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  1. Echoes of Aetheria

    Looks great! I can't wait to play it. Thanks for letting me contribute to your project
  2. Closing extended til April. Finishing up commissions and I'm testing out something with Live2D for offerings. If you have any services you'd like to see let me know.
  3. Shop will be closed for 2 months and will reopen in March or earlier. I'm doing a full revision of pricing and examples as well as working on new offerings.   Please look forward to it!
  4. [PAID] Looking for a Global Artist

    Well commissioning means you are hiring the skillset. You're paying for time and skills to make it look good. A 24x24 sprite may be a "pinprick" but that pinprick might have tons of colors and has the colors/form made in a way to look appealing. Making a house is still a house even if it's in lower resolution, you'll still need to make it look like a house.   It's just like normal 2D artwork. Someone with very little skill can make artwork but it won't look nice. Pay a professional and they can turn what you've done into a masterpiece.   This is a 24x24 workspace I made real quick and you can still get a lot of detail from it. Making items at small resolution is a chore in itself cause details are lost but you still need the right nuances/form to turn it into a recognizable object.  
  5. [PAID] Looking for a Global Artist

    To help others figure out if this is the right job for them do you have an example of a typical weekly workload? When you say one week of work is this X amount of sprites/artwork? People need to know.
  6. The rate/charge is really common in freelance  so it's not really an issue for the quality the poster is offering imo. 
  7. Very professional work here. And your thread layout is lovely and contains a lot of information that people use to get commissions from. Nice work!
  8. Also wanted to say that I"m doing some style studies for MV...so will be offering portraits in that style hopefully.
  9. I'm floored by your work and seriously admire you for getting your work out there with clients like Winter Wolves Yes I also use toggl to track my workhours but I'm now looking into Time Doctor now that you've mentioned it. My work also mainly comes from Hobby projects unfortunately. But I guess with the reduction of clients I might get time to actually work on things that I want to / improve techniques. We'll see how it goes. Hoping for the best as well.
  10. [FULL] ehcs' Art Shop

    http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/22/romantic-visual-novel-a-wild-catgirl-appears-comes-out-on-october-29th/ your work was featured here
  11. Good vs Evil: Mapping Vote

    I'm so glad your sprite made it in too. It's great to just not be in the map
  12. Castle of Benevolence

    I'm just stepping in to say good job on the first battle. Your map is very detailed and congrats on finishing it   Also before Silent Darkness (again) or anyone says: TAKE POINTS AWAY FROM TEAM EVIL FOR HIREI SAYING ANYTHING.   I genuinely think that posts to encourage and promote good interactions between sides are ok.