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  1. This is but another story of struggle and humanity in the infinite vastness of the Frontier. STORY With the discovery of the warpstream, mankind reached an unprecedented age of galactic exploration, but only in decades past was it discovered to be a world of its own - an infinite, unexplored dimension full of untapped resources and capable of supporting life. Thus came an age of rapid colonization and exploration, as many flocked to the warpstream to carve out an existence of their own making. The warpstream came to be known by a different name - the Frontier. Colony 4575 was a corporate-funded research colony that was typically nondescript and conveniently remote, so when mercenaries came to purge and loot the colony, no one paid attention and no one survived, except one - a stubborn artificial consciousness known as Quantevallion. Deprived of the knowledge of her original purpose and function, and possessed of the ability to control and command machines, Quantevallion saw this as her opportunity to escape a mundane existence and seek the knowledge of her origins as she had desired. Intending to break through the mercenary army with a group of drones, a chance encounter with an experimental subject causes a change that she would never have expected. FEATURES - Nonlinear game structure: dungeons can be taken on in any order and will adjust in difficulty and loot quality as the story advances - Randomized dungeons and treasure: dungeon layouts will change in every visit and treasures are not fixed - Drone customization: field a force of four drones of various chassis with set numbers of weapon and module slots, allowing flexibility in customizing how your units fight. - Attrition-based structure: your challenge is not the battle in front of you, but the dungeon itself. Keep your units alive and conquer it! - Persistence: There are no game overs, and defeat only resets the dungeon. Come back stronger than before! - Energy-based battle mechanic: All units recover energy at the start of every turn and stronger weapons and attacks require more. Balance your builds between firing strong weapons and how often you can do so. - Original resources: with the exception of some sounds and animations, all of the resources in this game are original and made by our team. - A human story: witness the story of the AI Quantevallion and how she grows through the struggle for Colony 4575. SCREENSHOTS INFO & DOWNLOAD - Ruin Frontier 0 was created for IGMC 2015. Since the initial release for the contest, we've fixed a number of balance issues as well as some compatibility problems with Windows 8. Please be wary of these issues if you decide to play the original version of the game.- A help menu is available in the party menu of the game which contains in-depth explanations of the game's mechanics. - If you enjoyed our game, please vote for us at the link below! IGMC page: http://contest.gamedevfort.com/submission/488#.VfEJFZcViUm Updated download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/08qidj8evu7l3xz/Ruin%20Frontier%200%201.02.rar?dl=0 RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/8091/ CREDITS

    That same point with Lucinda and the double pay was brought up by someone else so it sounds like I didn't write that as well as I should have.

    Hello, I am JIHAUS, the writer and setting guy for RUIN FRONTIER. I wanted to see about clearing up some issues regarding the setting and story of our game as well as answer any questions anyone may have. I'm writing this mostly in reply to Matseb2611's post but it could help shine some light on some aspects of the plot. First of all, I want to apologize for the rushed and nasty state of the writing. We definitely hope to improve this in subsequent builds and definitely appreciate any feedback you give us. Due to time constraints and in the interest of simplicity we skipped out on a lot of exposition regarding this unusual setting and this may have caused some issues with the overall experience. Of course, SPOILERS
  4. Forced Recall

    Well that was a damn horrible oversight. I'm glad my VXA trial version still has 2 days left so I could fix that! I went ahead and reuploaded it with more recent bug reports fixed.
  5. Forced Recall

    I looked at it too and I just set the requirements to be greater than or equal to the number. That should fix the problem. Is that what you did?
  6. Forced Recall

    Also Note that I'm not a judge, as I'm sure most of you know, so do take anything I say as important. By the way loved it!! Oh crap, thanks for pointing that rage bug out. You know I saw this a couple times when testing but since the problem didn't come up in repeat tests I didn't think about it. I'm definitely gonna look into this one. Castles award you 2 points per square so smashing them could easily lead to this problem. Until I get an updated version posted, you may have to stick to destroying castles first.
  7. Forced Recall

