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  1. Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Looks great! There is a lot of work in this.  Lol, my eyes always feel like they're on fire after making a parallax map, but I just love the results. 
  2. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    @gRaViJa: Actually, that is really interesting! Good to know. I knew it meant "brother," but I didn't know it was an older way of saying it. I love studying languages, though I have never studied Dutch specifically.    @Frostyfirefly: Yes, they will fix her lower face. In fact, her face really moves rough in that sequence, so I cut part of it out (and she's not supposed to be blond, but rather has light brown hair, so this scene needs some work).  The final version will be very different.
  3. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    lol, surprisingly no. It was a word I made up when I was younger by scrambling some words together. I liked how it sounded and always used it in my manuscript. Then, a couple years ago I discovered that the word actually translated in another language to "Brother." I was really surprised, but the meaning actually still fit along with the plot line, so I kept it.   Just goes to show that even if you think you've made up a word, you should double check and make sure it doesn't have meaning in another language.
  4. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    Here you go. This is just a [very] short excerpt from the demo teaser (9 secs to be exact). This animation does not necessarily reflect the final product that will be used in the complete game (as you can see, there are a couple errors), but it shows that the project is not dead.     Amazing animation by ELordy and Rayjii. Music by--that's a secret until the teaser trailer release.
  5. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    Mini update: Just a little update to show that the project is not dead. Production has been slow because of our budget, but we are still progressing forward little by little. Right now, I'm paying for commissions out of pocket. Sprites and animation are what I want to work on at present, as well as a few tiles. Here is a commission that I have just received for our title animation: I'll be keeping you updated on major events as they become available. For our next Kickstarter, I'm hoping to have a playable demo game to accompany the project--as well as possibly a short animated video. Please stay tuned for more updates.
  6. [Closed-May reopen in July 2015] Parallax Mapping

    Sorry for the late-late-late reply. I do plan on reopening eventually. I'm just starting to get settled into some stuff and may make an appearance back on the forum soon. Sorry for the long wait.
  7. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    Thanks for the support everyone!   And thanks so much for the shoutout, Donn!! You don't know how much I really do appreciate it! Also, I updated the links so that it should go to the correct Kickstarter now.
  8. First try at art!

    Looks great.
  9. Weekly Art Challenge #22

    I might give this a shot. Food, huh? I think I can come up with something.
  10. RPG Maker Free Game Bundle!

    These look great. I think I'll try some of them out.
  11. What music inspires YOU to create?

    Well, I really like a lot of genres (except rap and heavy metal *cough, cough*), so a lot of stuff can inspire me. But, I really love orchestrated work because you sort of apply your own words to the feel of it. Nothing tells you how to feel. It's just the connection with the music. I may be a little bias, since it was made for my game, but I really like to listen to this piece whenever I'm working through an exciting part in the plot.
  12. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    Update: I just launched our new Kickstarter a little while ago. You can see our current team, special thanks, and plenty of concept artwork. Plus, here is a new gif for you:   *eye candy*     More updates to come!
  13. Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest

    Oh, I think I'll join this. It looks fun!
  14. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    Thanks for the support, guys. It means a lot.   However, while of course I would have liked to see it funded, I'm not upset. This is just an opportunity to improve my presentation.This is not ending my project by far, so no worries. I'm not scrapping the project. After all, success is not defined by how many times you fail, but rather by how many times you pick yourself back up.   I am going to reorganize my efforts. Work on the project is still continuing. I have been meaning to post some of the new battle sprite gifs for the project. They really look great! I have also been meaning to post some concept illustrations of some of the antagonists. I'm really looking forward to that.    As for funding, I am planning to reopen the Kickstarter in about a month or two, but not in the hopes of  funding the entire game. This next time, I'm going to ask for a smaller amount so that I can put together a playable demo using the new graphics. But, as I am still working on how to approach this, I will have more details on this later as they become available.   The game is still in production. Perhaps this will give me time to recruit some new staff members like  scriptors. But, again, more info on that later. 
  15. ..::Broeder: Secrets of Ohr::..

    Alright, I'm working on releasing the old 2011 demo version of the game in the next 2-3 days. The tiles are outdated and for non-commercial use (since I had not yet decided to go commercial at that point). I just have to clean the demo up a little bit first.