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  1. Anime Wanted!

    If you can find it: Infinite Ryvius. It is straight up one of the best Anime ever made. If you can't find that, or think the premise doesn't sound up your alley, then try Martian Successor Nadesico.
  2. Dragon Quest IV had a great opening chapter for people playing RPGs for the first time. But boy is it boring if you are a veteran.

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    2. Touchfuzzy


      Well, you start with one character who doesn't learn spells. It is nice if you are just getting the whole concept... it is slow and boring otherwise.

    3. Darkanine


      I'll admit I got rather bored of IV myself, which is a shame because it looks like a title I would utterly adore if I could just brave the first few hours.

    4. Touchfuzzy


      It picks up in the second chapter, which admittedly is only about an hour into the game if you know the beginning (which I do DQIV is a nostalgiac favorite of mine, I've played it about once a year since the early 90s)...

      But honestly the only chapters I REALLY liked a whole lot were 3 and 5 (granted Chapter 5 is over half the game). Chapter 2 and 4 are good, but not great, Chapter 1 is boring as sin.

      Chapter 6, added in the PSX remake in Japan, which is what the DS remake is based on is interesting as well.

  3. Poll: Console Use

    I bought a 2DS because I only have one functioning eye, so the 3d part would be useless. (I play most on my PS4 though)
  4. People talk about all the oddball indie titles and how so much better, why can't AAA do oddball titles but big, look how good the indie ones are doing! I just... Look, yes, some of the oddball ideas work. And they get big. But how many just roll over and die when released? When you've invested thousands into a game, and it rolls over and dies, that sucks. When you've invested MILLIONS, that is potentially career ending. So what we get is a lot of four things: Continuations of existing IPs, reboots of existing IPs, uses of IPs outside of Video Gaming, and re-implementations/polishing up of popular mechanics. I mean, look at the biggest and the hottest new online games: League of Legends is just a re-implement of DotA/DotA2 style/mechanics. Overwatch is just a re-implement of Team Fortress 2 style/mechanics. Now, they are both good at what they do, but they aren't super original. And honestly, I think people need to stop looking at just the genres they don't like (everyone calls out Call of Duty and Madden, but you know, if you don't like the genre why do you care?)... I'm just tired of the "oh it is a sequel/reboot/reimagining it has to be bad" attitude. The big companies can still do interesting things, even within the "safe" zone of existing IPs. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE was fantastic, despite being SMT + Fire Emblem Final Fantasy Type-0 did a lot of interesting stuff. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was amazing (especially the Director's Cut, and I'm really looking forward to playing Mankind Divided) The new XCOMs are SERIOUSLY solid games. etc. etc. etc. Do I wish there were more new AAA IPs? Yeah. But am I more hyped to hear that Nier Automata is coming? Yeah, absolutely. EDIT: And also, it isn't like we are getting NO new IPs. Horizon Zero Dawn looks fantastic...
  5. 4 Tips to Better Teaching

    Also, on the comment I made in the article about someone trying to punch above their weight: Sometimes it is OK to say "Look, this is a bit too complex for you right now. I think you need to learn more about X and Y and Z, and then come back to this."
  6. Learning Together

    You weren't far off! It was tips on teaching, discussion topic for it over here:
  7. Teaching has always been something I was interested in. So to help celebrate the Learning Together Event I felt it would be a good time to share a few tips on teaching! What are your tips? Together, let's learn together how to help others learn together!
  8. First RPG game you ever played

    I don't think it is all Nostalgia. BoFIII was a solid game.
  9. Learning Together

    I have a tips and tricks article coming on the blog later today that is for the event that is very meta.
  10. Degica's New Visual Novel Creator

    André works for Degica actually, so it is being done completely in house. So in this case we are both Developer and Publisher.
  11. It's Board Game Night! What will you play?

    As opposed to Dirk Henn Shogun. Or Avalon Hill Shogun. They really like naming board games Shogun.
  12. Depends, in general or for fun? Technically, I spend more time on social media than almost anything, but considering that is a large part of my job that is expected.
  13. Best Mecha Anime of All Time.

    Watched through Gargantia. It is really good. The only problem is I feel it is a bit too short. It just felt like they had this really interesting world, and so many more details to explore and it just cut to an end too quickly. I loved the slow, drama pace of what was there, but it felt like the pace of something that should have been 26 eps at least, and honestly I could have watched 52 eps if it had kept with the worldbuilding and endearing characters. ... Though if the worst thing I can say is "Left me wanting more" that is not a bad complaint to have.
  14. help with english wordings

    When is see Mature themes I assume it deals with subjects that can be pretty serious looks at the human condition, or lots of violence and sex. Depending on what the writer thinks is "mature".
  15. Best Mecha Anime of All Time.

    Inaho's personality is very interesting. He is very very subdued, and he doesn't outwardly show his emotion, but if you know where to look you can tell it is there.