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  1. Free Spirits

    Sure, and I hope it continues to be enjoyable.
  2. Art was oozing from every orifice

    Hello I am stopping in to leave some monsters I have drawn here: Eggplant Egg: This bipedal egg sports a strange hat. It’s never been the type to care about what others think of its fashion choices, though. Eggplant Parasite: It wants to be the best hat, but few appreciate its sense of style. Muscle Egg: Due to the large amount of proteins within this egg, it has become incredibly strong. Goodbye I will draw more things in the future I am sure
  3. Free Spirits

    yup, that's still fine!
  4. Free Spirits

    Only half of your dreams for all the many kind comments and critique we've received:
  5. Art was oozing from every orifice

    time for art This is actually the bartender, Mortimer, from free spirits... she was raised on a farm in michigan and scowled a lot less. How things change! idk where I should post that kind of trivia ah-hahahaha, but I drew this picture about it I ALSO GOT UNDERTALE....IT WAS DELIGHTFUL... I can't even be all "these were some of my favorite monsters" because basically every monster was my favorite. I also a few pictures of mettaton...........and also more amalgamates but mettaton...
  6. Free Spirits

    Now I feel compelled to drop in and say thanks! With just how many games were submitted, I didn't think much would come of our entry... so it's surprising to hear we're even in the top 10. Even if we don't win anything, it's been a great feeling just hearing so many flattering things, and releasing a finished game is nothing to sneeze at! it was so much work I can't believe we did that much in a month in my restless dreams I see that show text command I'll have to draw something nice to celebrate...definitely not pictures of buff muriel...
  7. Art was oozing from every orifice

    It's been over a year since I last posted here...sheesh! I guess tumblr decided it was done displaying images. Kind of a problem since that's mainly where I upload art! Almost nothing on this page loads for me anymore so...okay... It doesn't make for a very exciting art thread if you can't see any of the art. Maybe these will display? Here's some stuff: From a game I'm working on with a friend. One of my favorite sketchbook pages. Just kidding every page is a delight and a treasure Yup...still draw these cuties... Despite all appearances, a very friendly slime skeleton Those are some choice bits from an art blog I keep on the social medias. An art blog I haven't updated in months! Also a poster I made as a promotional sort of picture for a game I made with emmych... which em said they would post it here so I guess that'll happen at some point.
  8. Pixelated Historically Inspired Battlers (Side View)

    These make me so happy ;__; history is great and there's so many great things people have worn, so, talk about great design inspiration!
  9. need boss sprites for battlers

    Just letting you know that I do still plan on doing the last two, I've just been busy lately!
  10. Art was oozing from every orifice

    Ahhh, thanks! I keep meaning to post the separate images of that one, since Kael's looks...REALLY NICE... I'll get to it OTL I still love painting, though I don't paint for such long periods of time I complain about how rusty I am every time I post a watercolor thing, ah-hahahahaha And then just a pixel thing I did a while ago; I'd love to animate a bouncy little idle for this sometime.
  11. need boss sprites for battlers

