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  1. Graphics Changer

    Ah I figured it out! Apparently, I set my character's sprite to "none" at the beginning of the game so that you couldn't see the sprite during the opening (and because the player chooses their character in the opening). I then added the sprite of the player's choice through eventing after the opening scene. However, this script keeps changing the sprite back to the default "none" setting from the beginning of the game in really random places (battles, teleports, etc). Unfortunately, I won't be able to this script in my game because of this. Very sad. Otherwise, this script seems to work very well and is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Graphics Changer

    Hello! This looks like a great script! Thanks for sharing! ^_^ However, when I installed this into my game, my sprite disappeared. I haven't even assigned any changes to any of the actors yet, and the sprite only returns when I uninstall the script entirely turn the script off. Perhaps I installed it incorrectly? Lol, I've spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to figure it out myself. Thanks for your time! ♥
  3. Movie File Won't Play (Black Screen)

    @Andar: Ah-ha! That was the problem! ♥ The video was larger than the game screen. That seems like an easy fix. Thanks so much Nirwanda, ragnawind, and Andar for all your help! I really do appreciate it. ♫ Now, off to editing... ♫
  4. Movie File Won't Play (Black Screen)

    Hello! Thanks so much for the quick responses! They were both very helpful. I deleted the old file and remade it in case it was corrupted. I re-made the original video and used VLC player this time to convert it--which came out in better quality. I discovered that there is a "test" option whenever you insert a video in the event editor. The webm video was the only one that worked successfully in the test window. I feel like I'm a little closer now, but when I pushed the play button to test it in-game, for some reason it still shows a black screen. @Nirwanda Yay! Nice to see familiar faces.
  5. Movie File Won't Play (Black Screen)

    Hello everyone, thanks for your time. ♥ (I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Haven't logged on for a long time--like, since RPGM-Ace sort of long time...) Well, I've been working on a game and wanted to insert an opening video in MV (since I just bought it and have been playing around on it). First, I tried a webm video, but realized it needed to be an MP4 with an h.264 codec. So, I converted the video to the appropriate format, but when I try to play the scene, nothing happens. Is there something I possibly missed? I went to Event Editor > New > Tab 2 > Play Movie... > and selected the video. Is there something else I am supposed to do to make it play? I've been reading the forums and other people's questions, and I think I did everything right, but I wanted to double check. Thanks again for your help! I appreciate it. ♥
  6. should we expect your game to progress : D!?

    1. Sketcy-Sketch


      Yes. I hope to give more information about it's current progress in an announcement next spring! ^^

      Since the Kickstarter didn't work, progress has been a little bit slower. I had to re-approach my strategy a bit, but no worries. Project Broeder isn't dead. It's just that I mainly get to work on it during the summer and pay for it more out of pocket right now--so news is slow. I'm working on strategies to better publicize it next time around to let more people know. :) 

    2. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      it's nice but at least you are still progressing in the game : D !

  7. Whoa~the format of the profile's changed a little bit since I've been away the past year. Can't find the friend list anymore. 

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    2. Sketcy-Sketch


      Yeah, I think I prefer the term "friend list"  But, it's not so bad. ^_^

    3. nio kasgami

      nio kasgami

      well at least...WELCOME BACK : D

      it's super cool to see you again!

    4. Sketcy-Sketch


      Thanks so much! Good to be back! *hugs*

  8. Ever had that moment when you're trying to work on your project, and your giant dog keeps trying to jump in your lap like a puppy? Very distracting, lol.

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    2. Amysaurus


      Yes, if you replace dog with little brother c:

    3. taarna23


      Big dogs always think they're lap dogs. Lap dogs always think they're big dogs. The whole species has identity issues.

    4. Sketcy-Sketch


      True. :D

      @GrandmaDeb: *hugs* long time no see! ^^

  9. Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Looks great! There is a lot of work in this. Lol, my eyes always feel like they're on fire after making a parallax map, but I just love the results.
  10. Why is pinterest so....addictive?! O_O

  11. I'm back(ish). My first year of teaching high school English about killed me~mostly because they tell me I look too much like a high schooler, lol. I hope to re-open the parallax map shop sometime in July.

    1. JacobM


      congrats on surviving your first year!

    2. Sketcy-Sketch
  12. You know you're tired when your mother asks you to get her a glass of tea and you put ice and water in the cup. You know you're really tired when you pour out the water and fill the cup with milk. You know you're exhausted when you pour out the milk (I know, I wasted it, I'm sorry) and put ice and orange juice in her glass before giving up and walking away. Yep. No joke, lol. But on a better note, I did eventually get the glass of tea the fourth time around.

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    2. Allusion


      Wow, lol. I really hope you're able to rest as much as possible. I usually can't finish a sentence when I'm sleepy, much less safely make tea. I'd probably somehow drown in it. @-@

    3. Tai_MT


      Sounds... complicated! Though, all of those other drinks sounded good to me. I might've just took 'em and not cared about not getting tea!

    4. The Stranger

      The Stranger

      Haha! I love watching people who are tired attempt complex tasks. They're like zombies.

  13. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    @gRaViJa: Actually, that is really interesting! Good to know. I knew it meant "brother," but I didn't know it was an older way of saying it. I love studying languages, though I have never studied Dutch specifically. @Frostyfirefly: Yes, they will fix her lower face. In fact, her face really moves rough in that sequence, so I cut part of it out (and she's not supposed to be blond, but rather has light brown hair, so this scene needs some work). The final version will be very different.
  14. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    lol, surprisingly no. It was a word I made up when I was younger by scrambling some words together. I liked how it sounded and always used it in my manuscript. Then, a couple years ago I discovered that the word actually translated in another language to "Brother." I was really surprised, but the meaning actually still fit along with the plot line, so I kept it. Just goes to show that even if you think you've made up a word, you should double check and make sure it doesn't have meaning in another language.