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  1. Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    Usually we answer all tickets within 48 hours. Sometimes a reply or a ticket does get lost in the mix, though, which is why we also double check the forums here to make sure everyone is attended to.
  2. Refund/Support Request Falls on Deaf Ears?

    Hi there! I actually send off the refund request yesterday so it should be processed today. Sorry for any delay!
  3. Upgraded to Windows 7 - lost my key. :\

    Sent the information via e-mail and PM
  4. Post your judging scores here

    PMing you shortly
  5. Post your judging scores here

    Absolutely! I'll be looking into this throughout the day and weekend. I believe at this time all e-mails I received have been repsonded to, with maybe 2-3 exceptions. Some may not have been received on our end because we receive a lot of automated replies from our e-mail system from various services. If you'd still like your score and comments, feel free to e-mail or PM me directly so we can get that you way without any further delay. Also, I still have a few keys to give away for people requesting feedback.
  6. Post your judging scores here

    Hi there! Yours was Spectr, correct? I actually just sent that one to you a little while ago and I've also re-sent here on the forums via PM.
  7. Post your judging scores here

    Sure, that would be great! The feedback process for the next contest will be a lot more efficient. Unfortunately this time we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of submissions so it's taken some time to sift through everything. Plus, as some of you are probably aware I was dealing with some health problems so unfortunately that lagged us behind as well.
  8. Post your judging scores here

    Hi, mlogan! Which game was yours? I'll go ahead and get the results for you Also, I'm going to PM the rest of you here directly with your scores to make this process easier.
  9. Post your judging scores here

    Thanks for your patience, everyone. More scores coming out today
  10. 2014 IGMC Results!

    Thanks everyone for participating! Just a quick reminder: we'll be issuing as many scores and comments as possible this weekend. In the meantime we're getting them polished up for you all.
  11. 2014 IGMC Results!

