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  1. Mac OSX version?

    Hi Graham, Thanks for the feedback. We've updated the product page and FAQ with some information on the Mac version. We'll also be adding this to confirmation emails shortly as well as putting together a more detailed activation guide. Thanks for bearing with us and apologies for the poor experience getting set up with MV.

    The resource packs will be available for sale after the preorder. The scripts and converter will likely be provided with the main program or as a seperate free download.

    Sorry to hear you're having issues! One quick thing to try. If you're currently logged into google/gmail try logging out of that and then making the purchase. Opening the cart link in a private/incognito may also work. If neither of these work please submit a support ticket at the link below and we should be able to help troubleshoot this for you. Sorry to hear you're having issues! If you submit a support ticket here with more info we should be able to help troubleshoot this for you.
  4. 2014 IGMC Results!

    Hey Everyone, Store credit will be getting sent out in the next 1-2 days. Thanks so much for your patience! We'll also be getting back shortly to everyone who asked for their scores etc. Mitchell
  5. Final call with the judges is tomorrow and then we'll be updating the site/getting everything ready to announce.
  6. Hey Everyone, We'll be announcing the winners on Tuesday (the 30th). Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!! cheers, Mitchell
  7. Fantasy Hero Character Pack

    Yup, we're planning on releasing more resource packs from the same artist.
  8. Steam Trading Cards

    get in touch with support on the main website. We can more than likely look up your purchase (need name, email etc.) and set you up with a Steam key.
  9. New Trial Error?

    please download the latest version of the trial from the link below. You shouldn't have this issue after that.
  10. Activation Issues

    Hey Everyone, Make sure you're attempting to activate the latest version. You can download a trial from the link below and should be able to activate that properly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience! Mitchell
  11. Member+ Renewal Problems

    Hey, If it still hasn't completed within a few more days forward a copy of the paypal invoice to and I'll get it manually set up for you. Don't worry about missing out, everything will still be there for ya.
  12. Problem with trial version of comipo

    Hey, Sorry about that! There was an issue with the download link. We updated the page on Friday and the new Trial download link should work properly.
  13. mail list?

    Sounds like you may need to sign up again. There's a small signup form at the bottom of each blog post We'll be revamping into more of a newsletter format in the new year.
  14. Hey, Sorry to hear you are having issues. When did you purchase on the main store? With the latest design update we rolled out a new shopping cart system which actually creates an account for you and stores your purchases in your account section so you can access them in the future. Shaz was absolutely right in saying that our old cart system merely emailed you your purchase and kept a record of the payment. If you purchased on our old system (before mid-september) you should be able to create a new account on this new system (if you haven't already) using the same email you may have used for previous purchases or any other email address you use. If you are having issues doing this your best bet is to try the following (in order) 1. Reset Password (make sure you check junk/spam folders as the reset email may have gone there) 2. Try registering with another email address if you have one. 3. Contact Tech Support (our turnaround time should be within 48 hours) Hopefully we can get this sorted out for you quickly. The majority of our customers have been able to switch over without any issues.