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  1. I am back. Most of you don't know who I am, or don't remember me. Some of you may get annoyed that I am back, some of you may be happy, some of you don't care hehe :) #Kappa

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. zachfoss


      Awe thanks, you're too nice!

    3. Izares


      :) I'm glad you think that about me!
    4. Luiishu535


      Welcome back Mango! Things haven't been the same without your mango-ey greatness!

  2. Some people will eat a lot today.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tai_MT


      Some dragons will eat a lot too :) Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

    3. Vance Raehart

      Vance Raehart

      i eat souls!!!

    4. Tai_MT


      sounds like you'd be hungry all the time.

  3. Just played A Bird Story (RMXP). I can't believe a story about a bird made me a little teary. Kan Gao has got some wicked talent. Recommend 10/10!

  4. Did you know Barack Obama spelled backwards is Kcarab Amabo and it doesn't mean anything.

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    2. Dalph™


      ^ At least yours is pronunciable, try to pronunce mine backwards. HplaD

    3. zachfoss


      Caz, what does this mean? double rainbow? :O

    4. Dalph™


      ^ It's the name of the Resource Staff Lead here.

  5. Babysitters don't actually sit on babies.

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    2. Marsigne


      right hahah lol

    3. Seacliff


      Your back!

    4. zachfoss


      Don't worry, I've been doing it wrong too

  6. Let's speak about candy!

    Thanks for asking dude. My favorites are: 1. Pop Rocks 2. Nerds 3. Skittles 4. Sour Patch Peaches
  7. A belated introduction...

    it's never too late man You can call me Mr. llort, and I like to do stuff and thangs on this site. Welcome party hype!
  8. We will have flying cars when cars fly.

    1. Alexander Amnell

      Alexander Amnell

      Why are these gems only sent to dalph these days. Did a mod ask you to lay off the general status feed or something?

    2. Dalph™


      Planes, trains and cars can be used for transportation.


      Everything stopped after that legendary Status Update about the bees, ahahah.

  9. Someone will breathe today.

    1. zachfoss


      Someone will poop today.

  10. You will eat food within the next thirty days.

    1. zachfoss


      Feeling hungry? Go eat some food, that'll help.

  11. A day without sun is night.

    1. zachfoss


      Is your room too dark? Turn some lights on, that will help make it brighter.

  12. Eternal Conflict Recruiting!

    This story gives me the Game of Thrones vibe. Ryan, take my money man! I am astonished by the portraits. So far, I think Brutus will be my favorite character, but who knows what could happen. I am looking forward to this. Put me on the list mate!