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  1. Coke Or Pepsi

    Pepsi is better out of a can or a bottle, Coke is better from a fountain. Mango Jarrito's and Root Beer are the nectar of the gods though.
  2. Hey People - What do you do when you 're bored?

    Read. Mostly genre fiction, but sometimes I just read TTRPG books. Play board games if someone else is up to it.
  3. Final Fantasy VI

    @Victor Sant Galuf is a boss.
  4. Final Fantasy VI

    Kazushige Nojima was one of the two writers for FFVII. He's also one of the two writers for FFXV.   Also, uh, what makes them thugs. I've seen nothing that implies they are bad in any way? Like, why are you likening them to Shinra?
  5. Final Fantasy VI

      I played FFVI when it came out. Still wasn't impressive then. The Opera scene is emotional devoid and the music sounds cheesy. Many years later I remember reading online and having to go back and REMEMBER the opera scene because I'd forgotten it existed.   Also, while XIII-2 and 3 did not sell as well, XIII sold very well, one of the top 5 selling Final Fantasy games of all time. And meh, I think XV looks fun, I'm entirely ready for Final Fantasy Broad Trip.
  6. How do you feel about LGBT characters in games?

    Even if the game is about saving the world, everyone has their own motivations. And sometimes that motivation has to do with romance. And sometimes that romance won't be between a cisman and a ciswoman.
  7. Final Fantasy VI

    Well, like all good games, there are always flaws. I love. love. love Nier. One of my favorite games of all time, but there are plenty of flaws that people could point out that I would readily agree with. The mechanics are, for the most part, pretty basic, though I still found them fun. The side quests are mostly fetch quests (even though they provide some great background on the world, and some excellent party banter). The graphics are not groundbreaking (though I think the overall graphic design is good, its not exactly pushing the limit on tech) One of the things I think that we as aspiring designers need to be able to do is identify that even our favorite games are not perfect. That we can analyze what worked and what didn't. And you know what, even between two people its going to differ greatly. Some games are just not designed for me, and nothing will make me like them. But being able to identify WHY they work for their intended audience makes me better at understanding design.
  8. What is your weakness in games?

    Multitasking. Like, its not that I can't do it, its that I don't ENJOY doing it. Like in an turn based game I can enjoy it, but if you are asking me to pay attention to eight things at once in a realtime running game... ugh. I just don't enjoy it. I love specializing. I love doing ONE THING.   So many of my Sims "families" were like, one person in the household. That way I could maximize their efficiency. Other people are a distraction.
  9. How Long Should I Make My Game?

    Ahhhh, I always mess up its and it's. All homophones are a weakness for me and I try to edit them out, but I fail at times. I just went through and fixed them. I'll try my best to do better in the future.   And @AwesomeCool I'm really really trying to get the blog back on track. To like, 2-3 articles a week. A lot of events kind of slowed it down. The IGMC, Christmas Sales, etc. etc, but the blog is honestly one of my favorite things. The problem is, sometimes I'm inspired and other times I'm like... what do I even write about that I haven't written about before. Thanks for enjoying the articles though, and I have a couple in outline form now. And I'm adding the optional content one now. Great idea!   Also, if anyone is interested in writing a guest post or two for the blog, especially in areas that I'm not as knowledgeable in (art and coding are both things I would love to see more of on the blog), please do contact me. The process is really creatively open, you tell me what you want to write about, I say, hmm, sounds cool or I'm not interested, you write, I give advice on how to punch it up, etc. So not like, you get an assignment and write. Very open discussion, because different perspectives is cool.
  10. Final Fantasy VI

    I now dub you: Most reasonable Final Fantasy VI fan.
  11. How Long Should I Make My Game?

    I'm going to expand a bit on that one actually because... man. Just, ugh. I'm getting old, man. I've got a kid that is approaching grown herself (she starts driving soon, horror). I am very acutely aware of games wasting my time, because my time is so much more precious nowadays. Like, all seriousness, when I was 16, games directly wasting my time didn't bother me hardly at all. I mean, I still thought it wasn't the greatest design choice, but it didn't hurt me. But now? Ok, well, I still waste time in games, but it ANGERS me when its the game doing it and not me. Give me control of my time!
  12. How Long Should I Make My Game?

    Eh, you aren't really disagreeing with me. My point is, get in, give them the experience you are looking to give them, get out. If your experience needs that extra time to fully develop, then that is what needs to be done. My point is that you need to decouple everything from some prescribed "length" that your game should have. And the game should just be as long as it is to support the experience you are trying to create.
  13. Final Fantasy VI

    And before people have a heart attack: Its not that I dislike VI. There is nothing really, majorly WRONG with VI. Like wrong enough to make it a bad game.   It has a good playable cast. The pacing is pretty solid.   But it isn't without flaws, and some of the flaws are the very things people like about it.   First of all. Kefka is a crap villain. He's a joke. He has no reason for existing other than that the game needs a villain. He's not even a Joker ripoff because you know what makes the Joker interesting? His compare/contrast to Batman. Without that, Kefka is just. Boring. He's badly written. There is no REASON for his existence. Hell, he has backstory, but the only way you would know is one NPC, at one point in the game, that is totally missable, who says ONE line about who Kefka is. Nothing is explored with Kefka. Nothing is, anything with Kefka. He just exists to be "LOL CRAZY".   And the other thing. Ok, guys. Its time to admit, that the Opera scene is not great. 1. There is nothing storyline or thematically about the Opera scene that in any way actually makes it emotional. Its not a climactic point in the game. Its just "Hey, throw you guys in here because you need an airship." And 2. the music? WARBLE WARBLE WARBLE. "OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING". Guys. Guys. It sounds stupid. its not great. Get over it. The scene is just, entirely without any real emotion or well, anything impressive.
  14. Final Fantasy VI

    Tactics is clearly the best game in the series. VI gets tons of love, what world do you live on. VI wasn't even the best Final Fantasy game on the SNES. (That would be V)
  15. How Long Should I Make My Game?

    Other things I learn: When I'm looking for a blog post to write, just read posts in the general or mechanics discussion forum until something annoys me enough to have an opinion on it.