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  1. how to store objects value in var ?

    @Jonforum It seems it got overlooked that you (presumably) accidentally posted this topic twice. Which would you like to keep open? I can also merge them together, however, given the number of replies in each thread, I fear it could become confusing.
  2. Thanks for the update! I'll check it out as soon as I can - which probably won't be until much later today.
  3. Forced Romance vs. Open Romance

    I think either way is fine, as long as it is well done. I need to buy that the characters should be together, or I'll be annoyed, whether I can choose or not. I like romance in games, personally, but for example, I remember playing an RM game where there was a romance choice between two characters. But it was very sudden, no build up - just, "oh he's a friend" to suddenly he's professing his love and you had to choose to reciprocate. Dumb maybe, but the fact that there was nothing leading it up to, to hint at this possibility or that your character might be interested was very offputting, so I chose no. I hope I'm making sense - just, do it good, if it's a choice, make the player want it to happen, if that's the ideal outcome. If it's forced, make it believable as well. Show the development.
  4. Limited RPG elements?

    Nah, there's so much you can do with just events. I know there are a lot of topics here that discuss different types of puzzles and even some tutorials over them. If you've not used RPG Maker programs before though, I highly recommend that you spend time working through some tutorials of the program so you can learn how the basic things like switches and variables and conditions and such work. Once you've got a good grasp on that, you can use that knowledge to make puzzles. Also, no need to quote whole posts when replying, particularly if it's in response to the last post. If you want to address a specific member, you can use the @ symbol followed by their name, like @- Laurence -. Welcome to the forums!
  5. Limited RPG elements?

    It sounds to me like what you are wanting to make is a Visual Novel, from my limited knowledge of that genre. You might search for topics on them, or what and see what others have to say. At the end of the day, I say make the game you want to make. If you feel you need more gameplay, but don't want battles and such, you can always do a variety of puzzles. But yeah, I'd research Visual Novels.
  6. Fastest way to import lots of resources

    One way to make it a bit easier would be to save the images to one folder of the appropriate type, and then copy all the files over to your project at once. One difficulty in doing this, is that many of the free resources found online are not fully ready to go into projects. Meaning, it's rare a creator makes full tilesets or has them formatted into full tilesheets. Because artists here and other places create what they want, they may have bits of tiles here and there that need to be added into a full tilesheet. As Andar said, store-bought packs are the easiest way to go about it, as they are formatted ready-to-go. Another note, as you are saving resources, be sure to keep track of the creator. One easy way to do this is to make sure to include the creator's name in the name of the file when you save it. This way, you won't have to worry about tracking down who made what when you're ready to create your credits list.
  7. Horror Menu request

    I've moved this thread to Plugin Requests. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.
  8. Passing Requirement

    No, you've already created this topic and gotten a lot of responses trying to help you. Do not create a second topic asking the same thing. Closing this.
  9. Passing Requirement

    @mars2004 , please avoid double posting, as it is against the forum rules. You can review our forum rules here. Thank you. If you type \V[n] in the Show Text editor, and replace n with the number of the variable you want to know, it will show you the value.
  10. I feel like I'm missing something with the Quest Journal system. I've got LTN Core and the Quest plugins saved in my folder. I've been able to get the Editor to work and create a test quest. I use the Plugin Command in an event to open the Quest scene, but every time I do, I get this error: I tried it a new, clean project after getting it the first time, and in discussing the plugin with someone else, they got the same error. (I never mentioned to them my exact issue.) So yeah, did we miss a step somewhere?
  11. Passing Requirement

    I've moved this thread to Ace Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you. You'll want to use Conditional Branches to check for the party members. You can either increase a variable by 1 every time a party member is added, and then have the Conditional Branch check to see if that variable is equal to 3. Or you could use Conditional Branches to check and see if each Actor is in the party (2nd page of Conditional Branch options). I think this would be more complicated than using a variable however.
  12. Tint Screen On Instant

    Have an event on the page that is set to Autorun. Put the tint screen on this page and after the tint screen command, turn on Self-Switch A. Make a 2nd event page that has a Condition set to Self-Switch A, but otherwise leave the event page blank. This will turn off the Autorun. You might have to play with a fade out/fade in effect going onto this map as well, since it does take a moment for the screen to tint darker, which will be noticeable otherwise.
  13. Daily quests

    I've moved this thread to Plugin Requests. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.
  14. Footsteps in Snow

    Okay, so here's where being specific helps. If you are wanting it for just a small area, again, this could be accomplished with events. If you are wanting it over a large area, you would be better off with a plugin. One has been suggested and since I still don't know the precise nature of your needs, I'm going to assume that you will need a plugin and move this topic to Plugin Requests. You will also need the footprint graphics. I'm not sure if MV default graphics includes snowy footprints or not. I know that some exist out there, whether for other engines or some that someone made as a freebie, I can't remember. I would search for them. If they are made for another engine you can always size them up if the creator allows edits. If you can't find what you need, you can ask in Resource Requests.
  15. product key help

    Thank you for wanting to help, but please don't necropost (posting in a really old topic). Thanks! This thread is being closed, due to being solved. If for some reason you would like this thread re-opened, please report this post and leave a message why. Thank you.