    2nd Judge's Thoughts CANT. STOP. PLAYING. Some creator notes/comments: - I didn't get to test the clear game very much unfortunately. That was a bit low priority since I wanted to focus on finishing the game more. No point in having a new game+ if people don't want to go back and play your game. - The graying out of teleporters is indeed a good idea and I realized that after the fact. I'll be updating this when I get more feedback on this game. - You can thank my friend Jesus (Cleffy, not the one from the bible) for that music, I roped him into this to get him out of a rut he was in inspiration wise and it looks like we got something good out of it. The Glass/Hate dungeon theme and the main theme/sanctuary theme are the work of my old friend and composer Ariae, and these are actually old themes he gave to me for a vaporware game I had. - I had made this game and entered this contest to familiarize myself with VX Ace, having come from rm2k3. As such I wanted to use basic events and RTP and whatnot without diving too much into grabbing scripts and etc. This was my first VX Ace game and I made this on trial version. - I thought I sucked at designing puzzles, so I instead thought of the central resource "time", so I designed the dungeons around wasting or taking away time, or creating situations that would force you to expend time. I also knew I was using RTP so I wanted to have certain chipsets in mind. - The Glass/Hate dungeon and the Town/Confusion dungeon are examples of the time wasting idea, as few things actually hurt you there. - The Overworld/Rage dungeon is me putting my old ABS experience from the rm2k days to use and was only plausible because of the surreal nature of this game. I created this based on looking at VXA's RTP overworld chipset and thinking that it'd be awesome to use that for something. If there were more vehicles available on RTP or if I had more time, this would be significantly nuttier. -The Metal/Pain dungeon was the first dungeon I designed for this game and was designed with "be as much of a dick as possible" mentality in mind. Ultimately it ended up working well as it forced the player to march to the tune of the spikes instead of spam dashing all day. - In working with the above concept of maximizing time wasting, I adjusted the dash speed to the maximum to make it a bit more uncontrollable so it could be less spammable and more risky, especially in areas like the Metal/Pain dungeon - I was afraid my cutscene pics would be ill-received due to how rough and rushed they look. They were all drawn during downtime at work on a small drawing pad with a black ball pen (what I normally use to scribble coworkers' faces when bored) - On that note, all of the characters were based on coworkers except for Z and Jones, contrary to my usual tendency to create (lots of) original characters. - I never thought myself good at writing mysteries so I stuck with something I was familiar with, being nonlinear gameplay, this brand of humor, hand drawn cutscenes, and essentially function over form. As such the graphical aspect was a bit weak here, using only RTP. - I'm glad those who have played it have enjoyed it so much. This was a fun experience and I am definitely convinced of the power and fun of this engine. I'll be designing my future projects on this engine for certain.
  8. Forced Recall

    Let's see...(Do not open unless you want spoilers)
  9. Forced Recall

    The Situation: A shipment of valuable goods belonging to the mega corporation, Solarcorp, left a secure base and traveled to its destination unmolested. Once there, the contents are found inexplicably gone without a trace. Shortly after, a half-dead witness contacts the company, claiming that this was a heist, and that he was part of it. Driven mad by shock and pain, he is unable to give the information he claims to have. The agents of Solarcorp, feeling their time limited, decide to enlist the services of two memory divers, said to be the best in the business. Their goal is to dive into the man's fractured mindscape in an attempt to help him remember his role in the seemingly impossible heist, so that they can persecute and punish the thieves - and perhaps find out if there's more to the heist than it seems. Characters: Rene - A laid back memory diver who seems to not have a care in the world. Though his warm and friendly demeanor wins him many friends, he rarely commands any respect from clients as he exudes an aura of carelessness that runs contrary to his reputation. He is otherwise unexpectedly sharp and surprisingly good at what he does. Cleffy - Rene's partner in crime, the two seem as if they were really brothers. Like Rene he doesn't seem to take his job seriously, causing similar misunderstandings. Although he is a memory diver as well, he prefers to monitor Rene from outside, giving him valuable information, at least part of the time. Most of the time he instead pokes fun at Rene's various misfortunes in the many mindscapes they've explored. Ms. Z - An agent of Solarcorp security who hired Rene and Cleffy. She is as mysterious as her refusal to use a proper name. She is serious, direct, fiercely loyal, and ruthless in her work, making her an effective agent, but this same personality clashes ferociously with the seemingly bumbling duo of memory divers. Jones - The witness who barely survived what is believed to be an assassination attempt from one of his associates. He claimed to have been part of the elaborate heist of the valuable unnamed goods, in which he claims to have seen every member and level of the operation. His motivation for betraying his associates is unknown, as he was barely conscious when he was found by Solarcorp. Despite his grievous injuries, Solarcorp refuses to let him heal, instead deciding to get as much information out of him as possible before it's too late. Jones seems to have played a lot of games in his youth and as a result his mindscape looks like that of a game. Features/Game Information: -A futuristic crime investigation story with a humorous tone. -The game is non-linear, and the player can take on any of the four "dungeons" of the game in any order in their hunt for the fragments. The dungeons vary from each other, each requiring different play styles to complete. -Time is the only resource. The player has only 20 minutes to start with, representing the mindscape's stability. Sustaining damage doesn't kill the player, but takes away valuable time instead. Conversely, acquiring fragments or orbs will restore time. -The player gets an ending depending on how many of the memory fragments they were able to acquire before time runs out, and gets a score at the end of the game based on their performance. -Three difficulty levels. -In addition to Story Mode, Arcade Mode (no cutscenes) and Challenge mode (no save points) are also available. -The action inside the mindscape is punctuated by a series of cutscenes drawn in a rough style creating a contrast between the two. -An original soundtrack Credits: -Various scripts by Yanfly -Illustrations by me -Music by Jesus "Cleffy" Avila and Michael Somnes File: Download 52.7 MB, RTP should not be needed Screenshots: