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  1. Yanfly Skill learn system - Skill levels?

    I am also looking for this. Kind of like the Tales games. They had strength based on numbers of uses in battle. I would like to see it where you can level them up by use. I know you could call an event in each skill and add a variable number to increase it perhaps, but not sure the exact formula to use, it would be nice not to have to do that with each skill as well.
  2. Japanese-style Sideview battlers

    これらは、超かわいいとインスピレーションです!私は本当にあなたのハードワークに感謝します。 どうもありがとうございました!:3
  3. Wow. I haven't been on RPG maker in several months and came back and saw these. You are motivating me to get back to work! SUGOI!!!!!
  4. So this all works, but it doesn't add status states? I was going to use it to where you can break down a poison blade and use the material to make the new blade cause poison, but it doesn't work. Is this only for stat bonuses?
  5. Szyu's Crafting System

    This is easy if you don't mind being able to craft directly in your inventory. Just do common event in the item and call the plug in. But it would be nice if you could have it in your inventory to view requirements, but not be able to craft it unless you were at a station. Another thing I did: Because I found it kind of annoying to hold the key item when I couldn't do anything with it, I just made a craft station and did this: Adding the book during the event lets you open the craft system. Afterwards, just delete the book. The command that adds the recipe still works into the book passively, since I added the book after I added the recipe. This is good, because I can find ways to add recipes without the book in my key items. I'm sure everyone knew this though, but thought I'd post it anyways. xD EDIT: Okay maybe not. I just tried an event before adding the recipe. If you add it to the book it will always be there. Any way to add the recipe later or do you have to make tons of key items....kind of a hassle. Hmmm....
  6. MV Crashes When Deleting Specific Map

    Okay so solution. Thanks to taarna23. The map was linked to my project cube. So I threw it into another map, then it allowed me to delete it. It won't let you delete the map if the map is set inside of the project name if that makes any sense. So drag and drop the map you want to delete into another map. Worked for me.
  7. Anime_Fusion's resources

    I have no idea how to delete threads and I realized I made too many but Not sure how to fix
  8. MV Crashes When Deleting Specific Map

    In editor, went to my world map: ALPHA. This map contains 12 other maps. In my ALPHA map, I created an event that transfers player to the copied world map that is a stand alone. Tested game. Issue still there. After I did test game I went and deleted copied map but got crash. Restarted RPG maker and tried again. Crashed. Then I went to original map and deleted the transfer player event and then attempted to delete my copied map. Still crashed. On start up, the copied map is still there.
  9. MV Crashes When Deleting Specific Map

    Haha. I just ran into this exact issue. I'm trying to reduce the lag of World Map. I even changed it to Area map. Reason i copy pasted the map was to see if the lag was due to "Map linking" Since I have about 12 maps within the world map. But I still had lag in the stand alone world map. Then I was like...okay, this wasn't the issue. But everytime I go to delete the copied map. CRASHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  10. New! Detailed Shop

    Thanks for the plug in command!
  11. New! Detailed Shop

    I posted before I read about changing shopkeep image. I'll follow this thread and check for updates when you allow that option. Awesome job. Edit: This doesn't seem to work with 1280x720 resolution. I adjust the Y coords for the image, but it cuts off like this....
  12. The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    No rush! Do your stuff first and foremost. I'll keep checking in. Sounds like a great plug-in! Love the harvest moon series. Was a huge fan of Rune Factory 4 and the upcoming Stardew Valley as well.
  13. The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    Any updates with a possible extension plug in?
  14. Animations glitch in MV Software!?

    @Skurge it has been reported as a bug, but who knows if they will even fix it. I really hope so, because lining up cells is a biotch lol.
  15. Custom Animation Lag

    @ Shaz I will do some testing Shaz. I appreciate it very much!