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  1. The Count variable is also the easiest way to drop the order into the variables for the switch order, which is the easiest way to determine the order they are in. I could of course, do Yellow switch = 1, then a conditional branch like if Red Order Switch >= 1 yellow order switch +1, followed by blue and green, and then having it check if the current switch is 4 to check the reset, but its more convoluted than just using a generic count variable (that I will probably reuse in other puzzles anyway.) The only ways I can see to really streamline the event and still retain all its functionality is that technically I don't need to check if they are all right on any event but the last switch, because if it was triggered by the other switches its obviously wrong (that and I can batch reset them rather than do each individually). I just don't see how what you are suggesting would keep the same functionality. To both be physically able to see which switches are on and off and to reset them visually. (for that matter, I'm toying with a way you could do the event with just TWO variables and no switches, but its horrifically convoluted, and not clean at all.)
  2. Well part of my goal was to have the switches not reset until all of them are flipped. If you do it after each swtich flip, it is easier to event, but it also makes the puzzle too easy to trial and error rather than figure out based on the puzzle you give the players. When you do it at the end, there are 24 different combinations to try. (4x3x2) If you do it after each one, you just need to try at most 4+3+2 combinations. 9. Also, every game I make will probably end up with a Count variable that is reused in a lot of puzzles. Its too convenient of a variable for any number of reasons.
  3. Ever needed to make a puzzle where you flipped switches in a certain order? The discussion topic, for our latest blog post is here, which covers that exact topic.

  4. So to help with the Golden Week Celebrations, I've set myself on writing some tutorials on common RPG non-combat mechanics. Today, I'm looking at making a puzzle in which you must flip switches in a certain order. Can you think of an easier way to do this? Can you identify what part is duplicated but unneeded? Check out the tutorial here.
  5. Got in from PAX East late last night, man it was tiring, but so cool to see so many people, and talk to so many people interested in getting into RPG Maker, or who already use RPG Maker themselves.

    1. Kloe


      Yup, I don't know much about conventions, but if it was as hectic as it looked like in Harold VS Pax East, then I imagine it'd be really really busy!

      It must be so fun to see so many RM-ers and possible RM-ers, I wish I could have gone.


      Now it's relaxing time Fuzzy, so you can relax to cool down from Pax East!

    2. Touchfuzzy


      Aha, I"m taking one day to relax, then its turn around and work on some releases and cool new stuff. Really looking forward to seeing more people play Koihime Enbu, that game is awesome.

  6. Happy birthday, boss man! May you have a great day :)

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    2. The Mighty Palm

      The Mighty Palm

      Birthday cheers fellow bearded Georgian. 


    3. Ms Littlefish

      Ms Littlefish

      Happy Birthday, Fuzzy. Have an absolutely epic weekend! 

    4. Touchfuzzy


      Thanks everyone. I hadn't even gotten to log into the forums while up at PAX East, it was insanity. Fun and really cool, but so much to doooo!

  7. PAX East setup day 1 completed and back in rooms, and food in me. Unfortunately I'm still stupidly tired.


    1. Altered State

      Altered State


      (if you can)



      (if you can't run away and sleep on a bench)

  8. Getting Ready For PAX East

    That is pretty awesome! I apparently decided to jump in at the top first. I've worked cons, but never showing off games like this before. So its definitely a new, and crazy experience.
  9. Getting Ready For PAX East

    To be fair, I still occasionally think about going back to school to get a degree I can teach with. Of all the "non-dream" jobs, its probably the highest on my list. But I love the job I have now, even when its causing me nightmares because I fly out for PAX East in less than 48 hours. ahahah. ha. ha. hahaha ;_;.
  10. Whats your favorite fast food

    I really love Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. The sweet heat sauce they have is excellent, their chicken strips are among the best in all of fast food, and their biscuits are perfect. And on the subject of fast food is bad for you: Meh, its all in moderation. No one should be eating fast food every day, but having it every once in a while is fine.
  11. Getting Ready For PAX East

    My job is to take plenty of pictures. I'm probably going to basically do a picture log on twitter/facebookof my whole experience. Starting with getting to the Atlanta Airport, and ending when I get home.
  12. Getting Ready For PAX East

    Yeah, its actually fun to talk about work. Most of the time we just do it, and it is an interesting topic for game making (game marketing that is).
  13. Discussion Topic for the latest blog post: Getting Ready For PAX East. This one was a lot of fun to write since it involved working with two of my favorite people!

    1. Kloe


      That's really interesting, I never knew quite how much work went into convention preperations...

    2. Touchfuzzy


      Hirei has more of it than me. She basically designed our entire booth and constructed all the art from different game promo art we had, figured out all the equipment, took a trip to skyline to pick out what we needed, figured out our electrical... She is the best. I feel like a lump when I see what she does.

    3. Hirei


      It's cause I have no life other than artwork and volunteering/staffing at conventions LOL

  14. I'm sure you sometimes wonder, being game makers yourself, what its like to get ready for a giant event like PAX East. Its been a crazy time, and I took a bit of thattime to interview 3 of our staff about it, I talk to Mark, our lead producer, Hirei, our Convention Operations planner, and finally, I talk to myself, which I should probably get some kind of counselling for, that isn't normal! You can read it all here.
  15. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us through The Day RPGMakerWeb Stood Still.

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    2. Kloe


      Oh... Well, at least it's back up now! :cutesmile:

    3. One Lucky Kid Gaming

      One Lucky Kid Gaming

      Yeah about servers those big boxes that carry information... sometimes  there is so much data for these servers that they crash ... so thanks for the fix bro

    4. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Thanks for keeping to forums going Touch and to all staffers.