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  1. Making a main menu trough images

    1. mlogan


      Wow, that looks incredible!

    2. Palladinthug


      That's pretty amazing, was this made with Luna or your own custom script?

    3. Kire


      No script only pictures and events

  2. Any Artists fans of metal gear solid , looking for a project to do some art contact me , i've got a neat little project that is in need of bad guy concept art

  3. Mapping a florets for my MG project , will be pretty huge and with lots of options to fulfill your mission ...

  4. Game & Map Screenshots

    Hum ... i am using SAS , and i think i shall wide some areas , i had trouble with enemies getting stuck before , but you can get the murder /fear vibe right ?^^
  5. Game & Map Screenshots

    Here is a boss room for an ABS : The idea here is a thing like a murder room or something in the end of a dungeon . What are your thoughts on this ?
  6. Handling the Save option

    Normal Rpg's save anywhere , well i don't like those large cut scenes that you already saw ,even skipping them can be annoying . Action Rpg's save points ,although i had problems with it , let's say , i killed a boss after 4h , was doing a happy dance (it was necessary) when i accidentally fell off the platform making me start from the start of the dungeon .
  7. Almost all rpg's inspire me but the more influential are FF's , Demon Souls and Dark Souls( well because i spent half a year beating both of them and got so addicted that i did several play troughs (even helped people online))
  8. Sprites and Face sets

    BUMP !
  9. Come on , help a bro out !!

  10. First of all , hello every one that read this !!I am thankful for just you reading it ! So i need 2 (rtp style ) sprites and face sets to go with them . 1)Hakumen If you play BlazBlue you know this guy , white hair , black and white armor with some red dots , long hair is a must and sword (okami) , here is a picture : 2)Gwyn the Lord Of Cinder Another game character , but this time from Dark Souls , for this one i'd like the addresses and facial fetures like in the image bellow : So that's it for now , if you can just do the face pr just the sprite it's ok .I need some other sprites and faces but i will wait util both of these are done to ask more (hell maybe the person who does them may be up for the other's i have )