    We will begin the prize-issuing process starting tomorrow. We are planning to send out the participation coupons via e-mail. Stay tuned for more details
  12. Contest Winners Finally Revealed! The time has finally come! First off, we want to thank everyone for your patience: thecontestwas far larger than anyone anticipated, and we had approximately 800 games to experience. Many entries were truly exceptional and scored high, proving there is a huge pool of talent in the indie game community.We also want to thank our two celebrity judges (Ed GreenwoodandSabre) as well as the Humble Bundle team for their invaluable contributions to the judging process. Weโ€™re also pleased to announce an additional prize category:Humble Bundle Judgeโ€™s Choice! Winners of this category will receive gifts from our friends at theHumble Bundle store. Curious about the contest wrap-up? Please scroll down to the end of the post for further details. Grand Prize Winner: Remnants of Isolation by Red_Nova Download Magic is a curse. A plague upon the world and those that live in it. Those that are born with this curse unwittingly sap the mana from the earth they stand in. In order to prevent these abominations from draining away the world's lifeblood, they are locked away in a castle in an isolated dimension. It is in this castle that the cursed are to remain, removed from society so that their magic does not harm normal people. They are to be kept here for the rest of their miserable lives. At least, that's the way it should have been... Suddenly, a loud crash is heard. A young girl, kept apart from the rest of the castle, looks up from the ground. The magical barrier that prevented her escape slowly dissipates. Standing up, she pushes open the gate and finds her first taste of freedom. Guide her as she teams up with a renegade mage boy to search for the truth behind the castle, her unique magic, and a way to escape. Congratulations toRemnants of Isolationfor winning $10,000 and more as our Grand Prize winner! RPG Category Winners 1st Place:Antagonistby Nivlac Download Hello and welcome to Evil Productions! We're the best in cutscene production, making only the most realistic of cutscenes by using real actors! That's right! They're real! Our specially trained villains will play their role in a game world of our choice, and cameras behind the scenes record and publish their interactions with the local heroes! Aren't you interested in- What's that? An actor fell off the volcano? Oh no, that's out of the filming set! 2nd Place:Last Wordby Merlandese Download In a society where having the last word means having power over others, a small party is disrupted by a gentleman who politely issues orders through a one-way intercom. Last Word is an unconventional JRPG. Battle sophisticated guests using words as weapons. Collect topics by gossipping to unlock mysteries. Drink wine. The night is young and no one can leave until the devious Professor Chatters says so! Can Whitty and Seymour overcome the power of the professor's amazing machine? Or will they succumb to the saucy banter of the motley aristocrats around them? Don't hesitate in getting the Last Word. 3rd Place:Cope Islandby Zds Download Find yourself on a mysterious island, where you gain score by tackling turn-based RPG battles in the least amount of turns possible with a small selection of randomized weapons. Choose Standard for a more relaxed approach to the island, where the only penalty to losing is a loss of score and save points are frequent; or choose Rogue, where there are no save points and dying is permanent. Celebrity Judge's Choice: Last Word โ€œLast Word was head-and-shoulders above the rest in terms of doing something different than the norm and treating the player as an adult, or rather a thinking entity. It expands the horizons and tries something much bolder than seen in the other entries. I enjoyed the challenge of this sophisticated RPG.โ€โ€“Ed Greenwood Humble Bundle Choice:Exeunt Omnesby Adam Hasvers โ€œA lot of credit goes to this game for having incredibly creative gameplay. It definitely goes in a unique direction. Exeunt Omnes clearly has a lot of depth to it, and getting to see the storyline unfold, getting to watch the cutscenes, and beginning to understand its mechanics was very rewarding.โ€โ€“ Eric Tam Congratulations to the winners of the RPG category! We had a great showing of both RPG Maker and non-RPG Maker games from some very talented aspiring developers. Non-RPG Category Winners 1stPlace:Daemon Detective: Gaidenby Yal Download When the entire art collection of New Magma City Art Museum is stolen by a daemon overlord, our friends from Daemon Detective sets out on a quest to reclaim them. Through the use of their cunning, their mighty feet, and amazing power-ups they fight their way to the overlord's castle inch by inch, pixel by pixel! Venture through 3 hazardous worlds filled with enemies, items and stolen paintings to reclaim! Save your kidnapped friends for a host of 4 playable characters, each with unique abilities! Use amazing superhero transformation skills to battle bosses covering the whole screen in bullets! The game has 4 different endings depending on how you fare. Can you unlock them all? 2ndPlace:Oh! Ko!by mostly useless Download Oh! Ko! is a comedy adventure game with light item-based puzzles created in RPG Maker VX Ace for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. The game's production has been quite a challenge; I grabbed VX Ace in the Humble Bundle on the 4th and learnt the software as I went along, making the game and drawing all but a few art assets within the contest period while juggling a full time job. And no, my full time job is not juggling. I tried to curb my ambition to create a complete and reasonably polished, if somewhat brief, experience. 3rdPlace:Little Briar Roseby Flame Download A brave prince is trying to save his sleeping princess from an evil spell. Will he defeat the spell or will he be lost in the forest forever? Little Briar Rose is a point-and-click adventure game inspired by โ€œThe Sleeping Beautyโ€ A brave prince is trying to save his princess from an evil spell that forces her to sleep forever. In order to save her, he has to explore the enchanted forest which surrounds the castle where she is imprisoned. It will not be an easy task at all: the forest is populated by several magic creatures, and he has to help them in order to break the curse. Celebrity Judgeโ€™s Choice:Goats on a Bridgeby Cabygon(Download) โ€œI really enjoyed my time with Goats on a Bridge. The characters are great and super super cute. I liked how the menu system was implemented and the game was fully explained. The music fits well with the game and I loved the ability to add equipment/costume pieces to the goats. This game was also very difficult (to the point of rage-inducing) and has a lot of replay value.โ€โ€“ Kimberly โ€œSabreโ€ Weigend Humble Bundle Choice:The Vendorby Galenmereth "The game starts out with a fairly entertaining inversion of the standard JRPG formula. Vendor takes a fun look at the mechanics popularized by Recettear. Planning out what the heroes bought from you so they could complete a dungeon was cool and provided an interesting puzzle. Maybe Vendor just copies something great, or maybe there is something really fun in there. Either way, I was having a really good time playing the game."โ€“Andy Oxfeld There were many excellent non-RPG selections, which was a pleasant surprise for our judging panel. Congratulations to the winners! Most Shared and Most Buzzing These two categories were geared toward the hottest and most trending games. Props to the winner of Most Shared Game:Purrkourby Emergency Squid Studios! Taking the prize for Most Buzzing isArs Harmoniaby youarebritish, our Peoplesโ€™ Choice winner from July! Both games fared quite well in scoring, so it is fitting that they get their chance to shine. Prizes and Results 1. Curious about your score? We are in the process of refining comments for the games and will be offering scores to participants starting this weekend. All you have to do is e-mail and weโ€™ll get back to you with your score(s) ASAP, starting Sunday. 2. Details on participation prizes and other prize packages will be distributed starting this week. We will begin contacting the winners tomorrow via the e-mail addresses provides on the contest platform. If you have any questions, you can e-mail or PMDeckillerhere on the forums. 3. We also have a lengthy list of giveaway winners from the contest. Be sure to check your e-mail/forum messages for free product keys! 4. Our team will be reviewing and streaming as many of the winners as possible in the coming weeks. Please visit theRPG Maker Web Blogfor more info! Lastly, we wanted to thank everyone again for your participation and patience: we couldnโ€™t have asked for a better turnout. Weโ€™re excited to see what everyone cooks up in our next event!
  13. I drafted up the announcement earlier today Excited to finally share this (and to finally be back in general - been quite inactive due to health issues).
  14. Editing own submission is now possible

    Yeah, games were downloaded immediately after the deadline. We are asking that people do not update the downloads linked by the green button, though, in the event that we need to re-download fresh. And yes, feel free to edit your descriptions and media now
  15. Formal judging has begun!

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