzzy's (he's admin).

      Thank youuuu~

    2. yieldingmydestiny


      Not just admin but LEAD admin.

  9. As much as I really want to work on my big rpg, it's better to do a smaller project first.. right? T__T

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    2. Archeia


      yes work on something small first.

    3. The Infamous Bon Bon

      The Infamous Bon Bon

      That's what I keep having to remind myself too.

    4. Hirei


      Yep, I started with Finding Eden and worked my way up.

  10. I watched Cabin in the Woods (horror movie)today, SERIOUSLY AWESOME and pretty original! I recommend it! If you don't know what it is and plan on watching it from word of mouth, don't watch the trailer, please! Just go in blind :) One of my fav movie this year for sure!

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    2. Asterisk


      I watch horror movies all the time so for me, it's a really good movie :) Actually once you've seen it, you don't think it's really about horror xD It's funny too! The trailer does it NO JUSTICE because there is a reason why it's so cliched! xDD

    3. PixelLuchi


      I'm not too fond of horrors. Gives me the willies. ><

    4. Volrath


      Saw this movie and enjoyed it too. It's very clever and interesting, particularly as a commentary about horror's current state as a genre.

  11. I keep looking at your art and it's so familar! Do you have a DeviantArt or anything?

  12. I just got an email from a Japanese VN company to be their artist for the game they're releasing next year... this won't stop me from my RM project, no way.

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    2. Neoz Kaho

      Neoz Kaho

      That's great! Congratulation on getting job. Also, don't forget to release your RM Game. XD

    3. Lone Wolf

      Lone Wolf

      Congratulations! When it comes out you have to tell us what it is.

    4. Asterisk


      You guys are amazing and made my day ;_; I will update y'all when progress is made! Thankyou so much!

  13. I highly recommend Fate/Zero (even to people who don't really watch anime). 7 masters and their servants fight it out in an epic war for the Holy Grail. No fanservice, no harem no anything, just pure storyline/battles and one of the highest budget I've seen used in anime. It's a tragic story, but very good. (to fans: had to type this out after watching Berserker hijack a F15J fighter jet and using it as his Noble Phantasm. Epic -_-)

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    2. Elements


      I vouch for anything Nasu related

    3. luzi


      I agree! Fate/zero is so epic. I'm glad that type-moon chose ufotable.....though I still wonder when will Tsukihime be made into an anime. ;D

    4. Kread-EX


      Before a Tsukihime anime, I'd like the remake with Sacchin's route.

  14. *late for deadline, starts working**opens RMproject to design some characters**goes back to work**opens up story file to write**goes back to work**opens google to research for project*'s hopeless orz

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    2. PixelLuchi


      Take a break, Asterisk. Too much stress isn't good...

    3. Archeia


      Go work on your deadlines first then do the RM stuff later. It's not like the RM stuff has deadlines right?

    4. Asterisk


      I know T.T But I don't feel like working.. it's so hard.. so very easy to get distracted TT Thanks guys <3