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  1. All right! Sweet! It worked! Thanks for your help man! But if I ever have a request regarding something like this, I'll make sure YOU are the guy I talk to! Thanks again man!
  2. I was able to follow everything you said up until that very last part you just mentioned above. The Map ID variable thing and using multiple conditions to set my player's sprite in the correct spot and stuff. That entire half of your original explanation of how to do it after you showed me what to enter in the script. That is the part I got stuck on.
  3. WOW that is a lot of advanced scripting stuff. I followed as best I could but still got lost. Could you please provide me with a video tutorial on how to do this? It'd be much obliged if you could! Please and thank you if you can!
  4. Well, remember those classic old games that used to have giant open worlds and gave you a map so you could always know where in the world you were? Well, i'd like to recreate that in my game. Is there a possible way to make it so after you use an item it will show you the world map that you created for the game and show your actual coordinates of where you are in the world? Like maybe your head or the player themselves pops up in the area of the world they are in and it changes as you view your map in other parts of the world? Is that actually possible like via script or something? If so, it'd be awesome if someone could link me to a tutorial or a script or something that lets you actually see where you are in your game world every time you pull up your world map. It'd be much obliged if it is possible if someone could link me, please and thank you to anyone who can link me to where to go or what to use to make that possible or who could tell me first hand without linking me to anything in the comments below. Thanks for the help to anyone who can!