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  1. Steam installed the DLC just now. Thank you very much.
  2. I've got the same problem. I'm thankful for every hint. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Golden Week - Question Time!

    My childhood hero is my grandma. She found my mother as a baby on the street during the escape at the end 2nd world war. She raised her as her own child and did all she could that my mom had a beautiful childhood. She sent my mother on the "Gymnasium" that's the highest school in Germany. At that time mostly boys went to the "Gymnasium" and not girls. She paid the school money for my mom although they were very poor after the escape because they had to leave everything behind.
  4. Upgrade v.1.11 for Forum Store Version

    Is there an ETA for the upgrade of RM2k3 1.11 for the forumstore in the meantime? It's really frustrating to have to use still the older version 1.10a
  5. Call Map Event

    And how do I call a specific event page? E.G. Event 15, page 4 This way it calls the automatic loaded page. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Upgrade v.1.11 for Forum Store Version

    Some kind of answer would be nice.
  7. When will the newest Upgrade v.1.11 be available for the forum store version of RPG Maker 2003? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Normal Item ID to variable script command

    Sorry, but there is no such thing as an Event Command whichs stores the Item ID in a variable. The only thing you can do is to store the number of items in possession in a variable. For storing the ID of an Item in a variable you'll need scripting. I would like to know the script call, too.
  9. RM2k3 - Modifying battle interface?

    @ DirgeNovak You might want to have a look at this game (El Dorado 2): It has its own evented battle system as well as this game (Assembling the Void):
  10. RPG Maker 2000, is it out or what?

    Problem solved. Nvm.
  11. RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    Will it be possible to purchase RM2k3 through the forum store as well? So that we could use our member+ discounts?
  12. Map making tutorials?

    Here are some tutorials for mapping with the rtp. Part 1: Part 2:
  13. RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    Is it possible to get a key for Store-Version of RM 2003 if you have bought the Steam-Version?
  14. There are tiles for the ceiling. In the 3rd row the last 2 tiles are meant for the ceiling. If you look in the Database --> Tileset --> Passabiltiy they are marked with a square.
  15. German-English Translator and Speaker for Video Tutorials

    *push* A speaker alone would be helpful, too.