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  1. Trying to get into the habit of actually taking weekends off instead of working 7 days a week. Wish me luck.

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    2. cabfe


      It doesn't feel natural but it's proven that taking a rest from time to time renders more productive than plain hard work.

      So, work on your Rest ability!

    3. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Awe soo cute!

    4. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Good luck Hirei. I still want to be the guy being told what to do rather than telling others what to do for that very reason. Too stressful at the top.

  2. I return from 2 weeks of back to back business trips. WHEW.

    1. Sharm


      That sounds exhausting.

    2. ロリ先輩


      Get ready for the next one.

  3. Obligatory birthday video-


    1. AceOfAces_Mod


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Hollow 1977

      Hollow 1977

      Happy Birthday and many more.

  4. Happy Birthday, Hirei! Hope the weekend you're having is full of fun and excitement. Make it grand and keep kicking butt. :wub:

    1. Kloe


      :thumbsup-left::cutesmile:HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIREI!!! :cutesmile::thumbsup-right:


    2. Nirwanda


      Hey, it's two staffers birthday? What are the odds? Happy birthday Hirei. :)

  5. Getting Ready For PAX East

    If you guys have any Q's feel free to ask us too!
  6. One of the illustration boards I am giving away... for FREE at PAX East. This one will be inked and greyscaled. Recognize the hero? Suggestions on other RPG Maker heroes to draw?


  7. PAX EASTで会いましょう! ~ <3 Booth 3224 !!!

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    2. Kloe


      Wait, where is Pax? If it's in London I can go, yay! Otherwise, I can't really fly all the way there but I wish you good luck! ;)

    3. Touchfuzzy


      At this point, I just hope my brain still functions by the time the show starts.

    4. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Good Luck Nick And Co I'll Be Going To Pax Aus L8tr This Year Maybe

  8. Testing out stuff for PAX East. :> Come by and you can get some original art from @michael.galefire and I! Limited edition pieces...for free~ And watch us draw it lol.


  9. If you go to PAX East, you should find Touchfuzzy and wish him a Happy Birthday :P On Saturday specifically. Our Lead Eagle is going to be older~

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    2. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des

      Come to Australia  to to pax Aus for your asia market

    3. cabfe


      I had a girlfriend in highschool born on the same day. I should tell her about Degica, it looks like a recruitment criterion :)

    4. Luck Of Kurisu Saimon Des
  10. Here's my Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter character. Feel free to recruit.


  11. Echoes of Aetheria

    Looks great! I can't wait to play it. Thanks for letting me contribute to your project
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    2. Rikifive


      Cute! (^3^)

      Name him yet. :D

    3. byronclaude


      Yep. That is definitely cute haha :)

    4. T.Bit


      Doh! Baby kitty! I'd like to suggest the name: Fuzzy McGraypaws

  12. So I was a backer of Darkest Dungeon, feel free to recruit my character via Stagecoach on Jan 19th: Teiryn Fenrir. Hint: Character is quite related to Reincarnation :>

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    2. meowchelle


      Awesome! I'll be looking out for him. Hehe.

    3. Dream3r


      Been waiting for reincarnation. You guys inspired me to make ti as far as I have. I'm not a big fan of Darkest Dungeon, though I did buy it. I might have to try out Hellion though

    4. Blackheart


      do you know if the price is going up when it leaves early access? been thinking about grabbing it, just missed it's winter sale price though :/

  13. I have a bamboo tree instead of a Christmas tree and I decorated it with paper ornaments! :D