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  1. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE might be the most interesting pure RPG mechanically since Persona 4 came out.

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    2. Uzuki


      @Touchfuzzy The UI is freaking fantastic. I think the only UI that can beat this one is Persona 5 and that's just because it has a dynamic camera while scrolling through menus and the result screen transits back to the gameplay. And I love that instead of generic "Status screen, equips, formation" commands it takes the music industry setting to heart and it's Artists, Wardrobe, and Casting. Even when they do their attacks they have little details like the character's names being displayed as performed by or featured by.


      For the most part I enjoyed all the characters, Maiko is my fav, but I feel Touma and Berry didn't get a lot of lines compare to Itsuki and the girls. You can tell they wanted to focus on them because of the whole "Who's best waifu?!" thing and outside of their sidestories Touma and Berry rarely contribute to the main plot. But I only just finished Chapter 6 so maybe they'll have more going on in the next two chapters. 


      Outside of that the story is fun, dark, and somewhat inspiring. It's a shame people are dismissing it because it's on the Wii U, it isn't what they were expecting, and the bikinis were removed.

    3. Touchfuzzy


      Yashiro actually gets a LOT of focus, possibly more than the girls, in the final parts of the game.

    4. Uzuki


      That's why I said I feel it's just Touma and Berry. Yashiro gets closure at the end chapter 6, so his character feels complete. Whereas you get a glimpse of Touma's motivations and history and Berry is sorta having a never-ending midlife crisis. 


      But that might just be me. I'm sure it'll all come together at the end.

  2. So I just ordered Pop Idol Magical Girl SMT/FireEmblem... I mean Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. We'll see how it goes.

    1. Euphony



    2. AwesomeCool


      Marth: AND THIS! IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER!!!!!!!!1


      Marth: SUPER KAWAII SAIYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    3. AwesomeCool






  3. Tutorial: Town Quick Travel

    You can also nest choice branches, though if you want a cancel option, that means only 2 places per page in VX Ace, so not ideal. (With MV, you can do 4 options, next page, cancel, which is much more doable.)
  4. Amarysse's Anxiety Thread

    I know I come off as very casual and jokey on the forums, but IRL I'm a ball of anxiety most of the time. It has gotten better over the years, especially as my job has gotten better (I love my job so much), and I just in general get better at distancing myself and saying "do what you can do, don't worry about what you can't do." I still fail sometimes. Anxiety is a hard thing to grapple with. You can't just tell it to go away. I don't have a real answer. I don't think anyone does. But you are not alone.
  5. Games you think are underrated

    The negative reviews were mostly "It isn't God of War and it doesn't have AAA graphics." The only really negative thing I can say about the game though in all honesty is some of the side quests ARE very fetchquesty... but the dialogue during them usually makes up for it. (I still can't get over Weiss and Nier going Goat hunting and the discussion of smiting them with magic.)
  6. Tutorial: Town Quick Travel

    Yes, it is ESPECIALLY useful for Hub towns. That was why it was a godsend in Persona 4. You spend the majority of your 80+ hour playthrough of the game in Inaba, travelling around the same areas. The ability to pull up a menu made it much more bear-able (Teddie is my Persona apparently)
  7. In this tutorial, I remake a time saving mechanic from one of my favorite RPGs in RPG Maker: The ability to travel from place to place in a town using a menu brought up with a button press. What kinds of quality of life mechanics have you added to your game? Do you spot any way to make this event system easier? Join the conversation!
  8. RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    If you bought through Steam, the update should have automatically happened through your Steam Client, you would not have needed to download it here.
  9. Who's your favorite "Tales of" character(s)?

    Rutee Katrea and Leon Magnus. I'm old.
  10. You know, this is a paragraph in the blog post: " After this, we just need our Battle Event. Battle Events are created in the Troops section. Each Troop has their own set of battle events. If you want something to happen in EVERY battle, you will either have to copy it across to every Battle Event, or use a Plugin like this one from Yanfly. I highly suggest the use of Yanfly’s scripts, though I will not be using it for this demo. " Also, I try to do a tutorial twice a month, but it depends on what events are going on. We have 2 blog posts a week as our schedule, but that includes announcements and stuff like that, as well as more opinion based design articles rather than straight up tutorials.
  11. A lot of things I event can be done easier with Plugins, but I find that I, and probably other people as well, learn to use the program better by trying to do it without them.
  12. @Wavelength You can also just have it add 1 to a variable for each person who shows up as "in Party" when you are checking to see if they are in your party and dead.
  13. Today on the blog, we do a light exploration into Battle Events, giving Harold an extra ability in which he powers up whenever all his friends are dead! Read here: What Battle Events have you made in your game?