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  1. One more month til I start the big move :D Excited to work more in the industry!

    1. Vox Novus

      Vox Novus

      Need to get yourself a countdown timer! 

  2. Commissions are closed until Jan 15th cause I'm moving to California for my new job.

    1. DeviTheHuman


      Congratulations and good luck.

  3. https://www.twitch.tv/reiterasu/ We are online now for Extra Life!

  4. Going to be doing Extra Life this weekend :D

    1. cabfe


      Nice. Will you be doing a drawing marathon or game making this time?


      Subsidiary question: kigurumi or not kigurumi? :wub:

    2. Hirei


      @cabfe I"ll actually be playing games this time! And Kigu of course :) Gotta put my bear face on. Will be doing some exclusive previews for Sekai Project as well on steam.

  5. Started a new job at a new place so I'm probably not going to be a red name anymore ;p I'm working in the game industry as a Project Manager for Sekai Project now!

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    2. BloodletterQ


      That's a big step. Congrats! Did you know the right people or something?

    3. Shaz


      Congratulations!  They are lucky to have you :)

    4. Hirei
  6. Congrats on hitting your funding goal! Looking forward to playing the full game :)

  7. Entering Reincarnation into Ressurection Jam. *gets mauled* But nah too busy ;p maybe later.

    1. cabfe


      That would have been a fitting comeback (to life) B)

    2. slimmmeiske2


      I actually still have that game on my computer :P

    3. ロリ先輩
  8. Trying to get into the habit of actually taking weekends off instead of working 7 days a week. Wish me luck.

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    2. cabfe


      It doesn't feel natural but it's proven that taking a rest from time to time renders more productive than plain hard work.

      So, work on your Rest ability!

    3. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Awe soo cute!

    4. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Good luck Hirei. I still want to be the guy being told what to do rather than telling others what to do for that very reason. Too stressful at the top.

  9. I return from 2 weeks of back to back business trips. WHEW.

    1. Sharm


      That sounds exhausting.

    2. ロリ先輩


      Get ready for the next one.

  10. Obligatory birthday video-


    1. AceOfAces_Mod


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Happy Birthday and many more.

  11. Happy Birthday, Hirei! Hope the weekend you're having is full of fun and excitement. Make it grand and keep kicking butt. :wub:

    1. Ghost of Christmas Kloe

      Ghost of Christmas Kloe

      :thumbsup-left::cutesmile:HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIREI!!! :cutesmile::thumbsup-right:


    2. Nirwanda


      Hey, it's two staffers birthday? What are the odds? Happy birthday Hirei. :)

  12. Getting Ready For PAX East

    If you guys have any Q's feel free to ask us too!