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  1. Game & Map Screenshots

    Hum ... i am using SAS , and i think i shall wide some areas , i had trouble with enemies getting stuck before , but you can get the murder /fear vibe right ?^^
  2. Game & Map Screenshots

    Here is a boss room for an ABS : The idea here is a thing like a murder room or something in the end of a dungeon . What are your thoughts on this ?
  3. Handling the Save option

    Normal Rpg's save anywhere , well i don't like those large cut scenes that you already saw ,even skipping them can be annoying . Action Rpg's save points ,although i had problems with it , let's say , i killed a boss after 4h , was doing a happy dance (it was necessary) when i accidentally fell off the platform making me start from the start of the dungeon .
  4. Almost all rpg's inspire me but the more influential are FF's , Demon Souls and Dark Souls( well because i spent half a year beating both of them and got so addicted that i did several play troughs (even helped people online))
  5. Sprites and Face sets

    BUMP !
  6. First of all , hello every one that read this !!I am thankful for just you reading it ! So i need 2 (rtp style ) sprites and face sets to go with them . 1)Hakumen If you play BlazBlue you know this guy , white hair , black and white armor with some red dots , long hair is a must and sword (okami) , here is a picture : 2)Gwyn the Lord Of Cinder Another game character , but this time from Dark Souls , for this one i'd like the addresses and facial fetures like in the image bellow : So that's it for now , if you can just do the face pr just the sprite it's ok .I need some other sprites and faces but i will wait util both of these are done to ask more (hell maybe the person who does them may be up for the other's i have )