    Ah, don't worry about it. I just like to fill requests from time to time. There's the third one - I really had a lot of fun with this one! As a side note, do let me know if any of the sprite sheets don't animate properly. I must confess I'm prone to embarrassing mistakes when putting sheets together.
  12. This is a topic plenty of other people have written about, and I’m elaborating on my personal thoughts and things I do in hopes it might be helpful to someone else. Productivity is something people have analyzed into a science, and there’s certainly other articles about this if you want to check one of those out. Who am I to tell you how to make your games? No one, that’s who! Have I released anything? Not really! This isn’t a guide for finishing a game, though there is a slight amount of overlap between “being productive and working on stuff” and “finishing a game”. Only a little bit. For finishing things, I recommend taking a look at Derek Yu’s writing on the matter. Solid advice you’ve probably been recommended before. Don’t shoot for creative or inspired, go for discipline. It’s not very glamorous but it gets things done. Creativity and inspiration may come and go, but if you make something a regular habit and learn how to do it even when you don’t feel like it, then you’ll get more done. There’s nothing wrong with feeling inspired, and if you can, try to take inspiration from the smallest things! That drop running down a window? That can absolutely be a game mechanic or an art reference or something. Practice getting excited about things like a 5 year old. Really, most of what I can say boils down to one thing: be optimistic about your work. Even if you aren’t an optimistic person, approaching your work (be it gam mak, writing, code, art, or whatever) from a positive standpoint will only improve it. This doesn’t mean you should be uncritical of what you do - just remember that “perfect” is impossible and “good enough” is good enough. It can be hard to let go of insecurities or worrying about the quality of something, but personally I shoot for doing my best. If I’m working on something I’ll eventually show to others, I keep in mind what they might like (yes, I do in fact think of a Target Audience) but I never let it get in the way of what I like. It’s up to everyone else to decide if they like it or not. Thinking this way really does help you worry less about how good your work is. Since pretty much all game-dev related work I do is in fact a hobby, this isn’t a privilege everyone has. If you aren’t being paid or working on a deadline, you have the freedom to take whatever approach or attitude you want. A word of caution - I might say things like “do things your own way” or “you’re the one calling the shots”, but remember that this does not mean to act stubborn and bull-headed and ignore everything you’re told because “the creator knows best”. For getting things done, it may be effective, but if you’re rude and dismissive to folks you’ll have a hard time getting help with whatever it is you’re doing. And trust me, you will want the help or outside input eventually. I may also say things like “stay positive”, but that’s hard! Again, it’s still important to be critical of what you do, but along with throwing out the need for perfection or finding ways to worry less about what other people think, at the end of the day if you’re not happy with something you’ve done, pause and ask yourself why that is. Once you know why, you can do something about it and hopefully make some progress. If you aren’t satisfied with your skill level, remember that you can only improve if you study and practice. One thing that helps keep me focused is music. When I want to get pumped, I have a playlist for it - great for drawing, databasing, or working out! Sometimes I need something quieter, so there’s music for that, too. Combine with some relaxing noise generation and bam, I can get in The Zone. But don’t think you can just keep going forever! Take breaks If you’re tired, work on something else if you’re sick of doing something. Especially when making a game, if you don’t feel like databasing… work on writing. Or resources. Or planning. No work is wasted work; even if you throw it out later you’ll have learned from the experience. Most importantly: take care of yourself. I am assuming most of those reading this are human, and people have basic needs. Move, eat, shower, and sleep. If you work with a keyboard or tablet for long periods of time, make sure to stretch your wrists. Your work is never going to be more important than your health, and when you push your health chances are your work will suffer for it. “Taking care of yourself” extends beyond physical needs. Oftentimes when productivity comes up, people will tell you to make lists or hold yourself accountable or find ways to guilt yourself into working, and while I love my TODO list to death, I’ve never worked well on guilt. Again, it goes back to finding ways to be positive about what you’re doing. Be kind to yourself! If you feel you’re at your limit, take a break and come back. More than once I’ve had the painful experience of getting something done, hating every second of it, and then feeling incredibly bitter about the final product. To return to what I said earlier about hobbies: if this is a hobby, make sure it’s enjoyable. Not every second has to be sunshine and rainbows, but why make yourself miserable? Despite all this talk of productivity, don’t get too wrapped up in keeping yourself busy. Go for having a sense of purpose, and be focused when you’re working. It’s totally fine to take breaks and stop to smell the roses. It’s more than fine, in fact - it’s important! After all, you can always work on your project tomorrow… Right?
  13. need boss sprites for battlers

    Yes, I'll be doing them all! I know the third one has been done, but I'd love to try animating some kind of nice space effect. I've just been aiming for one a day since hey, it's good practice.
  14. need boss sprites for battlers

    The second one was a doozy. @A@ Looks a bit cluttered, but there's my best! Also did an alternate animation for the first one, just some breathing though it looks a bit overdone. Use whichever you prefer. And for anyone who happens by these parts, I know wings can be a pain to sprite, so here's the ones I did for that second battler. If anyone uses these, I would appreciate credit.
  15. need boss sprites for battlers

    Just a heads up that I'm working on this! Started the green bara but I ran out of steam for tonight OTL I'll be sure to post once I have something to show for it. Edit: I got a second wind! So there's the first one.