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  1. Replace Weapon in Transformed State

    I'm aware that using Yanfly's Weapon Unleash will allow my characters to have custom attacks [and thus formulas] to specific equipments. However, I'm considering adding a state that changes the weapon itself. How do I work the Lunatic code to change the animation either for the Weapon or the State?
  2. Equipment-specific damage.

    My example is a simple one. I want to create an attack skill that grows stronger when you wear a helmet. The helmet type increases the damage the skill deals. How do I do that?
  3. Increased Sideview Actor Animations

    That's the problem. It's still a limitation for 1-3 sprites for normal poses. But what if I want a longer pose? What am I supposed to do? ...though still, if you have a link to said 'battle intro' programming, please post it here.
  4. Increased Sideview Actor Animations

    Yeah, this is what I'm interested in. The current system is too limited in my tastes, like in vanilla RPG Maker 2003, and that one at least allowed for the developer to use the Battle Animations 2 tab to make improved animations. Basically, something like the Tankentai or Victor systems, but because the Yanfly Battle Engine lets you add action effects now, what I want is more something for while the characters are not attacking, like their default stances.
  5. A Guide to Yami's 'Battle Symphony'

    Where do I regulate what sprites do when they're idle, to switch between their walking and their standing still? [i don't have unique battle sprites for this.]
  6. Sound Effect error

    For some reason, whenever the party is wiped out, the game fails to call upon the file 'Audio/SE/Recovery'. What could be the problem here?
  7. RPG Maker 2003 fanart of mine!

    Yeah, okay, this is a better place to put it. Sorry I didn't see this section before.
  8. Yeah, I 'unno where to post this, even if I wished to post them on the 2003 section I thought it might not work... Anyhoo! I decided to draw some RPG Maker 2003 characters a while back. With the release of RPG Maker 2003, I thought maybe uploading them to get some input would be good. The characters are named after their battlecharsets. I took some possible liberties because I've never seen them in full artwork, so I'm not so sure if some of the points are correct, but I did try my best. These aren't exactly NAUGHTY or anything, but... just in case, they're under a spoiler warning. For large builds. Please give your opinions. And don't hold back!
  9. Brainstorm Ability.

    My problem hasn't been that, actually. Perhaps i just don't understand the way the 'Span' function works, how exactly do 'Battle', 'Turn' and 'Moment' work?
  10. Brainstorm Ability.

    A Japanese RPG Maker 2000 fangame, 7th Stand User, has a special command called 'Brainstorm' that can be used within certain battles. This ability triggers a cutscene that lets the player skip the rest of the battle, at the cost of the rewards they would get from it. [This is available because 7th Stand User's plot is precisely the protagonist being able to change the events of the original storyline, or let them pass as he/she desires.] I want to do something similar in Ed, Edd n Eddy RPG, giving players the option to use cartoon logic to defeat bosses [for instance, rather than fight a giant spider legit, just build a giant fly trap or something], but I'm running into a few problems. 1: Using this ability results in a 'fail' message, as per when you miss an attack or it's nullified. I want it to not show any such messages. 2: I'm not sure how to set the timer for it. Because the first boss battle has a few events, I need to have them run before the player is capable of using the Brainstorm command. However, trying to set the events after that results in them all happening all together, and when I try to set it to specific turns, I can't then get it working right. These are the two big problems I hit. Can anyone help me out, please?
  11. Limit Break

    I'm not sure what the exact question is, but a reminder... 1: on the Terms tab, you'll set the various subtypes of special attacks [starts with Skills and Magic], so you change the max number by +1 and add the Limit Break there, which allows you to set it to skills; 2: on the Skills tab, you make up the skills you want and add the Limit Break type where it would say Skills or Magic. 3: on the Actors/Classes tab, you can add notes to define which Limit Breaks are learned. These can be used for non-Limit Break features, but I think it's what you are asking.
  12. I have no idea if others get this problem, but... for some reason the Cover ability is working oddly. Mass Debuff spells targetted at everyone are being blocked, so the defender gets twodoses rather than one. This isn't supposed to happen. I'm using Yanfly's engines. What could be causing this problem?
  13. Hello folks. I come here to ask for help with the game I'm working on, Ed, Edd n Eddy RPG. Although most of the things we need can be addressed through commissions or finding specific resources... the fact is that we are at a disadvantage. For starters, not one of our team members has enough skill in Ruby to work on scripts - yes, we can work *with* script tags, but the 2.5 programmers we have don't know enough. A primary scripter– someone who has the know-how on making them, or even just knowledge of what scripts work best with what we need – is a must. There is also a significant need for a sprite artist. Nobody here is good with humans, and as you can guess, THAT is what we need. Some help with tilesets would be good too, but not major. Lastly, we need a proper artist. Our current title screen is rather poor - something like this game's would be much better. I don't want the exact same, however - only the static flickering on the back. As noted on the tag, working on this would be free, but I'm willing to trade - I'm a good Eventer and Writer, if nothing else, so I can help with these if needed.
  14. Ed, Edd n Eddy RPG [Demo Available!]

    Thecurrent version has been cleaned up and streamlined significantly. Please enjoy.
  15. Limit Break

    This question has to do with FF8's Aura. In that game, you could use the Aura spell, the Aura Stone item, or Mighty Guard to give your character max Crisis Level - so you could keep on using Limit Breaks until it ran out, even if you had max HP. Is there a way to implement this feature in a state - something that forces the HP value to be 100% or less as long as it's active?