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  1. In Search of Dragons

    I finally got to play a bit of the the demo (due to time constraints)~ It was fun so far! I loved the characters haha (For Owen, in his status is said "ritch".. did you mean rich? ) The bgms were enjoyable~ it sure takes me back~~ I can't wait for more! Keep up the great work!
  2. Game & Map Screenshots

    @Luchino-chan Aw man, your RTP maps are always so nice~ @Lunarea I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves~ the town looks so nice and cozy!
  3. I'm really liking Saba Kan's stuff, thankyou for this!
  4. Hirei's Art Dump

    That scene is from Forever Eden!!! So pretty~~ I can't wait to see your animations ><!!!
  5. Woo Legionwood 2! I'm always up for a good CTB ^^ Will keep my eyes open for updates! <3 Good luck~
  6. In Search of Dragons

    Ohh it's looking great~~ Keep it up!
  7. Hirei's Art Dump

    What Lunarea said ^^ You have such a natural talent for art <3 I can't wait to see what more animations you come up with <3
  8. Game & Map Screenshots

    TDS is so talented he blows my mind <3
  9. I'm pretty sure the person drew the pictures xD He had some art under お絵かき Anyway this is awesome, THANKYOU~!
  10. Hirei's Art Dump

    You stayed up for this? AWESOMEEEE Really love that style *_*
  11. Hirei's Art Dump

    Wow that is pretty! I love the design too =o Starving artists unite!! I hope to see more of your comic stuff ^^
  12. Fate Extra CCC anyone?

    The system is very different from your typical RPG Look-wise I think it looks different from many medieval fantasy settings O_O It's either you hate it or love it. I for one really enjoyed playing it. The rock paper scissors aspect of the battle system was refreshing, frustrating (until you unlock their moves) and it was a good snack of a game. I do recommend it to anybody who wants to try something new. Saber for easiest difficulty, Archer for medium and Caster for hardest. Replay value depends on you... I finished Saber and now on Archer's route. However things got easier when the movesets for some enemies got unlocked Still worth a try tho!
  13. Hirei's Art Dump

    Wow, I love your improvement! Love your art ><!
  14. Star Stealing Prince

    I downloaded it again~ this time I'll finish it!! >w<
  15. I'm playing the old demo atm, this looks so wonderful!