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  1. Suggestions for the next RPG Maker

    With all these features you guys are suggesting, I'd be HAPPY to pay a lot of money for this! Battle System and Menu editors that do not require heavy scripting would be fantastic. And, even though it probably isn't possible, SOME way to play rpgmaker games on a smartphone or some other mobile device...
  2. I honestly don't see any problem wih selling a game. I have not sold (or released) any of my own, but that doesn't mean I wont. The only obstacle I can see with selling a game is resourcess. Usin the defualt sprites isn't the smartest route. Making one from scratch is difficult, but using someone elses and then making money from it isn't a smart route either.The same can be applied to the games music, and that can be even harder to create then sprites. But, if the game is 100% original, then there shouldn't be a problem in making some money off of it...
  3. Plot and Character Feedback

    Alright, so this is my first idea for an RPG, so I want as MUCH critisisme as possible - anything...even the tiniest little detail you don't like. So, the game starts off the mayor of your town, and tells you about an ancient prophecy involving an ancient evil and a chosen one (I know thats not very exciting or original, and thats the point...) The player asks the point of being told this, and the mayor confesses that he needs you, the town delivery boy, to go out and retrieve the chosen one, who lives atop a mountain just outside of town. So, theres some events leading up to the mountain, such as party member/puzzles, etc., and then you confront the "Chosen One" (He'll have a name later on). But once you talk to him, you find out he's an ancient evil, and defiled the cave writings to make it seem as though there was a chosen one, thus making people do nothing in preperation to stop him. At this point, the player goes to fight him, and looses.... At this point I have 2 ideas - a)The player falls into a coma for 5 or less years, and everyone thinks he's dead. By the time he wakes up, the "Chosen One" has taken over the world, destroying most of it, and the player must stop him. or, The player DOSN'T fall into a coma, and the "Chosen One" begins destroying everything. The player must collect something (I'm unsure what it will be..I've been leaning towards option a for awhile now) So, I know it's terrible, but I plan to make other games, just not yet......any thoughts?
  4. Event System Support (EXPERT USERS ONLY!)

    I'm having a little troublew with an NPC here... ALright, so once you start the game, you'll end up in a house, and you'll be standing in front of a desk. On the other side, is an old man who says somethings and then promptly walks over and standins on the other side, simply looking at you for the rest of the cutscene. Once you regain control, the player leaves the house (becuase at this point there's nothing better you can do), but if you go back inside, the NPC is standing away from the desk, back where he was when the cutscene started. Anyway I can fix this?