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  1. The Calm And the Fury: Art Contest

    Awesome work @Vexed! I especially like the weapons embedded on the dragon's back! I was going to use a dragon and a shrine maiden, but I think my concept is too similar to Tyler's and Vexed's superior work. Ah, well. Back to the drawing board. Here's a peek at the dragon, anyway.
  2. Have a happy 2017 everyone! :)

  3. The Resource WIP thread 2

    Not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but if you're customizing tilesets, maybe the tutorial on Anatomy of an Autotile will help.
  4. Merry Maker Christmas 2016!

    Thanks for the lovely gifts! Happy Holidays!
  5. Quick update: "Natalie RPG" is now released on my page. I believe I should create a new thread under the "Projects > Completed Games" category for future updates and in case the "Learning Together" thread is archived. Happy Holidays, everyone!
  6. Season's Greetings, everyone! :)

  7. alpha testing the updated version of "Natalie" now. Launching before Christmas. Updates: less typo and grammar errors! updated character designs for Jennifer and Zozo! new background music! optimized!
  8. POP Character Bases

    I recently bought the POP Horror City DLC; it's awesome! The bases provided for sprite and face sets are excellent, but I could not find any sprite base for the "downed/dead" poses. Can anyone please confirm if bare bases with "downed/dead" poses are included in the Character Pack Bundle? The description only mentions "plus size and elderly characters".
  9. Any Steam Games Anyone Would Reccomend to Me?

    For a game made with RPG Maker, I highly recommend "Last Word". You can read more about it here. "To the Moon" has great reviews, but I haven't played it yet.
  10. The Calm And the Fury: Art Contest

    Nice. The demo tracks are brilliant.
  11. Visually, is the Pop Horror City DLC compatible with Time Fantasy--particularly the character sprites? If I wanted to do an urban-fantasy story, can I mix and match? I don't have either, but I'm thinking of getting them.

    1. Amysaurus


      I think mixing them would be possible if you upped the contrast on the Time Fantasy tiles, but as-is I'd say no. POP! has a lot more contrast (darker outlines, higher range of dark/lights) to its sprites/tiles than Time Fantasy, so they'd stick out in an odd way without tweaking. :) 

    2. kenibatz


      Thanks @Amysaurus! That's really good to know. :)


      I love the fact that their creators are very generous with freebies, so I hope to own both DLC sets eventually.

    3. Sharm


      I think it'd be a fun challenge to get the two to work together, and it'd be less work than making the same tiles from scratch, but yeah, they're actually pretty different stylistically.  I think they could be edited together though if you had a decent artist on your side.

  12. Visual Novel Maker

    Interesting and informative. Thanks! I'm not sure I agree with a few of the points, but they are definitely food for thought. Can't really form an opinion on Telltale games as I've yet to play one. They seem really cool, but on paper, their execution sounds similar to kinetic novels (with less words and more cinematic eye candy). Maybe they are the natural evolution of the Kinetic Novel format? I like it when VNs incorporate minigames that make sense to the narrative. Such games can really enhance the user experience; sort of like what was done with Undertale. Anyway, I like this discussion, but maybe it deserves it's own thread? I would love to see more discussions like this!
  13. How to stay motivated?

    I start with small projects with humble goals and let them evolve naturally. If you are a writer hindered by writer's block, try writing short stories to get your creative engine warmed up. And don't worry about incomplete stories in your documents folder; you can leave them there and revisit them later for inspiration. Participating in game jams can be helpful because of the structured rules, the time limit, the sense of challenge, and the comforting sense that other people are doing a similar project. Complete one small project; knowing you have one complete project, no matter how simple, will help you build on your next.
  14. Visual Novel Maker

    I have the same opinion regarding Telltale games (Tales from the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us). I haven't played them yet, but the reviews I've read imply that they are more of interactive movies where your choices don't really matter, especially in contrast to games like "Life is Strange". This is an unfortunate truth about VNs, but understandable. VNs can be quite effective as a storytelling format.