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  1. Tutorial: Using RegionID in Event

    I like showing what can be done without events, but yes, there are some awesome plugins to make it easier.
  2. Tutorial: Using RegionID in Event

    Still really creative. I love weird uses of the base tools to do things that they were not really intended to do.
  3. Tutorial: Using RegionID in Event

    That one is interesting. Not something I had thought of myself.
  4.  Discussion topic for the latest blog post: Using RegionIDs in events.

  5. RegionID is used a lot to determine Monster Areas, but that isn't the only way you can use it. Learn more about using RegionID for events here. So how have you used RegionID in your games?
  6. Tutorial: Insert Button Sequence

    I'm very big on efficiency when it comes to Variables and Switches. The fewer globals you have to use in a game the better. (Technically, because this event only references the variable while inside the event, if you have it set it back to 0 at the end even when you succeed, there is no reason it couldn't be reused across any number of other self-contained events)
  7.  Discussion topic for our latest blog post is up: Tutorial: Insert Button Sequence

  8. This week, we have another eventing tutorial. Ever wanted to make a puzzle like in Final Fantasy VII where you play the piano in Tifa's old house to unlock something? Well, this tutorial is for you. This basic tutorial, which mainly concerns using loops and looking for button input, will get you through this, and other similar mechanics. There is also a challenge at the end. Can you find a way to do it in less lines? Can you do it without a variable at all?
  9. Thoughts on Overwatch?

    The game is about playing counters. What your opponent plays should change your style of play. Also, several characters can do lob "grenade' indirect style attacks that make Bastion useless as they don't require line of sight, just knowing where someone is is enough. I've killed Bastions with clever flanking D.Va and Reaper. And those are not ideal characters to take him out with. It's not impossible. @Astel, well you aren't wrong? (though I mostly think of her as "STAY STILL FOR TWO SECONDS SO I CAN SHOOT YOU AURGHHHHH")
  10. With all due respect dude how did you rate captain America  civil war?


    Im excited by seeing spider man in a avengers movie I've always had a soft spot for Him ... And I Know Some Friends Who Will Probably Go And Watch It  :) anyanyway regars to you and your family. ...

    1. Touchfuzzy


      I liked it a lot. Not as good as Winter Soldier, but still one of the higher tier MCU movies.

    2. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Good  And another 2 movies to watch out for is rogue one and Alice through the looking glass


      The kids will love both films😀🎱🏢

  11. Thoughts on Overwatch?

    Bastion is only a pain when paired with like, Reinhardt and a support to heal him. In general he is not hard to counter, even with characters who don't traditionally "counter" him. Bastion is a noobstomper. Once you know how to beat him, he isn't that annoying without some support. If anything Reinhardt and Mei are the especially annoying characters to fight, especially on maps with very strong chokepoints. And honestly, I'd agree on the "If you wanted single player, you should be looking at a different game". Overwatch is a team based vs shooter. That is what it is. It isn't trying to be anything else. Its like if someone picked up a single player RPG and bemoaned the lack of online multiplayer. It is a nonsensical argument. Its fine if the game isn't for you, but there is nothing wrong with a game being exclusively what it intends to be.
  12. Long weekend off Day 1 log: Slept until 2:00pm. Got up and messed around on the internet for an hour. Got dressed, went and saw Captain America Civil War with my family. Was pretty great. Got home. Have done pretty much nothing. Haven't played a game. Or well. Anything. Just nothing.

    Its been a good day. I think I'll tell you guys about my whole weekend. I get them so few days of no work,, but I can't stay away from the forums, ahaha.

    1. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      I'm glad you had time off to be with your family :D 

  13. What Makes You Uncomfortable?

    Not much honestly. It's all about how its handled not the subject matter. For instance, and trigger warning for anyone who feels that these things are needed:
  14. Discussion topic for the latest Golden Week Tutorial: Timed Button Press (Think Animal Crossing fishing)

  15. Another Golden Week Tutorial: TIme to learn how to make timed button press events! A little extra background on this one. I originally made this event for the Harold vs PAX East game. The version in that was atrociously evented. It worked, but it was inelegant, and just a mess. It was done fast, and it wasn't done with any care. This version should be about as perfect as it could be. Can you see a way to improve it?