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  1. This thread is being closed, due to being solved. If for some reason you would like this thread re-opened, please report this post and leave a message why. Thank you.
  2. Request Bloody Tilsets

    This thread is being closed, due to being solved. If for some reason you would like this thread re-opened, please report this post and leave a message why. Thank you.
  3. Restaff March - August 2012

    Yeah, that would be it. The VX Ace Heroes is a suite of new actors designed in the Ace Style for use, and the Blaster Girl is one of them. Jalen's folder has the portraits and facesets for her. The other actors are in past release folders, which are also included in the file.
  4. Restaff March - August 2012

    Updated the Original Post with the August 2012 release! Prepare for some big pirate booty with this one! Also, the staff is taking September off, so the next release will be in October. The school year is just starting and we want to recharge our batteries.
  5. Restaff March - August 2012

    Christmas in the End of July, a New ReStaff Release! And you get some releases, and you get some releases, and you get some releases. I'm like goddamned Mario with these fireballs.
  6. Restaff March - August 2012

    The problem we had for a while actually is that we didn't have an active spriter besides Scin for a while, and Scin was making portraits and facesets too so it was unfair to expect her to do all of that. Hiring Shiro gave us a spriter finally to work with, but he also had to play catch up to weeks of buildup. That said, Shiro is just 1 spriteset shy of having all of them done right now, so anticipate a yes, unless something completely walls him within the next three days from finishing that last one. Though the entire pack may not be done since I haven't seen many developments on Jalen's portrait and faceset for the Demolitions girl. She certainly has the portrait done, but we've been doing emosets for each character, and that isn't ready as of now. But everything else is pretty much good to go by now. We also have some really cool new stuff coming this release beyond the Ace Heroes.
  7. Restaff March - August 2012

    Updated with the June Release. I won't be doing any of the few days late crap anymore after this release. The next one WILL be out on July 31st. That said, this month we have many excellent additions to the release, including three new portraits between Scinaya and Archeia, several great new battlers from Thalzon, new scripts from Fomar, and my finally complete Iconset with a healthy dose of extra weapons, armor, and items added to the list. Enjoy!
  8. Restaff March - August 2012

    Why yes, it's a compilation that I just update each month. It feels a bit more organized to just have one file than to say: "Hey, go download all of these compilations if you want everything". Better for people to jump in with later.
  9. Restaff March - August 2012

    Alright, here is the new ReRelease Compilation for May! Sorry it's a little late, again, but I'm always forced out of my house due to uncontrollable circumstances just before these releases. OTL Enjoy the graphics!
  10. Community Characters

    You can always post your community characters here. Remember to give appropriate credits to anyone who made yours (Or yourself if you made it yourself), and I will add it to the next archive in a few weeks after more have accumulated.
  11. Community Characters

    Thanks to hospitalizations and finals, I have been severly behind on staff stuff... so I'm spending my day catching up. The new version of the compilation is up now!
  12. Restaff March - August 2012

    After a riviting trip to the hospital and long recovery period, I have returned with the next update to the ReStaff Package! April was a busy month for most of us due to finals, but we have quite a few new nifty graphics in here, plus the addition of some BGMs!
  13. Best. Script/Program. Ever. This is the script/program equivallent of Nutella: F***ing incredible.
  14. Restaff March - August 2012

    @ Mihel: To be fair, I posted this at like 11PM EST, it was still March 31st. @ morgash: It's hard for me to speak for everyone in the Resource Staff since I don't know all of their standpoints off the top of my head and not all of them or on IMs now, but I'm pretty sure it's the RTP standard. I'll update this if I'm wrong.
  15. Files available in the Download Center Compiled Version (April - August)We're taking September off, so the next Release will be coming October 31st! Hello forumers! Welcome to the Resource Staff thread, which houses delicious resources from all of the members of the Resource Staff! Here you can pick up sweet new Portraits, Charactersets, Iconsets and Facesets. And the best part is, this thread is updated at the end of each month, adding heaps of new resources for your use! And most, if not all of these resources are made as a team, leading to packs of resources that go hand in hand. Remember to give credits based on what resources you choose to use, and all of the resources are sorted in folders by who made them, so you know exactly who to give credit too. Also, the compilation is updated each month and contains the contents of ReRelease before it, so our new members don't have to sift through multiple downloads to get all of these great resources. The Release is in a ZIP file and every person has their own folder for their contributions, plus a collaborative folder. Here is an index of what each person makes though, for quick reference: - Iconset from Timmah - Battlers from Thalzon - Sprites from Shiro - Scripts from Fomar0153 - Faces/Portraits from Jalen - BGMs and Assorted Graphics from Archeia - Portraits and Characters from PentagonBuddy - Character Generator Parts, Portraits and Facesets from Scinaya These resources are made exclusively for these forums are not to be redistributed by anyone. These resources are meant to stay on these forums, so do not repost them anywhere else unless it links back to here. Doing so shows respect for the wishes of the artists of these resources and helps ensure future contributions to this compilation. Enjoy. Change Log Most Recent: The August release was a nice Pirate Themed release for the most part, featuring lovely collaborative efforts from Scinaya, Archeia, Thalzon, and Shiro. I put forward a few new animations to add to my massive reserve, Jalen brought us the lovely Demolitions Girl Portrait and Faceset for the VX Ace Heroes set, and Fomar brought forward a few lovely new scripts! Feel free to plunder this ship for goods. July was a slower month thanks to the wonderful holiday that is refered to as the summer. We have a slew of four new sprites from Shiro to accompany the portraits and facesets for the ReStaff Ace Heroes set. Thalzon and Scinaya decided to have some fun and return to themed releases with some new animal heroes and actors. Who knows whether or not we'll see more of these in the future. And I made some animations for the first time in a while, which go great with Fomar's new scripts (But doesn't everything go well with those). June's Release has added several new Portraits and Battlers, primarily those for the remaining characters for the ReStaff Ace Heroes set. This chain should reach its conclusion in the July release with the addition of Sprites for these actors. In addition, several new Icons were added to my Iconset and Fomar added a few new Scripts. May's Release brought forth a whole suite of new Sprites, Battlers, and Portraits for the ReStaff Ace Heroes set. One of the larger new additions was the Defender Actor's complete set. In addition, Fomar added some scripts and I tossed in more Icons. Archeia and Scinaya also wenting on an Art-ing Spree and made tons of Portraits and Facesets this month.