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  1. RPG Maker Web Winter Sale!

    Bought all rpg makers but 2000. Gota buy 2000 someday too
  2. Hi Vendon sehe auch grade das du aus Deutschland bist ^^

    Kannst du mir villeicht weiterhelfen, ich bin über ein sehr interessantes MV Plug-in gestolpert, allerdings kriege ich das Ding nicht zum laufen bzw. komme mit dem nicht wirklich zurecht wie man den richtig Konfiguriert, nennt sich Skill Proficiency, villeicht hast du da schon mehr Erfahrungen mit gemacht und kannst mir etwas weiterhelfen, verwunderlich warum so ein Schönes Ding noch keiner aus der Community als vernünftige Version rausgebracht hat, hab schon ziemlich viel rumgesucht leider nur dieses von Black Raison gefunden... (übrigens ja schon eine weile her das du dich mit dem beschäftigt hast villeicht kannst du dich trotzdem noch errinern ^^)


    1. Vendon


      Hey klar. Ich kenne mich etwas mit dem Plugin aus. Was genau möchtest du denn wissen ?

  3. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    Amazing Plugin but I do have some new problem with it. I can not save my game while having this plugin running. Using Yanfly Save Core. But when I do turn off SnowGather I can save my game again.
  4. Looks like it was lacking for the newest version. It works now but I also have a weird problem with Item Book now. It opens perfectly but the informations are cut out because there is no break system (Wrapping) so I can not read the informations in it. The same goes for Enemy Book but I guess that enemy book is not made by yanfly nor he has made any atm. Or is there a way to wrap the text?
  5. Ah I see thanks. Sry for that late response
  6. Hello. I am having a weird problem with Item Book compatibility with Item_Core I am running only 2 Plugins and just can not open the Item Book without getting this error. Disabling Item_Core let's me open my Item Book.
  7. Hello. Sorry for my dump question but I've forgot where to put these pictures in. Are these Characters or ChipSets?
  8. I have to thank you my friend
  9. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Ah thank you allot. I've found them
  10. Prettier Gauges

    Same here. Does not work for enemys for me,.
  11. Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Uff I don't know why but last Pics I can not see (page 7-8). The only thing I see is like camel_01.png and no pictures to click on >.<
  12. These look rlly great. Thanks
  13. RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    Right click for german mouse and left click for american mouse I guess on an empty plugin space and then you'll see it. Might also work if you do it on a plugin
  14. Skill Proficiency

    Thanks. It really fixed it =)
  15. RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    Thanks . We rlly could need a search function for our Plugin List. It's extremely hard to find the correct plugin if you have that many. PS: Dark theme looks amazing ;D