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  1. Yanfly Script Calls/Note Tags

    I can certainly make an effort to get those included though i will likely put them on a separate tab. I am also looking for input from you guys if theres other plugins/creators i should reach out to, to add to the spreadsheet . What plugins have you found that you felt was such a time save or really added depth to your game or any creators that i could add to it?
  2. my guess is you are missing a file, maybe reupload, i just uploaded a really bare project and it worked https:/ also dont mind me if i fangirl/boy a bit.. ive been addictively playing RPGF League....
  3. It looks like the link might be wrong, if you look at the description 5* copy the ID of your folder[iD of ypur Folder] &usp=sharing *6 Paste it in your adress bar [iD of your folder] where as your link doesnt appear to be that way. I might be wrong but just a guess EDIT: Irealizenow it adds that jazz to the beginning, do you have it as share to the web?
  4. State Condition in damage formula box MV

    dmg = y ; if (a.isStateAffected(x)) {a.addState(x) ; dmg} else {a.addState(4) ; 0} ; so my only question is, do you want their HP set to a certain % of their max hp or? cause ive got this which will work for both it will check if X state is active,, if it is, it re adds the state then adds X hp back to the account, otherwise it just adds the state
  5. State Condition in damage formula box MV

    If your looking to have a skill that increases max hp, its best off being a state. But i guess i dont understand the conditional you're trying to go for. You could just have a state that adds 10% to hp. Then in the damage formula have [a.addState(x) ; a.gainHp(a.mhp * .1) ; y] with x being the state you want to add the actor and y being the damage formula you want to use. remove the [] and it should work. This will add state x to the actor (make the state just increase mhp + 10%, then heals 10% of the max hp, then deal damage. Edit: I try changing the scope from 1 enemy to all and it worked without issue other then it healed me 4 times (1 for each enemy)
  6. State Condition in damage formula box MV

    I have a growing list of potential things you can use in the damage formula. Check the link in my sig and if you have questions let me know
  7. Battle and leveling system

    1) This is done using a set of scripts, the most notable that comes to mind is Yanflys scripts paired with action sequences that will allow you to move the sprite around on the field and have a large amount of control over what each sprite does per skill. Also animated enemies is another script that i know yanfly has. Might be beneifical to check out and go from there as far as this. 2) there is a couple of different ways to do this, but it depends on how you want to do it. You could have a plugin/script made that allows for different ways to learn skills IE a JP system like tactics, etc. but it would depend on what and how you want to do it.3) Class change, you could use a script or eventing. There are many forums that discuss different ways to do it
  8. When you say instigator, are you saying the user or the target?
  9. The problem with that is to my knowledge there is no way within the damage formula to increase a targets attack. So the easier way to me is have an attack that then applies the state with the desired affect, you could make the state have no icon so its invisible. else i don't know of a way to do it directly from the damage formula
  10. Well creating a skill that increases the targets attack is easy, as you could just add a state to the skill that after damage increases the targets attack by addinga.addState(X) to the damage formula (x being the state in question). Then to make the state specific you may find some use in scripts, which allows more control over what states do. Am i getting this right? if not maybe give a more specific example of what you need it to do
  11. I believe it should be$gameVariables.value(n) edit: i think i read this all wrong, are you talking about using a game variable to do something or? edited edit: to my knowledge i dont know without a script for a way to change the scope that a skill will affect. Unless someone wants to chime in and correct me , but i guess im still not clear on exactly u mean.
  12. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    You will want to use if ((b.hp/b.mhp) < .05) {Successful} else {Failure} replacing whats in the brackets with what you want it to do
  13. Teleport menu system this will allow you to make all the "teleport" locations , and disable them till particualr conditions are met (ie make all attunements switches)
  14. dumb question, how to put portraits on the right?

    Like for Messages? or in the menu? where are u trying to have them aligned to the right
  15. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    For those that dont want to have to scroll through all 18 pages to find something (and the search button is to much work) look no FURTHER! I have compiled a huge amount of all the commands in this forum on a spreadsheet! It is paired with my yanfly script calls but at the bottom there is a 2nd tab for "Damage Form". I hope this helps people find the answer to your question. And if people know other things that should be added, as i dont know much javascript, message me and i will get it added! Link for the spreadsheet is