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  1. Let's speak about candy!

    Thanks for asking dude. My favorites are:  1. Pop Rocks
  2. A belated introduction...

    it's never too late man You can call me Mr. llort, and I like to do stuff and thangs on this site. Welcome party hype!
  3. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    @esbie: Bro, stfu, your maps are worse LOL. Quit hating. Aside from that, you know what your maps lack? this: bring in some positivity. Or I will shut you down with negativity. Don't be an a*shole, famous quote from me. Even if the map is ugly, you don't reply to someone saying it's ugly or saying it's the worst map you've seen in a while because it might hurt the person. But hey, I'm a good guy. I suggest keeping your mouth shut next time if you're going to be a prick about it.   
  4. Eternal Conflict Recruiting!

    This story gives me the Game of Thrones vibe. Ryan, take my money man! I am astonished by the portraits. So far, I think Brutus will be my favorite character, but who knows what could happen. I am looking forward to this. Put me on the list mate!
  5. Gears of Obscura

    I'm looking forward to the demo. It's been a long time since I am looking forward to a RM demo. Your maps will be fun to explore!
  6. My top favorite RPG hero is: Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Here's the reason why:
  7. Game & Map Screenshots 5

    Stridah: those prison bars weren't made in that specific time. They were not made in that historical period, so please change it. Having hay in those cells could be very dangerous. Lolol
  8. @Dalph Your little sister has the coolest shirts ever. Italy looks peaceful, I wanna go there one day.
  9. Game Making Drive May 2014

    GMD: Day 2 May 3rd •Created a new scene. •Created more animations, and edit more database •downloaded more graphics and planned out map for  that's it! lol.   Go mages!
  10. Game Making Drive May 2014

    GMD: Day 1 May 3rd It's been months since I worked on my game. But I didn't work too hard today because I need to get used to it.  •Edit weapons, skills and armors. •Worked and created 15 new animations. •Edit sprites for a new scene I'm creating. that's it! only worked on game for couple hours.   Go mages!
  11. Looking for "Dead" Mac Style Sprites

    I found some I think: and here's a bear. I mean beer. 
  12. Game Making Drive May 2014

    I need this. I need to make progress and hopefully this will give me motivation. DAYS: Everyday TIMES: Anytime after 2pm  MY TIME ZONE (UTC/GMT +/- #): GMT -6 (Central Standard Time) PREFERRED TEAM: Mages 2nd PREFERENCE: Knights 3rd PREFERENCE: Mercenaries
  13. Mango has arrived!

    hiya mango, welcome. And this is Pkpwnr's new name: 5ynical
  14. Game & Map Screenshots 4

    @Goatrider For some reason, I'm always confusing your maps with Quigon maps haha. Looks pretty cool dude, keep it up.