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  1. Pokemon Corner

    Here's some info I found if anyone's interested: Damn... well I won't be mystery trading for a while o,O
  2. Archeia's Let's Play/Try Thread

    Well I have a very short demo I would really appreciate some criticism on It's pretty short, less then 20 Minutes. Here's the link:
  3. Pokemon Corner

    Added Hyde and Tai_MT, here's my friend code: 5000 - 1977 - 0269 Is it bad that I'm at 61 hours and I still haven't finished the game yet o.O    Edit: Oh and Tai, I have a garden Vivillion if you want it
  4. Pokemon Corner

    I don't think it would but yeah lol, here's mine anyway   Anyone else restarted yet? I actually restarted a few days ago( I atleast got someone to keep some of my pokemon) and I've actually been damn lucky with wonder trades and random trades(got a Ditto before the first gym lol). Anyone else had lucky encounters from wonder trade or random trading from passerbys?
  5. Pokemon Corner

    Yeah I just tried too, got the same error.
  6. Pokemon Corner

    Anyone want to add me? Lol I'm only at the 7th Gym now (catching all the pokemon takes a while...). Here's my code: 5000-1977-0269
  7. Taking Leave

    Aww well I'm sure the break will only do you well, and you've been a major inspiration to I'm sure many people, including me. Best of luck further *hug*
  8. Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @WNx  I liked your intro I do think you should try to add more images though, and make it a bit slower :3 You should make your indoor maps smaller by maybe a tile or two. It will help get rid of some unnecessary negative space. Oh and why is there a "path" of stones leading to Harkon's house XD Other than that most people have said the other stuff that bothered me   Some new maps from me again lol, a world map and some forests
  9. Game & Map Screenshots 3

     None of them is actually Mack XD All of the maps were made utilizing the DS Resource Pack and I think some tiles from the DS+ pack too. And those are lilypads XD 
  10. Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Some new screens from a side project I'm planning to finish in a week XD
  11. Game & Map Screenshots 3

    @adiktuzmiko Try to add more stuff there, since it's on a beach add shells and more palm trees. What palm trees is that? It really clashes with the rtp style, is the the high fantasy one? Rather just use the rtp palm trees since they're easy to use but still work efficiently. Also about those grass variations in the sand, don't put them under the palm trees or in the middle of the sand, try to keep most of them near the edge of the grass that's already there.   I haven't mapped with Celianna's tiles in ages but I felt like making a map for fun I might just use it for a side project in the future though.
  12. New Website and RMDS+ Released!

    I was going to buy the DS+ pack anyway but those battlers just look so awesome :3 Can't wait till I buy the resource pack!
  13. RPG Maker Web Pixel Quilt 2013

    B2 is done, sorry for the wait lol, been pretty busy with RL stuff~   Hope it looks okay ^^;
  14. Loving these interviews so much :3 Nice read!
  15. Tristian: Lady of the Lion

    Ooh just saw this, downloading the teaser now Looks good so far!     EDIT: The link seems to be down... is it just me... ?