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  1. Sick in bed, trying to get over a weird flu thing. (it's been a nasty season for me). Anyway, have been looking at video games on the horizon and is it just me or is the next few months just ridiculous. This might be the best string of months release wise that I can ever remember. I couldn't even pick a best game of 2016 cause I'd barely played any new games. This year from Jan to Apr I'm probably going to be buying: Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Remake Dragon Quest Heroes II Nier: Automata Persona 5 Resident Evil VII Horizon: Zero Dawn Then the Switch is coming out as well (which I'm not getting on release), and Breath of the Wild is coming out. And there is that Berserk Musou game that looks good (though that is more a me thing probably). Add in the FFXV and Last Guardian releases near the end of last year and I can't even. Nov 2016-Apr 2017 might be the best six months of releases I can think of. And it is just... is anyone else feeling the wallet pressure of the next few months.
  2. Getting a PS3, what do you guys recommend?

    Nier is the best game on PS3.
  3. Hey everyone, I will be on vacation form the 8th-12th, Anything you need addressed by lead admin, instead contact Lunarea please.

    1. Vox Novus

      Vox Novus

      Take care then, boss man! Lunarea will take care of us good.

  4. I bought a new bed, and it is difficult to get any work done when I don't want to ever get up again. So comfy.

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    2. Touchfuzzy


      It is hard to both lay in the bed and enjoy it and use my laptop at the same time.

    3. Touchfuzzy


      I also have a new pillow coming tomorrow. this is terrible for me.

    4. Zeriab


      @HexMozart88 Sounds like an excellent way of getting too much sleep

  5. Post Your "Office"

    Actually I took the wheels off so that it would slide under my couch, but it is a carpeted floor so it slides around pretty easily. I tend to like the corner the most though.
  6. Post Your "Office"

    My "office" I haven't used a desktop in years. Much prefer couches and laptops.
  7. From A to Z - new blog series

    I'll fix the links on that. Don't know what was going on there, but my fault I guess, I put it into the blog (Lunarea was kind enough to write it, so I just messed up my part :B) It should be fixed.
  8. .. One last day and then two days off. For some reason I'm filled with a lot of don't wanna today ;_;

    1. KaBlooZio


      That's how I am right now, at near the end of the semester X___X

    2. Faye Valentine

      Faye Valentine

      I'm filled with 'don't wanna' all day, all days, all year. Aaaahhh.

    3. Touchfuzzy


      Don't wanna is my default state of being to be honest.

  9. Generally, in US culture, as I'm familiar with it, it is Male-Female holding hands relationship, Male-Male holding hands relationship, Female-Female holding hands anyone's guess. In some subcultures that isn't necessarily the case, I've seen a lot of different stuff, but I do/have run with some very different crowds in my offline life.
  10. Your location is DETROIT. When is Detroit ever the correct location?
  11. @mlogan It was held at a local brewery. Basically you paid 35 dollars a person and got 1 taco from each restaurant that participated by bringing stuff to the festival (there were like 10 participants) and 6 beers. I ate 10 tacos. 10 tacos. That is so many tacos. It was amazing. (and like you voted on the best one, and they were all kinds of crazy varieties. it was heavenly).
  12. Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @JosephSeraph, I shared it on our facebook and twitter. With link back here and credit of course. Nice job.
  13. Can someone describe to me what sleep is? I think I've forgotten.

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    2. taarna23


      HP and MP restored!


      But you're still hungry.

    3. Zeriab


      Yes. However, you won't be aware when it happens.

    4. Touchfuzzy


      Haha, thanks for the laughs guys. This last week has been long hours because of the Steam sale, and I'm super ready to pass out.

  14. Let's talk podcasts

    I don't normally listen to podcasts, but I do like The Dice Tower (board gaming podcast).